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well if a bad burn hurts more then a baby then im in the money!  only an inch of skin peeled so im letting it relax then im going to put some aloe on it and find something to wrap it

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Ok I'm calling today a complaint-worthy day.  DH sent me a text from the back of an ambulance- saying that someone had asked him to be taken to the hospital as he seemed potentially suicidal. *sigh*


Now, I know DH, and right now isn't a time he is struggling with depression.  He's tired, and stressed, but this isn't exactly helpful as he JUST got home from working away for a bit over a week and really all he needs is to get some sleep in his own bed and a good meal that isn't junk.  



Anyway.  I really do quite well with stress most of the time, but goodness, hormones make it harder to deal with weird stuff coming up.  

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I'm so sorry insidevoice.  That sounds really stressful.  Are they keeping him overnight?  I hope everything works itself out quickly.

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*hug* InsideVoice That sounds so stressful! I hope everything works out well for you guys!

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hug2.gif insidevoice

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He called a bit ago- and they agreed that someone had been overzealous in their worry (can't really be angry with someone for caring) and they released him.  It made for a stressful day, but all is ok in the end. The clinician on call agreed that he looked like crap, but when she learned that he'd worked a 20 hour day yesterday and hadn't had a chance for more than a couple hours of sleep she realized that he really just needed to be home where he could sleep and eat real food (he was forced to leave to go in for an assessment before he'd eaten today.)  It also helped that he could demonstrate that he's  been doing a good job of taking care of his mental health for a while now, and while he does take an antidepressant, it's a fairly low dose and he doesn't ever skip it. 


He had to walk them through the whole misunderstanding leading up to the situation, and the clinician was put at ease.  She wondered why the person had overreacted, but we will worry about finding all that out in a day or two. 



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What an ordeal insidevoice.  I'm glad he was at least released. 

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Ugh, Insidevoice, that sounds really stressful. I'm glad he's okay and home he got a good night's sleep last night.

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He's doing fine today.  He did decide to take a couple days off work to catch up on sleep (his blood pressure was through the roof at the hospital yesterday) and is generally doing SO much better. 


I just wish my emotions weren't so darn BIG right now-  I normally tend to be relatively detached and logical, and I am not enthused with being all emotional instead.  I much prefer being almost Spock like. It's less messy. 

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Glad he's doing better Insidevoice!



Can I complain that nothing fits??? Most of my maternity shirts are too short now and my maternity pants still fit, but, my yoga pants are too tight around the waist now (I wasn't expecting this I was able to wear regular yoga pants the whole time with my last pregnancy). My belly looks really different (lower and more out) so I'm not sure if that is part of the reason...hopefully that means she switched to head down.....I guess I'll find out in 2 weeks at my 30wk appointment...which reminds me I still have to take my GD test...which I hate...ewww...makes me wanna puke just thinking about it.

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Oh insidevoice, what a ride for you and your dh.  Sounds like a couple of days to rest is a good idea for everyone.   Take it easy and be good to yourself.    

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And my new complaint is called in.som.ni.a.   I can't sleep!  Been up since 3 am and that was after lying in bed for a while and staring at the ceiling.  It is now 4 am and I can feel myself winding down.  I'll probably fall back asleep just as the kids get up.  irked.gif



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Oh- I hated that with my last pregnancy!  I couldn't sleep well at all at night, but come 7-8 am I just wanted to SLEEP.



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ack! insomnia for me, too. it’s by far my least favorite pregnancy side-effect. i’m up every night at about 2:45a and rarely fall back to sleep. with three little ones here, it makes for a very long day!

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I want to complain about the fact that I am having one of those weeks where I worry worry worry about this baby.  Given all the risk factors going on, I feel like I've done a pretty good job of keeping my anxiety in check for the most part, but some days it just gets the best of me :(.  I just cannot wait for this pregnancy to be over and to have a healthy little baby in my arms. 

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Originally Posted by melissarana View Post

ack! insomnia for me, too. it’s by far my least favorite pregnancy side-effect. i’m up every night at about 2:45a and rarely fall back to sleep. with three little ones here, it makes for a very long day!

Yep.... very, very long day here.  I made it through the day without falling asleep and now that is 7:30, I am exhausted.  I can't go to bed now.  I'll only be up again at 3 am if I fall asleep this early.  Going to try to make it to 9 pm before heading to bed.


I know this is just prep for the coming nights with a newborn, but I am miss my lovely nights of deep, long sleep. 

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*hugs* APToddlerMama...it is such a relief once baby is born healthy and safe...we only have a few more months!


So yesterday I was complaining because nothing fits and I've wondered if it has to do with baby changing position/dropping...today I'm complaining because she really feels like she is going to fall out...the pressure is driving me nuts - especially knowing I have 2-3mos left and she is going to drop even more during that time! OH and of course that also comes with the whole having to pee constantly and yet I can barely even get any out...oh the joys of pregnancy....

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It's funny, I was complaining about the same thing, and then this past week she shifted head down, and all of a sudden I can actually pee again! It's glorious! lol. 


I think... it's a sad sad day when you start to realize it takes real effort to wipe properly after a bthroom trip though. Talk about feeling down on yourself. lol. 

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Honestly, I'm just moving into this thread for the forseeable future. 


I have to pee but have a UTI. 

I want a shower, but the shower head broke off this morning. 

The kids don't want to sleep.

My 2yo's birthday celebration was supposed to be today, but, it was postponed until tomorrow following my being mugged (with three kids in tow and my mom!) in a parking lot on the way in to go shopping. 


Please send along an end to this week.  


I am HUGELY struggling now with flashbacks to a terrible assault when I was younger, and while I am now anxious enough that I would actually consider medication, I really don't want to do that and risk fetal exposure to those medications, so instead I am planning to smile and pretend I am just fine.  


I really resent hormones for taking away my emotional resilience.  Oh, and I hate that I am complaining so much lately when really I should feel happy and excited about the future. 


Right now, a snapshot of my life looks like chaos and that isn't my usual reality at all. 



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Oh, InsideVoice, that's so much to be dealing with!! *hug* I hope you're able to find a way to deal with the traumas that feels ok to you. And be gentle with yourself! Life has thrown you a lot lately, I think it's perfectly understandable that you might not be feeling all cheery. I hope things ease up for you soon.

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