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Spotting :(

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Im spotting, like maybe a two drops :( Im running out to go get a pregnancy test (dont ask...i just need to know). Anyone here who is or ever have been pregnant while nursing and had some spotting?

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I'm keeping you and your littlest in my thoughts and prayers!

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Keep us posted, mama.  FWIW I had spotting from about 7-15 dpo with this little one, and also with DD, who is now a healthy 2.5 years old.  We'll be thinking of you.


BTW I was very envious when I saw you live in Harper's Ferry.  One of my favorite places on earth--so beautiful.  Let us know how you're doing.

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My wonderful husband is picking up a few tests on his way home. I figure i will test, test tomorrow morning, and the evening and see if the tests get lighter.


Im torn. On one hand...did we want another baby THIS soon? god no. But were we happy? yes. And I was so shocked at how happy our close family and friends actually were too. We didnt get the " Ohhh...wow"  faces.


I have had a miscarriage before...years ago. And I let it destroy me. I wont let that happen. Things happen for a reason. Reasons that I will never understand now.


What will be, will be. I will be sad...but I refuse to let that consume me. Im blessed with two beautiful healthy children. So while I am waiting for my husband to get home...I will soak in all that I have and be grateful for the here and now.


I will update.

Thank you for keeping me and bean in your thoughts

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Im out :(


Test is negative. and I have big clots now



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I am so sorry mama  hug2.gif  I hope you can find peace amidst everything and that your family grows again at just the right time.  Hugs

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Oh no. Peace to you and your family mama. hug2.gif

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Oh, I'm so sorry!  My prayers are with you and your family, hoping you find peace.

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hug2.gif- I am so sorry Mama



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I'm so sorry--hugs to you and your family. hug2.gif

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I'm very sorry to hear this.  Peace to you all.

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So sorry...I hope there is a BFP in your future when you are ready to expand your family.

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You are in my thoughts. ((Hugs))

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I'm so sorry.  Blessings and peace to you and your family.

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I'm very sorry. Peace be with you.

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