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my dog

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Hi Jamie:

How are you? I hope your house is selling or sold!

I have a question about my dog, who died on April 15. We have a few dogs and a lot of animals, but she was really special to me. For about two weeks before she died she couldn't walk, and it was really hard to deal with for me. She was really heavy (85 pounds), and I was going through fertility treatments, so I was not supposed to lift more than 30 pounds. I had to carry her everywhere - outside to pee, and shift her position a lot because she got uncomfortable often. I am afraid that I was less than paitent with her and rough when carrying her around. Plus, I wanted her to die at home in bed, but instead she was euthenized on the floor of the vet (luckily I made it there in time to be with her). I miss her so much and I feel really guilty about how I treated her in the last few weeks of her life and how she died. Could you tell me how she is doing now, if she ever visits me, and if I did in fact make her feel bad or sad when she was dieing? I am afraid that she hates me.
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Hi there! How are you? Thanks for asking about my house. It has not sold yet. We had a buyer that backed out. Bummer. But we will just continue to try. It will work out when it's supposed to.


I have to be honest and tell you that I'm not versed in doggie speak, or other animals. There are some great animal psychics out there, but I'm not one of them. I highly doubt she hates you though. I'm guessing that just like ppl, when they pass over, they don't carry things like jealousy, anger, resentment, hatred etc etc. (Of course there are exceptions, but that's a whole other ball of wax).

But some impatience at the end, or where or how she died, is not likely to have made her hate you and carry that over to the other side. When we pass we move back into our original state of being which is love (in my personal belief and opinion). I would rest easy if I were you. I am sure she is fine and knows you care and are sorry for whatever you felt you did wrong.


Since I'm not really able to answer your question about your dog, do you have another one you'd like to ask instead?

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Ah, but she was a collie - smarter than most people! J/k. Thanks for being honest with me. I have so much guilt about it, and she was such an amazing friend for so long.

I suppose I could ask the usual question - something baby related. I am curious how much intervention ( if any) I will need to get pregnant. (IUI, IVF, taking vitamins and supplements, donor eggs, my own eggs, donor sperm, dh's sperm...).
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I'm not hearing anything about donor anything. I am seeing that you will try IUI a couple of times, but I think the what will make it happen is IVF.

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Thanks. I thought that it would take ivf. And I am planning g to do a few more iuis
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