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Need Progressive Pediatrician - Anywhere in Atlanta

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Hi all,


I am looking for a new pediatrician for my two-year old daughter. I live in the Perimeter area, but I don't mind driving to another area. We have been going to Piedmont Pediatrics. They have a great nurse line and front desk, but our pediatrician no longer meets our needs.


We are raising her vegan; we vaccinate with caution; we co-sleep. Therefore, we are looking for someone who has these qualities:

-Supportive of our parenting choices

-Thorough with exams and provides thoughtful feedback

-Accepts Humana Tricare


I'll consider all recommendations, not just those in my area.


Thanks in advance.



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When I lived in Atlanta, we worked with William Stiefel III. He's in the same Collier road building that your old group was in. He's outgoing, chatty. He didn't press us to circumcise and helped me with the slow vax schedule... though I can't say he'd be into skipping all vaccines. He wasn't into giving pink antibiotics and was able to support a parent in letting some minor things just run their course. He also has four kids of his own.

I heard great things about Dr Victor Polizos while I lived there but he sometimes is so full he turns down new patients.
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If you don't mind the drive to Alpharetta, Dr. Kute is great. She is fine with delayed, alternate schedule, or no vax. Intact friendly (anti-circ). Always spends as much time as we need with the kids, and always asks to make sure we have all questions answered before she leaves the exam room. Her staff is very friendly and caring, and we seldom have long waits for either well or sick visits.

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Dr. Elizabeth LeDuc recently left a large practice to open a new practice in the perimeter area near Northside: http://www.centerforpediatricwellness.com/index.html


She is practicing "Holistic" medicine with an emphasis on nutrition and wellness. I've spoken with her at length since I work with a lot of moms looking for pediatrician referrals. I really liked her approach and her attitude during our discussions and after explaining to her what many parents in the holistic living community are looking for.



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That's awesome!  We drive from Roswell to see Dr. Owen in Decatur because she is holistic, and it's just a whole different appointment with that sort of doctor.  love.gif Do you know if Dr. LeDuc is intact-friendly and knowledgable?  Our whole family sees Dr. Owen and we have no plans to change the kids' doctor, but I like knowing who I can safely recommend.


FWIW, we left Dr. Kute's practice to go to Dr. Owen because our experiences there were pretty much the opposite of Evandy's. 

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Dr. DeLuc was well-versed in intact penis care when I was "grilling" (ha!) her. That was definitely one of the topics I delved into. Her response was along the lines of, "Just leave them alone." I told her that many moms have experienced forced retraction by local peds and she seemed shocked.


She's definitely an MD. She's not anti-vax, but she is willing to respectfully work with patients that choose not to.


I asked her a lot of questions and then tried to give her a picture of what a lot of the moms I work with through LLL and HMN are looking for. She was unfamiliar with traditional foods and paleo diets but seemed eager to learn more and research it and feels strongly about the link between nutrition and health and appalled at the lack of training in med school on nutrition. I think she's still finding her place in the holistic physician space, but I really liked her general philosophy of willingness to learn, be respectful, and honor informed choice. I like that she stepped back from group practice because of a paradigm shift in her outlook on wellness. She's pursuing board certification in holistic medicine so that she can advertise herself as holistic.

I told her there was a practice niche for peds willing to make house calls for homebirthed newborns since Kute isn't doing it anymore. wink1.gif She didn't seem like she was going to jump right on that, but I thought it was worth letting her know since she's wanting to grow her business. We did talk a good bit about routine newborn procedures, and I think she took it all in and was mulling over the idea that there are those of out there that don't do those things. She does have Saturday hours too which is a nice bonus.


I teach a breastfeeding class for one of the local Bradley teachers, and I've added her to the list of peds I suggest to those students. I know some were choosing her, so I'm interested in hearing some follow-up reports from them.

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Thank you for doing all of that footwork, Molly!  There is definitely a need for a ped like that around here.

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I have to put another vote in for Dr. Marion Owen at Whole Family Medicine in Decatur. She is amazing. She actually prefers and encourages a delayed vaccination schedule. She's SO supportive of AP parenting...I was actually really shocked when she "confessed" to me that she didn't cosleep with her kids, because she's always been so supportive every time I mention every AP thing we do. She even thinks EC is cool. love.gif She spends so much time with you at an appointment, and she answers emails too...I even have her cell phone number! Plus, she's a family doctor so we can all go to her...once we were there for a vax appointment for DD, and I mentioned I wanted to get an appointment for a pap smear for myself. She looked at the clock, looked at me, said, "wait a minute," and did the pap smear right then. 

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Dr. Carol Herrmann at Rainbow Kids Pediatrics in Decatur is super crunchy. Love her!
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Great recommendations. So far here's what I've found:

Dr. Kute - Nearby and looks promising; will check to see if they take our health insurance

Dr. Owen - not accepting new patients greensad.gif

Dr. LeDuc - Nearby and looks promising; will check to see if the take our health insurance

Dr. Hellman - called and they don't accept my health insurance


This is great info. Keep it coming. I'm researching all recommendations. You all are great.


Thanks so much!


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Great thread and great suggestions, everyone - thank you! Does anyone have any recommendations for the west/northwest side of town (Marietta, Dallas, Acworth, Kennesaw)? preferably one who will be supportive of NO vaccination?

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Dr. Jeffrey Abrams in Norcross is very supportive of no vac, no circ, and homebirth. He emphasizes nutrition and wellness offering "holistic" remedies as a first choice. 


I know he's far from the areas you mentioned but worth it-I live in Marietta.

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I'm doing no vac, but our pediatrician is on the other side in Lawrenceville- Jill Overcash at All About Kids pediatrics.  I really like her so far.  She isn't quick to panic and medicate problems.  The office is very friendly with no overbooking, so you get seen on time without a long wait.

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We've transferred care to Genesis Healthcare in Smyrna (next to Emory Adventist Hospital). They are vax, home-birth, and BF friendly. They are a family practice and see folks of all ages. Dr. Carla Neal-Haley and the NP Christine are great. We love Dr. Herrmann, but traveling to Decatur was becoming a challenge. I'm glad to have found a practice closer to home.
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Just wanted to post and see if you all are still happy with Dr LeDuc and the Smyrna office listed? I am looking for a no vax friendly doc. I am open to discussing vaxs with them, but do not want to be pressured. I am in the Mableton area. 



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My kids are patients at Chattahoochee Pediatrics (Dr Kute's practice). We see Dr Lavania. She's great. No problems. Circ and no vax/selective vax friendly. We drive from Atlanta to see her. Their office is in Alpharetta.
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Did anyone every respond to recommendations in the smyrna, mableton, innings area? I am looking for a no vax friendly doc. Thanks y'all!
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I'm also looking for a recommendation in Smyrna/Mableton/Vinings area. I am willing to drive a bit further out, but still prefer the westside or marietta as my limits. :) 


I've been at Wellstar Peds with my first... he's now 9 months old and I'm just not pleased. I've seen 3 different drs there, but feel like I have to block the door to get questions answered and too much pressure about the flu shot. 

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