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Crashing your DDC because it made my last pregnancy – and now this one – so much more enjoyable, and I just had to share. Please spread the word as heartburn is so painful and unnecessary.

After trying just about every cure, a friend told me about the miracle cure: sour green apples! The under ripe ones are the best – the sourer, the better. It sounds weird (after all they are so acidic, why would they help cure too much stomach acid?), but it works. And that they’re packed with vitamins and all natural doesn’t hurt either.

They’re in season now. I’m going to pick a whole box to store up for the months ahead in our cellar so I can enjoy the holidays heartburn free when I get really big. If you can’t find a tree in your neighborhood (don’t be shy to ask strangers for their apples; you’re pregnant, and you have your cravings, darn it!), try buying some quality apple cider vinegar. I found that mixing a tablespoon or two in a small glass of water was almost as helpful.

Hope this helps some of you. Happy pregnancies!



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Thank you for sharing, that sure sounds like an all-natural solution to a pesky pregnancy symptom!

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