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Healthy Food on the Go: Lunchskins- CLOSED. Winners Announced in Post.

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 final mother banner.pngAs the carefree days of summer end and shopping for back-to-school begins, our thoughts turn to early morning bus routes, endless after school activities, and the dozens of lunches we will be making every week. How does a busy mother keep it fun, fresh and healthy? Our family has benefited this summer from a raised vegetable garden that my son built as a science project back in May. For the past two months, we’ve enjoyed fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini and herbs in abundance. But the fresh produce along with access to local farmer’s markets will slowly fade as the school year begins. It seems so simple to eat healthy in the summer, but it takes a shift in thinking to continue to do so year-round. So, we will be turning to more squash, pumpkin, beets, apples, pears and sweet potatoes as the air gets cooler. We will also turn to more nuts and whole grains. Back to school season also means re-thinking food on the go. Gone are the individual, snack-sized packages of chips and cookies. They have been replaced by more fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grain cereals and breads. We think about food that can be ready to go at a moment’s notice - and this gives us more healthy options to bring along. All this healthy food requires that we embrace a ‘BYOB’ (Bring Your Own Baggie) mentality. And that is a good thing for both the environment as well as our bodies. Reusable baggies, like LunchSkins, make it easy to take food on the go. Not too long ago we used a dozen plastic baggies a day. Nowadays, plastic has been replaced by colorful, dishwasher safe LunchSkins that the kids love to bring for school lunches and snacks. We also toss a few extras in the car stuffed with nuts and trail mix to keep everyone happy during the marathon of after school activities that often last well beyond dinner time. We have a few favorite snacks that our youngest kids love as well as the growing teens. Try a few of these ideas in your LunchSkins reusable sandwich and snack baggies:

  • Peanut butter and banana sandwiches
  • Bagel stuffed with mozzarella. tomato and basil
  • Fresh fruit like cherries, grapes and strawberries
  • Fresh veggies like carrots, peppers and snap peas
  • Almonds and dried cherries, or raisins and granola
  • Small snacks like cereal and bite sized cookies

Just in time for back-school shopping, you can purchase LunchSkins, the reusable, dishwasher-safe baggies with FREE SHIPPING. Just enter code [B]BTS2011[/B] and you’re all set to make those healthy lunches on the go. Have you already made the switch to reusable sandwich bags? We'd love to know how much waste/money you feel reusable products have saved your family monthly.

OFFER #1: If you're still using plastic baggies and would like to try LunchSkins, we have 5 freebies to share with the Mothering community. Please let us know you would like to try these, and we will send samples out to the first five MDC members who respond (to addresses in the US, Canada or US Military PO Boxes).

OFFER # 2: We have our first 5 moms who responded to our first freebie offer above.  We are so excited that moms have expressed interest in these reusable lunchskins that we have decided to offer freebies to an additional 5 moms!  This time it will be a random drawing of moms who post their interest.  Our terms are below: 

  • Moms post an estimate of how much they spent on plastic lunch bags in the last 12 months (between now and midnight Thursday 8/18, PST)
  • 5 posters at random will receive 1 free set of Lunchskins (US, Canada, Military PO Boxes only)
  • recipients are encouraged but not required to share their experiences within the thread

Hope to hear from you!


Chris MDC Staff


Winners from Offer # 1: 

  1. crunch_mommy
  2. NW2SE
  3. Stormborn
  4. 34me
  5. RachelEve14


Winners from Offer #2: 

  1. Altair
  2. Ferencfamily
  3. Jamee Thumm
  4. Kerrplunk
  5. Marissab


All winners have received a PM from me.



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I have been dying to try these!!!
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I would very much love a sample, thank you! They've been a little out of our family budget lately, but I'm hoping to purchase some additional items in the future.

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I'd love one to try!joy.gif

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I would love to add one of these to my lunch box arsenal. Cool!
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I would also love to try! My kids would love them!!

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I seem to be late but I'd love to try if you have any left!

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I'd love to try these out! I feel the guilt monster every time a zip lock baggie is thrown out here!

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Looks lie I'm a little too late as well. But, I would also love to try these.

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We would love to try them if there are any still available.

Our address is 39907 Mountain View Road, Polson MT 59860

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Double bummer... I missed the cut off AND the coupon code isn't working :(


If you have any extras, we'd love one in Canada!

434 Hamilton Ave S, Ottawa Ontario, K1Y 1E3

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would love to try these..

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I'd love to try these as well -- also am posting about them on my blog. What a great idea.


Cathe Olson

1072 Pluto Street

Nipomo, CA 93444

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Hi MDC Moms!


Thank you very much for your interest.  I'll send a PM to the first five moms who posted interest. To the rest of you, this is an awesome way to reduce waste and brighten up your child's lunch for back-to-school time. Lunchskins is offering free shipping for your convenience. Remember to use code BTS2011 at the checkout.  PM me if you have any questions. 



MDC Staff

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I would love to try these.  I have wanted to stop using ziplocs for awhile, but have not had the cash to invest in these.

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I'm definitely interested.  I'm not really sure how much I've spent in disposable bags, however.  I don't tend to use a lot of disposable baggies, other than my husband buys a lot of them for his own food storage.  For the kids lunch I end up using wax paper and plastic sandwich cases, but they are often insufficient, so I was looking for something a little more flexible and accommodating.  In a year I'd say $50 for ziplocs and containers, although it could easily be more.

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We use mostly reusable baggies at home, but could definitely use a couple new ones, and I'd love to try this brand!


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I think we spent $5 on a couple boxes of Ziplocs at the beginning of the year. They were gone by May. I switched to reusable Celadon Road snack bags and sandwich bags in March. Yup, love them. 

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I would love to win some of reusable sandwich baggies! I try to reuse as much as possible and dislike using plastic. I suppose we have probably spent about $20 or so dollars on plastic bags of all sizes over the last year.

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probably spent about $15 on plastic bags. We have one reusable bag and i keep thinking i'll be crafty and make some, but alas....

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