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My whole stash is now a rust color- help!

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Well, I'm a dope. I've turned my whole stash into this mess of ugly, dingy, rust coloured diapers. I made pre-folds out of some old flannel bedsheets. They're great and have made a good indent in the cost of our CD'ing.


But they were dark red flannel. The sheets were so old it just never occurred to me that the colour would bleed. For 3 months now I've washed these prefolds in with the rest of my diaper stash, which includes Thirsties covers, BumGenius Pocket Diapers, Kawaii Baby Pocket Diapers, and a few Happy Heinies pocket diapers (all with inserts).


The other day I looked at my stash on the shelf and realized everything was this mega ugly rust colour. The inserts are an ugly brownish red (they were white). Even the white areas of my Thirsties covers are this awful colour. The Kawaii baby diapers, which were once blue, now look a dingy grey.


Even the bottom of my washing machine (we have a portable Heier) has this colour on some of the plastic parts. Yikes.


Is there any way I can get this staining out? I've tried sunning with no effect.


I'm not sure what to do. I know my diapers are, essentially, there to catch urine and feces, so what's the big deal? Call me vain, but I want the diapers to look semi-cute again, like they did when I bought them.


Is there any hope? Has this happened to anyone else?

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I dunno... you might just have to live with it :(


Have you tried peroxide or one of those other fancy "oxygen bleach" stain removers?

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Are you sure it's your prefolds? How is the rest of your white laundry looking? I'm just thinking maybe it's your water - possibly your hot water tank if it has rust settling in the bottom of the tank.

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Huh...good question. We take our regular laundry to the laundromat so I've got nothing to compare. Maybe it is the water in our apartment!


Does oxiclean hurt PLU?

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Originally Posted by Partaria View Post

Does oxiclean hurt PLU?

Many diaper companies recommend oxygen bleaches. I've never had an issue myself...


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