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I never thought of a charlie horse as a contraction either, probably because it's in the wrong place. **shrugs shoulders* but I agree that contractions aren't sudden, and not all pain...My natural labor was much more tolerable than my pitocin labor, and but both times I freaked out in transition.

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For all you ladies with hip issues, I found this awesome prenatal yoga hip-opening sequence.  http://www.fitsugar.com/Prenatal-Yoga-Sequence-Hip-Openers-Hamstring-Stretches-8065748

All the postures are standard, but they have a slide show with a pregnant woman doing each one and she looks so fantastic.  


I've also been doing a lot of strengthening in that area and it's helped a lot (although it got worse initially). 

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Ok, I'll be the odd one out.  For me- contractions are horrible, sharp, blinding, SUPER intense pain- almost completely in my back.  Much worse than a charlie horse.  But- there are weeks of charlie horse + level prodromal contractions leading up to it all... I think that makes it tolerable- I know that once it is hellishly bad, I only have a few (24-48) hours left.  My last two transitions were the worst.  One lasted six hours, the other 10. 


However!!  That's not what most people experience, and still, I manage to get through it and have done it more than once!  Once it's all over, you feel so much better that- while you remember, it's still (in a testament to our stupidity.. err.. resiliency.. as a species) worth doing. :D


My labors are always back labor- as I carry posterior.  Additionally, I have to have interventions and cytotech or pitocin (or both) to develop a productive labor pattern- I don't know what labor is like without some form of augmentation. (We tried to wait it out, nope, I really am one woman who won't go into labor naturally... ) 


For most women, contractions aren't terribly painful until transition, and by then you are really really close to being done.  My 9 yo was the most natural of all my labors(only pitocin) and I actually kind of liked transition with her (only about 2 hours!) because the pain felt productive.  



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insidevoice, hats off to you!  Seriously....you go through so much with pregnancy and birth.  I just wanted to say that you are a very strong woman!

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JJ- I felt the same way when I had my first son...and you know what? A lot of my mom friends were older than me...but it hardly made a difference to me then - and the awesome thing is that I am still great friends with them and they are the ones who I get advice and stuff from...but sometimes I also give it to them! (several were on their 2nd or 3rd baby when I had my first) now I am on my 3rd baby and I'm almost 28, and my friends are all ages haha....my youngest mom friend is 20 and my oldest has to be in her 40s though I'm not asking! ;-)


UGhhh...labor.......I don't want to think about it yet! I do agree it is 10943928028754982 times worse on pitocin...the contractions are so strong and have like no breaks...awful! I am really glad I was able to avoid it last time. I have really long labors too...so I am not looking forward to it....I just get so tired by the end...I have got to force myself to eat and drink more too...and try to rest more in the beginning....oh but I am just not looking forward to it!!! lol

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Very true about the wave like aspect of a contraction vs a muscle cramp. That's probably the worst, is being woken up from a dead sleep to excruciating pain, before your body can even process what's happening. Pain is so much easier to handle once your body is able to use it's coping mechanisms, and yeah, that's not so much happening for me at 3am when I've just been jarred out of sleep!

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I had terrible charlie horse-type cramping in my hips when I was actively pushing DD out.  Has anyone else experienced this?  They were way worse than the contractions, and I'm definitely anxious about it happening again.  I'm hoping it was just because my birth tub was a little small for me to get into an optimal pushing position (I'm 6').  I'm borrowing my doula's large birth tub this time around.  

I don't often get charlie horses in my legs, though.  I take a cal/mag supplement every night before bed.  It's supposed to help. 
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Two complaints today: 

Preggo-brain.  greensad.gif  I mailed two packages to sisters in this state last Tuesday.  One arrived the following day and the other one never arrived, and was finally returned to me yesterday.  I thought I was being careful while addressing it, but apparently I mixed up our addresses and sent the package to my street in my sister's town ...  The folks at USPS circled the matching street names in the return and delivery addresses in bright red and added several bright red arrows for emphasis, in case I missed the connection.  dizzy.gif  I laughed a little, but also felt like an idiot.  Fleeting moments of absent-brain attack me regularly when I am pregnant and it gets OLD.


Insomnia.  I tend to have this symptom closer to the end of pregnancy, when it's as much about discomfort as it is about restlessness.  It arrived last night.  3 and a half hours of alertness.  Knowing that getting up and moving about doesn't help me to get sleepy, I took calms forte and forced myself to lay in bed awake with mind racing for over two hours  before I finally got up and surfed the internet.  Probably should've tried a warm bath, in hindsight.  Just as DP was leaving for work at 5:30 this morning, I was able to fall asleep.  My alarm went off a half hour later and I was exhausted getting the girls ready for school.caffix.gif


P.S.  The preggo-brain incident would be the other reason birth bead participants will need to send a self-addressed envelope ...

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I lost my keys yesterday when it was time to take DD to preschool, she laughed for a good 3 min about it. She's 4!

