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I'm thinking of getting both my girls a baby doll so they can mother right alongside with me as I take care of their baby brother. They are very much into dollies at the moment, and play "prenatal check up" and things like that. The three year old is usually the doctor. Hilarious.  

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Good morning all ...


Steph mentioned in her freak out thread that she's getting a present for her older son from the younger son.  Thanks for reminding me, Steph!

Who else is going this if you've got older kids?  Have you done it before?  What did you give them?  Did it help at all?  Do those cheesy shirts really mean something to the older siblings? 

I am not with older sibs, but I am getting my dog some spoils for the baby.  Also, my little godsister who is nine is very much used to being the center of the world and is uncomfortable with the pending arrival.  She's getting a bunch of goodies from us and as soon as my husband sees her, he's taking her out on a special dinner-and-a-movie date without the baby being involved.  She lost her daddy a couple years ago due to cancer and is nervous about losing her place, especially with DH.  I think I'm also getting her a baby's favorite auntie shirt or something just because I think she is precious and it would be cute. 


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Re: negative thoughts.... this has been creeping up on me lately too. My plan, this whole time, has been to labor at home as long as possible and then go to the hospital for the delivery (in an ideal world, I would walk in and deliver within an hour). Lately I've been thinking more and more about the "what if's". My oldest sister had a stillbirth where she was in the hospital the whole time and they still couldn't/didn't prevent the unthinkable from happening (there was some fault on the part of the hospital, but I won't go into that here). So now my thoughts have gone to the "what if the baby's not handling labor well... I would have no way of knowing from at home" and "what if something happens that I could have prevented by being in the hospital during labor". I really don't want to labor the whole time in the hospital, even though my dr is super cool. But I'm not so sure I want to labor at home anymore either. I just don't know.


Just to give you some reassurance Steph...had I been at home, he'd still be alive, most likely.  He went into distress because of the hospital's stupid "you're not progressing fast enough" interventions, and then they didn't do a c-section when their pitocin caused distress.  So, stay home as long as you can.  Ry was handling labor just fine (which yes, was a very very slow labor)  until they decided that it wasn't fast enough and they needed to pit us (water had been broken 18 hours, and I was still at 6 or 7)...once my contractions were almost non-stop, he couldn't handle it.  Had I been home, without pitocin, and just labored until he was ready to come out, it would have been fine, I'm sure.  (((hugs)))  Just remember...he didn't go into distress because of normal labor...he went into distress because "my body wasn't doing it right" according to the hospital, so they needed to do something abnormal to get it to happen...only nobody stayed to follow up and do a c-section if it went badly.

You'll do fine.  And if Owen has his way, you'll be doing it during Owen's birthday celebration. ;-)


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Ok - I LOVE the idea of a gift for ds from the baby. I'll have to do some thinking on that. We're like you Steph, ds' birthday is Oct 25th - so these two will be close for birthdays. In some ways I think a spring birthday would be easier to find gifts for.


AllyRae - I'm so sorry to hear of your situation. So scary.


Has anyone else come up with a labour project? I want something that I can do with ds but am sort of stumped. Baking a cake is popular but as cake is so NOT part of our diet it doesn't seem like the right choice. I've been contemplating making a Happy Birthday banner...

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lifeguard, I have no plans for a labor project. I'm not even sure I'll be able to sleep when it happens!

When is everyone switching to weekly appointments? Apparently, after my next 2w appt, I go weekly (starting at 35 weeks). That seems really scary early to me... probably just because I don't feel ready yet!

Thrasher has been busy justifying his nickname. I got very little sleep last night due to his acrobatics and hiccups, and he has kept it up all day today, including a VISIBLE kick delivered to our midwife while she tried to get his heartbeat. I am terrified of what we have created... lol
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I love the idea of a labor project! I haven't heard of it before, but now I want to come up with something.


I am seeing my midwife this Sunday, for the first time in a month, but I think from here on out it's every 2 weeks until I get to 36 weeks. Once I get to 36 weeks it will be weekly.


I don't think the reality that I'm actually having a baby has hit me yet. Seems like I will be pregnant forever. But, on my way home from work tonight I realized that I may only have 9 more Friday nights to myself. Crazy!

