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Pain in breast

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Sometimes I get a stabbing throbbing kind of pain in my breast. This time it started last night for awhile then stopped, then again for about 10 min this morning. This has happened a few times in the year I've been BFing I don't remember it happening before. What is it? It stops without any intervention.

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Maybe it could be vasospasm? Here's a link to the Kellymom article on that subject. I had a similar problem following a minor nipple injury (a milk blister that healed). After nursing, I would have a sharp, throbbing pain in the affected breast...made much worse if I was cold. There really wasn't anything I could do about it aside from taking some ibuprofen every day and waiting for the situation to resolve itself...which it did, several weeks later.

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When does it happen w/ respect to nursing?   Immediately after, during, completely random?  Does it affect both breasts or only one?  Same location in the breast each time or varying locations?  Has it been happening for the whole year or started more recently? 


Vasospasm or Raynaud's is a possibility.  Sometimes moms with forceful letdowns feel pain during letdown, but doesn't sound like it's happening then.  Other mothers feel pain or other sensations as milk ducts fill.  Could also be referred pain if you incurred some minor nipple trauma (like if your LO bit or clamped down, even if you don't see any obvious nipple damage).  Sometimes mothers experience referred pain from muscle strain, for example if you strained your back carrying your LO or gardening or whatever.  Could also be hormonal if it occurs around ovulation/menstruation (if you've resumed cycling).  Things like thrush or a bacterial infection or plugged ducts would be very unlikely to cause just short-term, self-resolving pain.  Very unlikely that it's anything more serious. 

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