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Alternative Doctors

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I live in Central New York, 10 minutes from Utica and an hour from Syracuse and I'm interested in finding a doctor who specializes in homeopathy and alternative medicines. Does anyone know of any websites or directories? We have a healthy baby, so I don't have any immediate concerns.
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www.alternativemedicine.com has a list of alternative doctors
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Hi elyses-mom,
I am not far from you... in Old Forge.. I have also been looking for a holistic Dr./naturopath etc.. I was in Peters cornucopia the other day and picked up a card for a Dr. David L. Morse.N.D, D.D..I actually just brought the card here to the computer to look up:
A) what N.D and D.D. stand for and
B) try to find out something about this guy.
He's in whitesboro and his card says hes a Holistic health consultant....hmmmm anyway I"ll let you know if I find out more.also If i hear of anyone else in our area.

Please let me know if you hear of anyone else...
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Here is a link to find classical homeopaths... http://www.nccn.net/~wwithin/STEVELIST.htm

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