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With DS I only wanted plain rice noodles, nothing on them. Bubble Teas, and terrible proceesed food from my childhood(Tater tot casserole comes to mind)  This time around I want Pickles, but only Bubbies brand, they're brined in salt not vinegar. First trimester I couldn't get enough sweets. This morning I made my husband drive me to the neighborhood juice bar because I NEEDED a green juice (spinach, kale, broccoli, romaine, celery, cucumber). Anything with cucumber and dill (tzatziki on everything!). Nachos. Ramen noodles in a cup, the cheese kind,bag.gif and greek food (hummus tabouleh, stuffed grape leaves, the more garlic the better! Right now as I'm typing, the urge to stuff my face with a loaf of homemade garlic bread is nearly unbearable......



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I have been eating a lot more peanut butter than usual. No sweet cravings here. I have been wanting burgers, red meat, potatoes, and pizza. I'll make whole wheat pizza at home to feel better about it, but I want pizza literally every single day. Lots of veggies. YUM! And for some reason, veggie subs from publix, xtra banana peppers and jalapenos. 


And again I'm not surprised that we're having a boy... because this is how I've eaten every pregnancy, lol


And I have had a craving for this local gyro place in town. Ommmg, a delicious chicken gyro, all those veggies, fresh garlic, pasta salad with feta. It's $20+ for DH and I to get gyros from there though and we never go out... so I'm hoping he will let me fulfill this craving soon. It's lasted me like a month and a half now, redface.gif

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I just had to share my day.... 


Around 10:30am, I started getting hungry, as usual.  Normally, I have a cereal bar and wait for lunch, but today, I was not having it. I wanted meat.  This is super unusual for me, I'm practically a vegetarian most of the time.  But, oh no, I would have to have a burger of some sort.


So I spent 30 minutes searching around on the web for the best rated burger place near me, and headed out at 11:30, so I could get there right as it opened. 



Order a buffalo burger with mushrooms, swiss, and mashed potatoes (on the side). 


I almost started crying when I bit into it, I was so happy. 


Meat!  Delicious!  eat.gif

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Proteins!!! I keep eating legumes, beans and bread! Some days I even forget to eat veggies and fruits!!! I try to be careful with that!

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