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Chat Thread: 8/14-8/20

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Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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I had the OMG my baby is coming moment this weekend! I'm 32 weeks today.


I've been meaning to get started on my hypnobabies stuff but haven't started.

I don't have anyplace to put baby clothes (although they are sorted by size).

I need to wash all the baby clothes but want some place other then a box to put them!

I need to finish knitting her soaker which I started ions ago.

I need to make her a hat to come home from the hospital in.

I need to finish dying her diapers: I've started tub dying some of the prefolds in a rainbow of colors! :)

I need to make a playlist of music that I want to listen to during labor.



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*whine voice * I am soooo tired. DS is sick, the dog is sick, I am a touch sick or just feel bad from the heat. I am tired and I haven't worked out in a week. And I just feel big....



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I was a royal bitch this weekend for no good reason. I feel really good, I'm just really tired and grumpy I guess. I told DH we just need to MOVE. I'm hoping I'll settle down once I can settle IN somewhere. I can't relax when I know I have so much to do...

8 weeks (hopefully) to go and I'm totally unprepared. The current issue weighing on me is a threatened baby shower. I use "threatened" because my mom and her friend have decided they want to throw me one in my hometown (2-3 hours away). At most, there would be maybe ten people there, and the invite list would be a huge, huge headache. With so many out of town friends and family, I'd want to send invites, but I don't want to seen like a gift grabber. Either way, I'm going to offend people, and I just don't want to deal with it. Then, add in that there is only five weeks left that I'm willing to travel down there and they still haven't picked a date. My registry is on Amazon, and we're in Alaska. Logistically, this just isn't going to happen. However, I know that if I go out and buy the last few things we actually need, they will pull it off somehow. Ugh.

This is the problem with being an incredibly Type A, controlling personality and coming from a laid back family. I am so flattered by their thoughtfulness, but the lack of detail is killing me...
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I spent four hours shooting a movie about a woman who gains superpowers from pregnancy on Saturday (my friend wrote the script when he found out I was pregnant.) Fun, but clearly tiring as I took three naps on Sunday! Now I'm just sick of work and want to be home but without the motivation to do anything I need to like make another baby sling, clean out the refrigerator and freezer, pick up the co-sleeper at UPS, etc.

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We had a great weekend!  We were inn Pittsburgh visiting my extended family for a little reunion, and it was great.  Friday night we went to Kennywood, an amusement park.  I missed the rollercoasters, but I was a devious rebel this year, and despite the posted warning signs against pregnant women riding the rides (and I mean ALL) the rides, I went on the carousel 3 times.  Still, we had a blast.


Yesterday, we went on a whole family run too.  It was a 5 mile loop, and I ended up running by myself, and turning around to just run about 3.5 miles.  Poor DH took a wrong turn and ended up running close to 10 miles.  When I got back and he hadn't finished, I started getting so worried about him, literally holding back tears about what if I never see him ever again!?!?!  I knew at the time I was overreacting, but I just missed him so much!  Aaah, pregnancy hormones!


AKIslandgirl- I can totally relate!  We have our cloth diapers, but I haven't washed them yet.  I can't wash them until I buy special enzyme free soap from Amazon.  I haven't yet ordered the soap.  Also, we have a bunch of baby clothes which I can't wash either (I'd prefer to wash them with the same soap as the cloth diapers), but also, we don't yet have a place to put the baby clothes.  Well, technically we do, because we're moving furniture pieces around, but need to move our office downstairs, a buffet upstairs, a dresser downstairs, and buy a new dresser for our stuff. 

We're actually throwing our own "shower" but it is a co-ed "new parent's blessing."  Really, we wanted an excuse to throw a party before the baby comes.  We'll see how that goes.  My mom has claimed dibs on buying us a running stoller (woo hoo!), and outside of the carseat, we think we have pretty much what we need.  We're still not quite finished building our co-sleeper yet. 


Anyway, hope everyone else is having a good week.  I'm absolutely LOVING the shape of my belly right now!

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Car seat!  Why do I keep forgetting about needing a car seat!  Thanks for the reminder, Amy May.  I would've freaked out about your DP too.  My DP rides a Harley, and I always worry that I'm going to get a call from the ER at the hospital saying she was in an accident and has died.  Morbid imagination.  She's a meticulous rider, but there are so many oblivious, crappy drivers out there ... I shudder at the thought. 



