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Has anyone read this book?....

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I recently bought a book at the Goodwill store called "Baby Catcher: Chronicles of a Modern Midwife" by. Peggy Vincent.


It only took me 2 days to read it and it was such a WONDERFUL book! The author talks about her career as a maternity nurse and then a midwife.  You literally will shed a tear during the first chapter, when she described her first time helping a lady with her labor during the 60's.  She described how the lady didn't want any drugs and just wanted to walk and chant during her rushes, but back in that day, women were not allowed to do that.  When she felt like she had to push, a doctor came in, strapped her down as tight as he could, and forced a gas mask on her to knock her out.  Even when she was struggling to get the mask off, all the author could do was stand back and watch in horror.  Even after this lady had her baby, the doctor insisted the gas be increased to knock her out, so he wouldn't have to deal with her later on.  All he said was "I'm glad that's over.", and walked off.  I was in tears at how cruel doctors back then were to women, and it was like I could feel the author as her heart sank when she wasn't allowed to do anything to help this lady.  If any of you expectant moms want some good reading, get this book!reading.gif


 In addition to reading this book, all the other books you ladies suggested to me to read about natural childbirth and natural pregnancy have helped me feel less nervous about having a baby after I graduate college next year.  After having that severe back spasm earlier in the year that the ER nurse told me was the same as back labor, it freaked me out so much.  I felt like if I couldn't handle a severe back spasm, how was I gonna handle hours of labor when it happened? waterbirth.jpg


Well, after all of your wonderful advice, I am now at ease and know my body can have a baby and that continous pain from a severe back spasm is not at all like labor pains.  I want to thank you so much!grouphug.gif



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I LOVE that book lol, I highly recommend the Call the Midwife Series by Jennifer Worth, I couldnt put them down! Other good books about natural birth are pretty much anything by Ina May Gaskin.

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I've started baby cacher and love it so far!!!
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