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I am still on this "birth high" even though I started this whole thing about never wanting to do it again :) I have been feeling really good about myself since the birth.. and I'm already a little cocky :) One thing I do remember is right when Arlo popped out - like a switch was flipped - all of a sudden I was present, elated, stunned, in a joking mood, and totally "high" --- a feeling I could see getting "hooked" on.. I mean there's really nothing like it happytears.gif


Yeah, getting hooked on it- exactly. I am grateful to have had the awesome experience of birthing 6 babies easily etc; I cherished every moment of it.


Mamahen- I always wanted a video of my births and was finally set to do so this last time but labor was too fast and even after I came upstairs ( I was downstairs talking to my daughter and rocking on the birth ball) I had no idea there was so little time left. I thought for sure I had more time because things weren't at all unbearable/labor was so mild and I planned to get back in the tub and that would have been a good time to have DH turn on the camera but there was no time for that. Baby came out so quickly and it was totally unexpected on my part.  Would have loved to have it on video. Oh well.