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I'm not sure when we will be going to weekly appt's but I am NOT looking forward to it - the appt's kill most of a day for us thanks to the drive & the wait. I do know at some point he'll want me to start doing weekly nst's & I'm hopeful they can be done at the hospital closer to me.

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I call my labour project, um, labouring. winky.gif I am not so ambitious that I plan to accomplish anything else during that time.


DS and new baby will be giving each other gifts. DS picked out two little toys; new baby got DS a castle toy and a book about knights.


I am putting off the weekly visits for as long as I can. I know I'll need weekly BPPs pretty soon, but I'd like to postpone that until at least I am technically done work. (Not that I will actually stop working, but they will stop paying me. Ah, academia.)

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uh I am so annoyed at DP's job.  He finally started going to my midwife appointments with me and now he can't go anymore.  The last appointment he went with me he asked for the morning off from his boss and thought that was enough but didn't do it through their computer system so he got written up for it.  They told  him that he needs to give at least 3 weeks notice if he wants to take a morning off.  My appts are 2 weeks apart and I make them at the previous appointment.  He has only met 2 of the 3 midwives and now he won't meet the 3rd at this next appointment because if he goes he will get fired.  This seems really unfair to me and pisses me off beyond belief. 


I am getting the panic feeling too about the birth being right around the corner.  My boss today was talking about her week vaca for the 1st week of oct and then said "oh you probably won't be here either so make less appointments for that day."  I am not due till the end of Oct but I am already feeling like I can't last much longer due to the physical demand of my job.  Wow.  It is getting so close to october.


I don't have any other kids but I was thinking of some special things I could do for my dogs as the due date approaches.  My dogs come to work with me so they get a lot of excersize.  I have been slacking on the walks/hikes because my back just can't handle walking 2 dogs when they are super excited and pull.  I was thinking of recruiting a friend or 2 in the next few weeks to walk one of my dogs for me so I can take them for some hikes and spend some quality time with them.  This may seem silly to a lot of people but I have 2 very needy and attached to me dogs that are going to be pretty bummed when the baby comes to take some of their attention away.  I might buy them some new comfy beds or something too or maybe some real meat bones (they never get those) to keep them happy when the baby comes.

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pi - that's what I thought of a birth project last time but this time (assuming I am not induced & therefore in the hospital the whole time) I will have to keep ds entertained for at least part of the time I am in labour so was hoping we could do something simple together to make it special for him.


tank - some workplaces are just not so very understanding. Dh only came to 2 of my appt's last time & this time he's come to 1 & probably won't come again. As much as I would like him to come more I do agree with him that it's really a waste of a half a day off when the time with the dr. is usually under 15 minutes. I think it's a great idea to do something special for the pups!


afm - it is the middle of the night but I can't sleep 'cause all the muscles in my body are aching. Not sure what is going on but I'd really love to be sleeping! Especially as ds is at my Mom's so there is no one here to wake me up. Sigh.

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Originally Posted by lifeguard View Post

pi - that's what I thought of a birth project last time but this time (assuming I am not induced & therefore in the hospital the whole time) I will have to keep ds entertained for at least part of the time I am in labour so was hoping we could do something simple together to make it special for him.

Oh, I know, I'm just teasing a little. smile.gif  Seriously, though, I'm the type of person who could potentially get really emotional and upset if I don't accomplish my intended labour project (I don't deal well with goals that I don't meet as intended), so, partly to avoid that (and also because I have no idea if I will go into spontaneous labour before I hit the limit of what I am comfortable with given my health), I am not planning anything. If I have early labour and need to distract myself and/or do something with DS, if I feel up to it, we've got plenty we can do on a moment's notice.

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Labor project: I have always thought I would bake a cake but never get around to it. At this rate this time iwill probably be at my storage u it digging out the baby crap, washing clothes and diapers, etc.

Sibling gifts:i usually give each kid a t shirt like I'm the big brother of a hb baby. Not sure what I am doing this time.

This pg doesn't feel real to me yet and I have so much fear about it that I have really ot done much to prepare, hopingto shake that soon.
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We're planning to give DS a gift "from the baby"...although a friend recently did this and her almost 3-yr-old was like, "That's not from the baby.  She's too little to buy presents."  He still enjoyed his fire truck, however.


