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herbs during pregnancy

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anyone have a good website or list of herbs that are beneficial during pregnancy? what about herbs to avoid. 



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Susan Weed's list of herbs to avoid:

Check out Jill Aviva Romm's Natural pregnancy book, or Susan Weed's Childbearing Year, or try Shonda Parker's books if you are interested in herbs. They are all great resources. smile.gif
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Here is a link to a great herbal tea mixture from one of the midwives I work for: http://riversidemidwifery.com/web_documents/nora_tea.doc


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wow, thanks guys! i knew i was asking the right ladies. ;)

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rosemary gladstar's book herbal healing for women has a really really great secton on pregnancy (and it's my go to for general women's health issues too)

dean raffelock's book 'natural guide to pregnancy and postpartum health' is a must have.
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