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Amy May, I'm totally jealous that you can still run. I get round ligament pains BAD after just 10 minutes of running SLOW. Every now and again I can do 2 miles but I haven't done that in a couple weeks. I so wanted to be running until the last day. greensad.gif I think the trip to the states made it hard b/c I slowed down on my workout schedule and once you slow down it is all downhill. Anyway, I'm still working out 3 times a week but if I push too hard on running I have some pubic bone discomfort (PSD).

I hear you about the hormones. I've been a bit of a B$*%& lately. Poor DH!

Teruterubozu, that sounds fun! Will the movie be on youtube?

AKChix, well at least you are having a shower. I have only 1 friend here in Brazil and she isn't like a best bud or anything. I don't even know who I would invite to a shower if I had someone to throw it for me. I don't care about the gifts but it would be nice to have a circle of people to celebrate with. That is why I'm bummed I missed the bead deadline when I was out of town. :_( Gosh I hate placenta brain, which seems to be in full swing these days.

SOOO much to do before the 36 week mark!
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tutucrazy, I think that's why I'm kind of against this shower. All I want is to celebrate this baby with my closest friends and family, but this shower would not be like that. My good friends and the family I care about wouldn't be there, just my mom's friends and a couple of my friends that aren't really into kids and don't want any. I'd rather just hop on the bandwagon of "new trends" and help someone throw my mom a Gramma Shower (since just read about those recently).

As I just read someone else say on here today, I just want to be left alone. I spent the weekend curled up with my husband sleeping, and I just want to stay like that for the next few weeks. Everyone needs to just leave me alone. However, feeling like that makes me think I must be awful close to delivery... Yikes.
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So many happy things last week/weekend!love.gif


First, I got an unexpected phone call from my brother who lives 12 hours away and who I hadn't seen in over a year...he was in town for a visit, and my boss let me have the day off to go see him even though there was NO advance notice!


Second, started taking cal/mag supplements and now I'm no longer getting leg cramps, woohoo.


Third (and my favorite), DSS seems to really be starting to understand about the new baby...we had an infant carseat sitting out, and he pointed at my belly, said "baby?" and then pointed at the seat...so proud of him for figuring that out. Then, he was eating a snack, and brought his plate over to my belly and started trying to feed the baby through my bellybutton...cutest thing ever luxlove.gif


Being (un)prepared: definitely having some "OMG baby is coming!" moments myself. I get little things accomplished here and there, but there is just so much to be done still that I feel totally overwhelmed. I definitely am having strong nesting urges, but by the time I get home from work I'm so wiped out I don't have the energy to do anything other than just the basic housework that needs to be done anyway. Blech.


Irrational DP worries: yep, have those as well. DH's job can be somewhat dangerous at times (helicopters, chainsaws, blasting operations, complicated rigging, etc) but he and his crew are well-trained and have actually won safety awards here for their dedication to getting everyone home safe...and I STILL freak out with horrible imaginings if he's fifteen minutes late (he fell out of the helicopter! he cut off his leg! he blew himself up!) Ridiculous really.

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Originally Posted by AKChix0r View Post

tutucrazy, I think that's why I'm kind of against this shower. All I want is to celebrate this baby with my closest friends and family, but this shower would not be like that. My good friends and the family I care about wouldn't be there, just my mom's friends and a couple of my friends that aren't really into kids and don't want any. I'd rather just hop on the bandwagon of "new trends" and help someone throw my mom a Gramma Shower (since just read about those recently).

Ha, I never heard of a Gramma Shower! That sounds like more of what she is going for if she didn't consider hosting it near where your friends are. I'm sorry you won't get the shower you really want. greensad.gif Sometimes parents have no concept of these things.
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Originally Posted by LaBruja View Post

Third (and my favorite), DSS seems to really be starting to understand about the new baby...we had an infant carseat sitting out, and he pointed at my belly, said "baby?" and then pointed at the seat...so proud of him for figuring that out. Then, he was eating a snack, and brought his plate over to my belly and started trying to feed the baby through my bellybutton...cutest thing ever.

