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Kindle textbooks for Midwifery. . .

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Anyone used Kindle books for their textbooks? Can you look up things as easy or easier? Do you feel like it would be cheating if it's too easy to look up answers or search for words? I really don't know much about them, but I just looked up the needed textbooks and saw the huge savings if I were to buy them on kindle. . .and I just realized that my Android phone has an app so I don't need to purchase a $200.00 Kindle to read the kindle books. Sounds good to me. . .
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I enjoy having multiple books open to compare the same subject by different authors. It would be nice to have it on my phone so that I could have the info readily available while doing in home prenatals and so I could study when ever. I would go hard copy then go digital once you have more money IMO.

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I will warn you now, textbooks that include charts or diagrams are not conducive to a kindle screen nvm a smartphone screen. If it is just text then it isnt that much of an issue, but you may regret having to read entire chapters of textbooks on such a small device. If you just use them for referencing then I think it would be fine but ideally to read any texts with charts etc, then you will want a screen larger then 6".

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No way.  I love my eReader for reading novels and other books that I plan to read "cover to cover," but I wouldn't want textbooks in that format.  (And I personally can't imagine reading even a novel on a smartphone.)

While I may sometimes read from a textbook chronologically, I largely find myself reading about things as they come up (in my apprenticeship, or my pregnancy, or I hear about something on the news or in the community that sparks my interest).  So, for example, we had a baby born a while back with an extra finger on each hand.  I hadn't come across anything about that in my reading, but when it came up it made for a really interesting and pertinent time to go looking for information about that and to do some reading about it.  So I do a lot of browsing and perusing and index-searching on topics that interest me at a given moment, and I think that would be difficult to do on an eReader.


And, like Starrlamia pointed out, charts, graphs, illustrations and photos would lose something on an eReader (and be totally lost on a smartphone.

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Well thanks for all the good advice. I'll admit, the cheap in me is disappointed and convinced of the stupidity of buying only kindle textbooks now.
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you can use them on a laptop if you have one. Thats actually why i got mine lol

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I love my Kindle and will buy plain text books for it. Searching is easy, just scroll through the index or table of contents and click. You can also try samples to see if the format is appealing to you.
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