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Disposable Diapers

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We are traveling for 4 days and I need to buy some sposies for the trip (it's not worth it to take cloth for such a short time!) 


What are the best "eco-friendly" diapers in your experience? How "pure and natural" are the new Huggies Natural diapers?


Also DS is a super-chunky thighed, 20 pounder. Should I get size 3 or 4??


Thanks for the help!!

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Comforts by Nature (I think that's what they're called, Kroger sells them..?) sell a chlorine-free brand and they're quite cheap, but I'm not sure about their biodegradable levels, I only bought them once. When I was using sposies during the move I used these... http://www.greendiaperstore.com/NatureBabycare.html ... they are more expensive but definitely eco-friendly and organic. My DD is 19.5 lbs with thick legs and fits the 4 well, a 3 would be way, way too tight for her, so I'd imagine the same is true for your DS. HTH! 

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Oh yeah, I tried the Comforts for Nature brand before we moved her into cloth. I don't know how genuinely green they are either, but wanted to say I remember a thread that answered this question (discussing different brands) in the cloth diapering forum--it was a few months ago but I bet you could find more info there! GL!


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We often use g-diapers when we travel. The covers are cloth so they're reusable and the inserts are biodegradable and can also be flushed. They work really great and don't contain any plastic or chemicals and we feel good about using them. They're a good cloth/disposable hybrid and are just as convenient as disposable sine you toss or flush the soiled part.

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When we need a disposable, we use the Nature diapers someone linked upthread, and definitely get a four. My son is 18 lbs and still wears the 3s, but they are tight. They claim to go to 28 lbs but no way is that right.

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We tried the huggies ones. The second DS peed they smelled TERRIBLE. not as bad as the regular ones but bad enough. We used 7th generation also and much preferred them for the rare times we need sposies.

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Don't do Huggies Pure and Natural -one they aren't really I think - and two they don't hold much pee. I know a lot of mamas use 7th Generation.


As for size, do a 4. My 22 lb 21 month old fits a size 3, but barely :) he's a long lean guy though.

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We haves used Huggies pure and natural for years, when needed. The 7th Gen were leaky and papery/stiff just not soft like the Huggies.

I know this is the opposite of other folks' experiences. I'm not sure why.
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We use cloth diapers when we are home but I admit that I LOVE G diapers with disposable insert.  They are super-absorbent.  We use them all the time for travel, including camping and backpacking because they are so light, can be buried or even burned.  For an overnight diaper you use 2 inserts and it works so well. Leaks are rare in our experience.

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I use the Flip disposable inserts when we can't use cloth. I use them in whatever cover I have. They are the same size as a tri-folded prefold so they fit fine.

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We use seventh generation on trips over here (mainly camping). As a testament to their absorbancy rate, when we went camping last week I lost the little plug that holds the water in our cooler and I put one of those diapers up to the hole to catch the water to keep it from leaking on to my back seat and when I "changed" it the next day the diaper was swollen up HUGE. There seriously had to be 3-4 cups of water in there. My seat wasnt wet. However, I do find that they run a little big in the inner thigh area. DD is 21 lbs and a size 3 is almost too big for her. We've had a couple of poos come out the side.
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Unfortunally we haven't found an ecofriendly diaper that doesn't give my baby horrid rashes.. nature babycare comes closest 7th generation is the worst.. I do like hybrids cloth with sposie inserts but its not always the best choice convience wise.. I end up using eaither LUVs or pampers baby dry...



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Have you tried Huggies Pure and Naturals?

They arent really eco friendly, but i have found them to be better than the rest as far as rashes go.
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she did okay with them we leaked out at night  a lot but they were overall decent rash wise way better than others.
he did okay with them 

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Have you tried Huggies Pure and Naturals?
They arent really eco friendly, but i have found them to be better than the rest as far as rashes go.


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Agreed with some of the others, why not use any of the several AI2s/Hybrids out there with disposable inserts? It'll also cut down on the bulk of storing and tossing because they're just pads instead of entire diapers. :)

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