My DS is starting to get it too now that he can feel the baby moving. He always exclaims "Did you feel that baby move!" after he feels a movement. So cute!
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We're nearly ready for baby at this point (new car seat is on its way, last few things are to get a crib mattress and finish washing clothes and diapers, but other than that, we have everything ready to go), but I'm not ready to stop work! I have way too much I still want to accomplish before taking a break for a while.


Sue, your list makes me dizzy. You are ambitious!


Teruterubozu, how fun! That sounds really interesting.


Poodge, hugs. Sounds like you are having a rough week.


tutucrazy, welcome back!


Amy May, I have those kinds of freak outs when not pregnant. I can totally imagine.


starling, I can only imagine the worry that goes along with your DW riding a Harley, especially given what you see in your line of work. Yikes.


Karli, good luck with the shower! IME, people who want to throw a shower really do enjoy the throwing, and people are always excited about first babies, especially.


As promised in last week's chat thread, some photos from canoeing last week. I call this series, "thumbing my nose at people who say healthy pregnant women shouldn't lift heavy things." Alternate title: "Yes, actually, my OB said it was fine." (In reality, I only did this one portage and let DH do the rest. And the OB did say it was totally fine, but my midwife said she'd be more comfortable if DH would do more of the canoe-carrying, so I took it easy. But that one did make for great photo ops!)


Photobucket  Photobucket


Photobucket  Photobucket

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Shower sympathies to both sides.  Right now, I can't tell what would be better, honestly, from my perspective.


Mine, such as it is, is this weekend.  I had SUCH a tough time making an invitee list.  Not too many people because I don't want to be seen as a gift grabber, not too few because people like to be invited, not too many because my SIL is hosting and it's at a restaurant and they are struggling financially, not too few because my circle of friends isn't what you'd call "integrated" and it could be awkward to mix and match some of these folks.    Well, apparently I went with too few, because there's 8 including me, and two of them are my nieces (14 and 10).   And talk about stilted conversation-- it's going to be rough.   But really, what's bothering me is that we scheduled it on short notice for this coming weekend because my 92 year old grandmother from Iowa is in California and she would be able to come... until she came down with shingles today.  She feels wretched, and further, while I think I've had chicken pox, I'm not sure it's a good idea to test it.    So she is unlikely to come, and my mom needs to stay with her (it's a 3 hour drive one way and Grandma cannot take care of herself for a whole day), and so I'm sad that I'm going through the whole drama of having a shower and my own mother isn't even coming. 


And I'm not normally a shower person but I really underdid the celebrating for my wedding 8 years ago, and kinda miss that I didn't have all the parties and such (although I love what I did have, I wish I'd gone ahead and Whooped it up), so I tried to push myself to not pass up this opportunity.    I don't know... the whole shower things is just fraught with possible missteps.   Uff. 



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Showers always seem to come with so many complications & feelings. I was fortunate with ds as the only time they could do a shower was the couple weeks I was in Canada & then we had to bring everything back by suitcase so people really could not go overboard with gifts which was fine by me. In a way I would love a shower/blessing type thing this time around but I doubt it will happen.


Pi - love the pics!!! Good for you. I could see a whole blog spin-off with either of those titles.


afm - Today I had an ob appt. I mixed up the time & showed up an hour early & then he was an hour behind so ds & I had to wait 2 hours! Poor little guy is such a trooper. It sucks though that a simple appt ends up taking 4 hours once you add in the driving. He's not always behind so it's kind of hard to know & I hate to show up late. Anyway, despite that, I am finding I am really liking this ob more & more. Today I talked to him about pushing. Specifically I wanted to feel out how he felt about allowing a break after reaching 10cm until the urge to push presented itself (last time I didn't feel an urge until ds was in my arms & the placenta was ready) & pushing in different positions. He was great about even telling me he's had other women pushing in a variety of positions & that he'll just tell the nurses to leave me alone! I really don't get the feeling he is giving me the answers I want to hear but rather how he actually practices.


Tonight was my squat workout & we filmed it so hopefully dh will be able to post it for me later tonight.

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I lucked out with my family shower. My mom wanted to throw me a surprise shower but my stepsister convinced her that surprises and emotional pregnant women are not always a good mix so it was only the guest list that was a surprise. Plus my stepfather drove from Burlington, VT to Boston to pick our non-driving butts up and bring us there and then home after the weekend.  I still have the work shower to get through. That is supposed to be a surprise but Spouse put it on his Google calendar, which I can see. It's actually made it less stressful :)


Amy May, I totally get you on the worry. I worry about my husband biking around Boston normally, but lately if it's getting late and I haven't heard from him I start calling/texting/emailing asking if he's been hurt until he responds. He was hit on his bike when he was back in England, breaking both wrists (requiring immediate surgery) and a toe. English drivers are a bit crazy, but Boston drivers are really nuts!


