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First timer question!

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So when I had my little girl I tore ALOT and had major swelling. It's going down, but everything is really discolored down there. It's really pale and almost has a purple tint. Is this normal? I thought maybe the swelling messed with the blood flow and maybe that's what was going on. Idk. I just thought I'd ask. My poor lady parts are so sore. :( I can't wait until they heal!

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My motto after birth is don't look down there! After my dd's birth I was checking everything out and was horrified! Since then, I don't look until a good 3-4 months pp!
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I agree with don't look!  This is my fourth baby and my parts look normal and fine between babies.  But I have no idea what they look like immediately following a birth.  I would probably be horrified too.  Give yourself some time, it sounds like your lady parts went through a lot.  Give it a couple of months and then look again if you're ready to, I bet you will be really relieved by then. :) 

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I recommend for my clients to take several Kotex pads and generously pour witch hazel over them. Place on a cookie sheet and put in freezer until frozen...Feels great and great for healing :0)

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I second the frozen pads and agree with the no looking!! I did make my OB look after DD1 because I was worried, but he said it looked they way it should for just having a baby. I hope you feel better soon, soar girly bits are frustrating when you are trying to care for your baby.

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Wow, you are a brave mama!  I have never looked and never want to----not until everything's feeling really normal.  lol.gif   Take it super easy and rest, rest, rest.  Frozen pads are amazing, as is the Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm.  The peri bottle is also your friend.  Don't worry:  you will heal and everything will be in good working order soon.  

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Haha, well I guess I'll just assume it's normal then. I somehow saw it right after I got my stitches done and was horrified so it actually makes me feel better to check on it now because things are very slowly getting better. I've been using ice packs and soaking in the tub. It's nice to know they don't stay like this though!

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I had a 3rd degree tear and I tried to look but chickened out. I got hemorrhoids really bad from pushing. One thing that has been soo relieving is cutting open a disposable diaper and shoving ice into it and putting it on top of my pad. It stays cold for hours and is sooo relieving. I like the witch hazel pads and still use them but they get warm so quick where the diapers stay cold for hours.

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Yeah those are great too. My nurse taught us how to do that at the hospital.

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I've never looked too scared!

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yeahthat.gif And I would assume the discoloration is just bruising.  Same as a black eye, they turn purple/blue and then start to go greenish yellow as the heal! Hahahaha not that I won't completely freak out when its my turn...  horrors.gif


Here's to fast healing for all of us!!!!

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I have to echo the don't look sentiments.  Now that you have, block it from your mind.  It will heal.  If you're uncomfortable, of course, witch hazel pads, use a peri bottle filled with warm water and iodine (or herbal sitz) and squirt as you pee.  It's going to be tender for awhile, mama,  Badges of honor.  hug2.gif  But it will heal and look normal again soon, promise!!

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I did not like the iodine that my MW gave me at all --stung too much.  I soon switched to an herbal concoction and felt much better.  Frozen pads felt like bricks to me so I tried the iced condom trick (1/2 alcohol 1/2 water)  and that worked much better.  It was soft and pliable and formed to my parts.

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