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Best Bottle for Breastfed Babies

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As I'm going through items to register for, I'm realizing that there are so many different brands and styles for EVERYTHING! I figured I'd try to use this forum to my advantage since it's so easy to get caught up in the reviews on the interwebs.


So...any recommendations of bottles and nipples for breastfed babies? A few friends have recommended glass bottles over plastic, but I'm curious if there are any special nipples out there for breastfed babies..? Also, any word Dr. Brown bottles? They seem to be the latest craze...

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There are a ton of bottles to choose from and every baby is different in what they prefer.  Some are made to be more like the breast with a wider base/nipple, while Dr. Brown's are more narrow.  My son, who was only given a bottle of pumped breastmilk when I was at work, only liked the Dr. Brown's.  Luckily, that's what we had registered for.  He would not take any of the other types.  I liked the Dr. Brown's but they do have a lot of parts to clean.  I'd recommend first buying 2 or 3 different bottles and trying them with your little one to see what is prefered before committing to a ton of one type.  All plastic bottles are PBA free now when comparing to glass.  We used PBA free plastic for my son, but I'm leaning more toward glass for #2.

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I used Avent bottles with DD and I really liked them.  This time we were given a bunch of Medela bottles so I plan on using those.  DD never showed any sort of nipple confusion, but of course there is no way to know if that was because of the bottles or just the way she was.

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My DD would never take any kind of bottle, but both DS1 and DS2 took the avent bottles very well. DS2 had no problems switching between bottles and breastfeeding.  If your baby has bad reflux then the Dr. Browns bottles are wonderful. I agree with Juneboymum, I'd buy one or two of several different kinds and see which one your baby likes best.

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I would register for a few of lots of types of bottles. Babies can be very picky with which kind they'll take. Personally, my daughter would take my pumped milk from any bottle, but the only ones who got her to sleep were Adiri natural nursers.

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My kids *rarely* took bottles and only when I wasn't around...I'll just start with that.


We are using the same Dr. Brown bottles we bought for my daughter.  They have been around forever.

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We use BreastFlow BPA free bottles by The First Years with great success.  We began with one bottle a day at 3 wks because I went back to work at 6 wks and wanted ds to get used to having a bottle.  He even lets me give him the bottle once in a while! 

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With my DD, I used the cheap Evenflo glass bottles with the Evenflo slow-flow nipples and they worked just fine.  My DD rarely had a bottle, and when she did, there wasn't an issue with gas or anything like that.

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I used Born Free bottles with my DD.  She didn't have any problems switching between BFing and pumped in a bottle.

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