Yes, I believe the movie will be on Youtube when it's finished. We're shooting another scene later this week that only requires me to drink tea while someone models potential costumes. We're shooting that in my living room too so I won't even have to travel. I'm much more used to being on the other side of the camera so actually staring in something is a strange experience.

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The start of my week has been fairly dramatic, in both good and bad.


Good, my son turned 6!  We had a nice quiet family celebration with Gma/Gpa, Aunts/Uncle, and of course us.  It was a nice day.


Today my kids started school!  They were very excited.  I was especially nervous about my son (the one who just turned 6), because he was starting 1st grade, and thus, full day.  He gets overstimulated extremely easily, and it makes it difficult for him to function (outbursts, headaches, crying), but it seems he made it through the day with less complaints than with half-day Kindergarten.  Yay!


I had a follow-up ultrasound to check Baby's kidneys this morning.  They were moderately too large at our 20wk, showing a potential problem.  We were of course concerned about the potential for more infections after the birth, and followed the advice to do a follow-up.  Blessedly, Baby's kidneys are 100% normal now!!!  I'm so relieved.  He looks perfectly healthy.  He is, however, pretty large already.  Most of his body measurements came out at just over 35 weeks (I'm not quite 33 weeks), and his head measured over 38 weeks.  I know u/s is potentially unreliable for sizing, but that 38 number is a little shocking.  I'm not really worried, though, having birthed a 10lb 10oz baby last time without issues.  It's just another reminder that I had better lay off the ice cream before it's too late.  ;)


The bad dramatic of this weekend was on the way home from the ultrasound.  Got a call from the nurse at school.  Our daughter fell down on the cement during the first recess (of the first day!), and was hurt and asking for us.  This is unlike her.  When she's with her friends, she brushes off the hurts pretty quickly.  By the time we got there, she was still crying and looking very distraught.  The nurse wasn't sure what to think - her wrist had pretty good movement - but DH took one look (thank goodness today was one of his off days for work) and decided it was broken.  Best case scenario to him was a dislocated wrist, but since she could move her hand pretty easily, he doubted it.  So we took her down to urgent care, and yup, a fractured radius, about an inch up from her wrist.  It's got a bend to it, as well.  We got it splinted and finally got out of urgent care (with all of us pretty darn hungry) just in time to pick up our son from school.  We have an appointment tomorrow with an orthopedic surgeon - her break *may* require surgery, and we have instructions to not let her eat or drink after midnight.  Unfortunately, we have a limited benefit insurance plan - the only thing we could get through DH's employment through a temp agency - and they only cover up to $1500 of benefits.  So surgery would definitely be an extreme financial hardship for us, as we barely have enough money to pay the midwife right now.  We are hoping and praying for good news in the morning.  Poor DH is completely stressed out.  :(   Our daughter, thankfully, seems to be doing well physically, responding well to OTC medications and seeming shockingly brave/easy going to the urgent care staff.  If we can avoid surgery, I think everything will be a-okay.  Aside from DD being emotionally upset about missing school.  Poor girl loves school to death.  I would certainly appreciate any prayers or positive thoughts on her behalf for tomorrow.

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Oh, no, Leiahs. Many, many good thoughts for your DD. Crossing fingers that no surgery is required.

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Leiah's- many positive thoughts to your dd tomorrow. I hope it's an easy fix with no surgery!

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DD is 2 today joy.gifjoy.gifbawling.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifbawling.gif


I am soo happy one minute and then sad the next...she is not my baby  any more...no longer 1 and she wears big girl underpants....she is a little girl in a toddlers body...i luvs 'er to bitslove.gif


Pi- luvs da pics!!!!


afm - I am 30 weeks today...passed another 1hr glucose test with a 5.8 (105)....so no GD here....wouldn't have had to do the test twice if I had read the dipstick right from the start....duh


at only 30 weeks I already feel like I am overdue...ugh

next MW appt Thurs

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