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Baby Evan is here!!

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He came Sunday August 14th at 3:17 pm. He was 8 lbs 11oz 21 and a quarter inches long. We are home and doing great, having trouble with my milk coming in. It's day 4 and he nurses 24/7 and cries because it still isn't here. Trying to stick it out an be strong.


On Saturday morning I woke up at 6:30am with some contractions. It was nothing regular, but I just had a feeling I should get everything together. We had a birthday party two hours away, and decided that since nothing was regular we were still going to go. On the car ride there things started to get regular, but once we got to the party and out of the car they slowed down again. We enjoyed ourselves and then again on the way home the contractions started about 4 minutes apart with sections where they were one on top of the other. By the time we made it home we grabbed our bags and made the hour drive to the hospital.


After arriving to the hospital, the midwife once finding out I wanted a water birth sent me to walk for two hours to try and get fully effaced (I was 3cm and 60-70%). At this point it was 1:45am. When I came back I was fully effaced and just over 4 cm with bulging waters. She said they would get us a room and get the tub set up and we were ecstatic! With my daughter I went from 4 cm to 10 in three hours, so I fully expected to go quickly. Boy was I wrong. Three hours later I was only 5cm. Laboring in the tub was amazing, and having my husband there to sway with through the contractions helped so much. This labor was so different from my daughters, but hers was more medical, whereas we were free to do as we pleased, with no one checking in on us constantly. My midwife arrived once I was 7cm and one of the nurses stayed with us in the room as well. They were both so supportive, something I wasn't sure I was going to have at the hospital.


I pushed for one hour, with about 13 people in the room because everyone was so amazed that someone wanted to use the tub. I didn't actually end up giving birth in the tub though, I got out at 9 cm to have my waters broke and didn't have the energy to get back in. I actually started to sleep between my contractions and couldn't keep my eyes open. While pushing the babies heart rate dropped down into the 50s and they started to talk about a c-section. My husband told me as soon as they said the word I pushed the baby out in about 40 seconds haha. He had the cord wrapped pretty tightly around his neck, so they had to cut it to get it off, and I didn't get to hold him right away. I had him at shift change, and the nurses who took over didn't take very good care of me or him. It was almost two hours before I got to hold him and they wouldn't let me feed him until 3 hours later. They also wouldn't let me get out of my cold wet bra for what seemed like forever. I was upset because the day nurse was so amazing. I was still happy with how my labor and birth went, and am so happy I didn't tear at all. He was a huge baby for my little body and I was amazed. Recovery has been so much better than my epidural birth with my daughter, and the labor/delivery was so much better as well. I am so happy I got my natural birth, and just hope my milk starts to come in soon!


Here he is, Evan James

babyevan 017.JPG

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Congratulations Mama, and welcome little Evan James.


I'm so sad to hear that your wonderful birth was tainted by lack of thought due to a shift change. Still I'm glad you got the birth you wanted, and hope your milk starts to come in today.

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He is just adorable! Congratulations. I am sorry the new nurses were so unthoughtful, 2 hours had to of seemed like forever :(

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OMG he is adorable!

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Well, hello beautiful baby boy!  Isn't he just gorgeous!?


I am so sorry the nurses weren't on the ball after the shift change.  That is so uncool.  Makes me so upset for you!  I'm glad everything is going well now, and hopefully your milk shows up today with a vengeance!!

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Congratulations and welcome, baby Evan. He is very cute and looks so alert!


Also, thanks for sharing your story. Too bad that the great experience of the birth ended with the shift change. 

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Congratulations! He's precious! hug2.gif

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Congrats! He is super cute biggrinbounce.gif

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Thanks everyone! Still no milk, he has dropped 20% so the doctor is having us supplement. I am very bummed, but am nursing all the time to try and get the milk in!! Hope everyone else is enjoying their babies :)

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Congrats! What a handsome little guy!
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Just jumping in here to say your Evan James is beautiful! That's my DH's name, too. I hope your son grows up to be as wonderful a man as my husband is!

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Congratulations!  He is adorable!

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Congrats!  He is gorgeous!

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He is gorgeous and big!  Looks so old already!

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