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My girls are here!

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Maya Lilac and Ella Lily, 7lb, 2oz, and 7lb 8oz, were born two minutes apart via c-section on Wednesday August 10th. They were both so healthy and have taken to nursing incredibly well! We all came home from the hospital yesterday morning and it's amazing to be back in our own space. More pictures and birth story to come soon when I've gotten a little more rest.




A picture of our girls with me, minutes after they were born.

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Congrats! They are so beautiful and I love love love their names!
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Awwwwe!!  happytears.gif  They are just beautiful!!  I love that picture!!  Congratulations -- I love their names.  They are such little sweethearts!  Much love to you and your family as you settle in!  

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Awww! You are all beautiful! Congratulations!!

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Congratulations!  They are beautiful!  Hope you heal quickly!

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Aww! :D They're lovely! Congratulations, I hope your healing goes quickly and smoothly! :D

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beautiful mama! What amazing weights for twins. smile.gif Way to go!
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WOW! What good sized twins!! They are so very beautiful and I love their names, especially the middle name Lilac, as it is my favorite flower. :-) I look forward to reading your birth story! hug2.gif

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Oh mama, such a sweet photo!!  They are beautiful!!  Congrats to you, and can't wait to hear more details when you've gotten some much needed rest (and maybe see more sweet bebe photos).  Congrats again mama!!!

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Congratulations Mama, and what beautiful and BIG girls you birthed.

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Congrats!   They are adorable and their names are really cool!

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Wow, congratulations mama! Over 14lbs of beautiful, healthy baby, that's amazing joy.gif. Maya and Ella are so lovely. Welcome to the world little girls!

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They're STUNNING! Congratulations! I love their names. 

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Congrats and welcome Maya and Ella. Great picture.

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Beautiful! Yay! All the very best to y'all...

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Congratulations!  They are beautiful, and I love their names!  I hope your recovery goes well.

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Congratulations! How amazing you grew such big healthy girls! I hope you heal really well!  Love the picture!

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Congrats on your two big healthy girls!

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They're gorgeous, and I love their names! Congrats to your family!

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What a fantastic picture! They are beautiful mama!

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