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Learning activities for an active 2YO

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My DS is almost 2 years old. He is super active and loves to be outside all the time! I know he is learning good lessons outside but I am interested in just starting to introduce some learning activities- shapes, colors, numbers, letters, etc. Nothing too intense. I am hoping you ladies will be able to suggest some games and toys that your more active child enjoys/enjoyed. He will do puzzles for 3-4 minutes a day, some days, which is a good start. We read together during 'quiet time' (nap time) for around 1 hour total every day. On rainy days we read a lot more than sunny ones. Anyways, looking for slow, gentle ways to introduce the very basics of counting, ABCs, etc in a fun and playful way. Thanks!

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I used this website a lot around that age with my ds 1 who is now 3.5 yo: http://chasingcheerios.blogspot.com/
I also got ideas from the websites suggested in her blog.
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There are tons of blogs like the above poster mentioned. http://www.preschoolexpress.com/  is a good site too.I have also used this book  Some of the things in that book might be a little hard for a two year old. 


 One of the things I do with my toddler is set up a shelf with different activities for her to do on it. Our shelf has a curtain and it's only open at certain times so the activies stay fun and special. I mainly do this in the cooler weather. I like to use the shelf because it gives her free choice in the activities she does and how long she does them. Some times I put things out she isn't ready for...sometimes she loves something so much it stays out for a week. The types of things I put out are ,  a lot of sensory things, beads, pouring/transfer activities, art supplies, blocks, puzzles, books, felt board type pieces,  counters, sorting trays, anything that looks like it will help with small motor skills......etc, etc.  I leave it up to her on how she uses the supplies as long she is using them safely. If she isn't ready for sorting she won't try. It's nice this way because it gives her a challenge on her terms and it usually takes up 30-60 minutes  of a cold rainy day. lol.gif


Also it's important to remember the preschool and toddler years are all about readiness. Being very active actually does a lot to get him ready for reading and writing.  Core strength is needed to be able to write. I read a really interesting article(i will look for it) the other day about how kids need more outdoor activities to become good readers. They need to be able to work the left and right sides of their brains together to be able to decode words. Activities like swimming, monkey bars, skipping. Anything where they are using both sides of their bodies simultaneously helps with reading!  

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Hmm I'm thinking sidewalk chalk could be your best friend! You could play hopscotch (numbers!) and draw shapes, letters, or simple words... Counting games while he runs around, giant floor puzzles, things that will enable him to keep moving since it doesn't sound like he'd enjoy being still for long. You could read books and act them out. Do yoga poses to explore various shapes -- show him a triangle and ask him to try to make his body into a triangle. Get a pile of clothes (maybe your own clothes if he can't put his on easily) and ask him to put on the green shirt and then the red shirt and make it a fast-paced, silly challenge for him. Make an obstacle course and have an 'educational' activity in between each station (puzzle, counting/sorting task, etc.) that he can do before proceeding to the next, active part of the course.
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