My "labor project" will probably be make-sure-the-grandparents-get-here-quick-to-be-with-DS-and-get-my butt-to-the-birth center.  With DS, it was only 6 hours from first noticing contractions (woke me up around 5am) to being almost fully dilated.  It got intense pretty quickly.  I talked to one of my midwives about this yesterday and she said this time they would want me to call and probably come in when my contractions are about 7-8 minutes apart (instead of 4-5).  And she said that if it felt like things were getting real intense real quick, just get all of us (DS included, even though the official policy is no kids during labor/delivery unless they have an adult other than mom's partner to be with them) to the birth center ASAP.


Today we went to Benjamin Moore to pick up a gazillion paint swatches since we should be just about ready to paint the baby's room when DH gets back from his 2 weeks in Hawaii. 

Also went to Trader Joe's to buy, among other things, a handful of frozen meals for while DH is away...for those nights when I'm too zonked to really cook and we haven't invited ourselves to my parents' house or gotten take out.


In other exciting pregnancy-related news, on Thursday I had a skin tag removed from just under my bra line.  It had first shown up, looking like a very flat unobtrusive mole, when I was pregnant last time.  During this pregnancy it got really big and sometimes was getting irritated by my bra.  I was worried about how it would be once I started having to wear a bra 24-7, so I had it cut off and cauterized with silver.  The only problem I'm having now is that the adhesive tape that the doctor used to cover it with gauze when he was done seems to have really irritated my skin.  I don't think it's an allergic reaction, but part of the skin that was covered by the tape (for about 10-12 hours) is so sore and kinda pink.

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I don't think we'll do a "sibling" gift but I do plan to have some extra art supplies on hand for DD to do since we will be home more then usual for a while. I'm thinking of  Waldorf water color paints and paper, pony beads, and new play dough tools. We are big into books so I think we'll have a few new books to surprise her with- likely one at a time for the first several days.


I am going to make the girls big sister and baby sister t-shirts as well. I'm not really sure of the design yet but they will be dyed a solid color and then hand painted. Open to ideas!


No labor project here... I do plan on a long walk in the woods though. Hopefully with just DH (DD home with granny).


We've been talking up labor and birth quite a bit around here with DD. I've showed her movies, her own birth photos, and read books with her. I hope the timing is right and she is in the right mood to be with us at the birth. If not, she'll be with my mom. She'll probably still freak out about being away from me but I know my mom will be able to handle it. She's the mom of 5 and Grandmother to (soon to be) 16!

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I haven't been able to keep up this week because of a house guest and my trip to Portland, but I have a quick question for any takers. What would it mean that I continue to measure 3 weeks ahead and gain 6 lbs a month? My legs are not getting fatter or arms or anything!


Also, yay, my placenta has raised up so no previa.

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Rosemary- hope you had a wonderful and relaxing time in Portland!

As for measurements, if you've been *consistently* measuring ahead, that can be pretty normal actually.  If you were to be measuring to your dates and then suddenly jumped to 3 weeks, that would be worth paying attention to, but measurements are just one of many tools- they are most useful in a context and compared to a baseline.  I think you're probably right around 30 weeks soon, right? Again, 6 lbs in a month is not something I'd consider a big deal (assuming that everything else is looking really good, in particular your blood pressure).  That averages out to about 1.5 lbs per week, which is very normal for 3rd trimester.  Few women have totally linear weight gain either.  Gaining 6 lbs in a single week is a little different (but again does not automatically indicate something bad).  Remember that the baby goes through all sorts of growth spurts, and you pretty much just hit your max blood volume (within the last month for sure- blood volume usually peaks around 28 weeks).  So, there are all kinds of necessary reasons for 6 lbs weight gain in a month!

Again, I think it is worth emphasizing that taking vitals during pregnancy is to gain an understanding of what is normal for you.  Yes, there are things that are more notworthy than others, but it is definitely not just the numbers or specific stat that matters, but rather the context of your whole health picture.  I would encourage you to talk with your midwives if you have specific questions or concerns. 

Great news about the previa!!

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