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Anyone else feel like they've been punched right in the vagina first thing in the morning? I know it's my joints being stiff from only being able to lay in 1 or 2 positions all night, but this morning it was unreal! I tried to squat down to get something out from under the bathroom sink and I ended up sitting down because it hurt too much to squat! Once I get moving around it doesn't hurt anymore but it takes some time for the pain to go away. I never had anything like this with DD so it's a brand new fun part of pregnancy this time around!

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I have the preggo brain too!  Most of my conversations are pretty lame because I usually spend most of it trying to remember something.  I always forget something when I leave the house.  

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I have preggo brain too....its really bad at work...I need to start using sticky notes on the edge of my computer screen again lol..... During one of my other pregnancies I showed up for an appointment on the wrong day and waited for a couple hours then asked them about it and they said they were just going to try and fit me in lol...so cute they didn't even mention it to me!

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My newest complaint has to do with my in-laws. I don't generally have anything bad to say about them. They drive me a little crazy but they usually mean well and have always been very nice to me. But every once in awhile, they can be very shady especially MIL who can be very manipulative at times.

A little background: DH and I have been looking to get rid of one of our cars. It's a 1994 Nissan Sentra, still runs alright but just not in the best shape, especially not for driving around with kids. We had been talking to his parents about selling it to them so BIL can have his own car. They said they would be willing to buy it from us so we went ahead and got the seller's permit and all that stuff. Then, FIL comes over one night with SIL to check out the car and they're talking like SIL is getting the car. I just figured, whatever I guess they're buying it for her instead. Once everything is taken care of and SIL is ready to take the car back to school, she tells us she'll get us the money when she gets her student loan check. This wouldn't be a big deal, except that we just bought a van from my boss and her husband and had been counting on getting the full amount for our other car from DH's parents so we could use it as sort of a down payment on the van. We were both a little pissed that no one told us there was a change in plans and that SIL was now responsible for paying for the car herself. I had to explain to my boss that we wouldn't have the down payment as soon as we had hoped because SIL was the one paying for the car instead of her parents and that sucked.


So, DH just called me and asked if MIL or FIL had talked to me about $181. I told him no one had said anything to me about that. He had been talking to SIL and she told him she had left her tax refund with her parents to give to me and DH as a partial payment for the car. I don't know how long ago this was, but we never heard anything about it from either of them and FIL was definitely over here last night and the night before, plus I talked to MIL on Saturday and never heard a word about it. DH called them and of course they said they had it and he could come pick it up any time tonight. This might not seem that shady, but I know that SIL has given her parents money to pay her cell phone bill or medical bills in the past and instead of paying the bills for her, they've just used the money for groceries or something. DH called her back after talking to their parents and she agreed that she would just mail us the rest of the money directly instead of going through them. I'm glad I can tell my boss that I'll have a little extra money for her now, but I'm still pretty peeved at my IL's. I found it pretty shady when I knew they were taking SIL's money and screwing her over(her cell phone got shut off at one point) but it's pretty bad when they're screwing over several people in the process. I wonder what would have happened to that money if SIL hadn't mentioned it to DH as early as she did. I just hope SIL has learned to figure out another way to pay her bills rather than going through her parents and I hope DH's other siblings don't make the same mistake in the future.

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Owww i just dropped a boiling peach pie and it scalded my hand reaally badly!  owwwwww i hate being clumsy!  so painful and im all alone so there isnt even anything to take my mind off  it!  OUCH

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Ouch!  Sorry, rustydaisies!  Watch this for a laugh: 





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I hate preggo brain!!!! I used to think it was a myth...until I ordered a caramel frap from McDonald's. What I MEANT to get was caramel mocha frap, no whip...I don't even like caramel, it just makes a regular mocha as sweet as I like. lol

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That stinks Rusty, hope you feel better soon! I am forever burning myself...but I think that is from me just not paying attention and touching hot things - totally avoidably lol


I didn't complain earlier but I am feeling so sick...some kinda cold or something....but it is really running me down!

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haha t hat is the funniest thing ive ever seen im crying laughing!

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Ouch!  Sorry, rustydaisies!  Watch this for a laugh: 






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im always touching hot thing and getting small burns blisteres, but this one actually peeled my skin off before i could even get it under water! and its a large portion of my hand ouch ouch

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That stinks Rusty, hope you feel better soon! I am forever burning myself...but I think that is from me just not paying attention and touching hot things - totally avoidably lol


I didn't complain earlier but I am feeling so sick...some kinda cold or something....but it is really running me down!


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Ouch! Make sure you keep it clean and covered...maybe even consider at least calling your doctor or visiting the ER (especially if a large portion of your hand or your fingers is burned)...pealing skin is not good and burns can get infected REALLY easily. Ouch ouch...I had severe burns on my feet from boiling water once (long stupid story how that happened) and it was more painful than unmedicated childbirth lol...I feel for you!!!

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