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Healthy Food on the Go: Lunchskins- CLOSED. Winners Announced in Post. - Page 4

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 Would love to try these, I'm sick of using disposable sand which bags for the kids lunches.

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Probably spend $10-$12.  We use sandwich boxes mostly or those wax paper bags.

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I would love to try them. I haven't made the switch, but I have been interested in trying something new. I feel so wasteful all the time.

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Would love to try these! I estimate we spend around $40-50/year on disposable baggies. Ugh, sounds awful just to type that out. Really hope I win these. They look awesome!
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I'd love to try these out!  I don't know how much money we spend on Ziplock bags, but imo any $ is too much for something that gets thrown away after 1-2 uses!!  I hope I'm a winner!

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We have a few of these and love love love them. However, we still spend about $25 a year on the disposables. Our growing family and trying to pack more food more often mean we need more!

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These sound wonderful! I use lots of Tupperware but if I can't find a matching lid or am running out of room in my daughter's lunchbox, I guiltily go for the ziploc. I hate it because I hate to produce so much waste. A reusable bag that can be washed in the dishwasher? Amen! Sounds awesome! It would be great to have less guilt in my life and I would happily share the good news with all my friends! I pay about $20-30 a year in baggies. Everyone pays for the waste they leave behind. Thanks for considering my family for the sample & thanks for providing an Eco friendly alternative.

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I have spent about $5 on bags (dollar store) in the last 12 months

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We use a lot of Tupperware/Rubbermaid and also re-use baggies...I would guess we spend maybe ten bucks a year on baggies?


Sure would love a lovely Lunchskin for our out-of-the-house adventures!  Thank you for the offer.

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I've spent about $50 on plastic baggies over the last year. I'd love to make that a big, fat ZERO!!

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Oh, I would LOVE to win these!!! I have no idea how much we've spent on plastic baggies over the last year, but I'd guess....at least a box per month at around $4 each, so, close to $50? (and that's just the smaller-sized lunch ones; if you count the larger food-storage ones, it would be way more!) And that's even with homeschooling up until now, so we only packed lunch/snacks for going out and often ate meals at home - now that 3 of my 4 kids will be going to school in a few weeks, I need these badly! smile.gif I did try another brand before, but they were hard to clean (not dishwasher safe like this product!) 

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Hey, would love to win some of these. I have been trying to find some reusable baggies that are also truly safe from chemicals and plastics. I just read the info on their page that shows they are EU certified which as far as I understand are stricter than US standards. I've been waiting for room in our budget to get some of these and even cut down on the use of Tupperware for small things that I have to hand wash and waste extra water. Also have been planting seeds of thought with my neighbor who uses TONS of baggies for her 3 kids cause they are always going out. Honestly I'd probably give a couple if not all to her to get her started. It pains me when I see so much waste. I only buy plastic bags for freezing and don't use them everyday, but I do miss some of the convenience. That's why I've been excited to see so many companies popping up to hopefully start making some change! I hope I can be a part of it!
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Hope I win one!  I probably spent $5 this last year on plastic baggies.

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Probably spent around 20 on baggies this year cause I really try to be good about waste. Excited about the reusable baggies though cause the Tupperware I use for snacks and lunches get so bulky and so many dishes just to bring a sandwich, fruit, etc!
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I'm sure we spend over $100 a year on disposable plastic baggies. It kills me because I hate throwing them away. i try to reuse them but with 2 kids in care and needling lunch and 2 snacks a day it's nearly impossible to fill their backpacks with tupperware. If I don't get lucky (heh) and get a set to try out, I'm certainly going to try and find them locally. Though living on an island off the edge of a continent makes that more of a challenge than you'd think! :)

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I would love to try these. We go through plastic bags like there is no tomorrow. Can't even begin to estimate what we spend on them.

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I would say we've spent around $15 on the lunch-sized plastic zip bags. Double that if you include the larger plastic zip bags. I've always wanted to try out the reusables though, would be so excited if I won these, woohoo!

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I have been wanting to try something like these for years!  I don't spend a tone of money on plastic bags, maybe $12 a year.  But, I like the idea of not producing more trash! 


Rachell Kerr


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I spend about 24 dollars a year. I buy two boxes of baggies a month from the dollar store, sometimes I use a small plastic sandwhich box instead but I'd rather not use either of those. I have been wanting to try these. We are  close to having a trash free lunch. My sons school uses cloth napkins and real flatware, no plastics or paper. They provide water in real glasses so there are no juice boxes. Baggies are the last thing for us to cut out.

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We spend about $30 a year.  I re-use our plastic ziplock bags or use tupperware containers to try to limit how many plastic bags we use, but there are still some snacks that fit better in them.  So I would be interested in trying the re-usable ones. 

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