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TTC w/ Hashimoto's / low T-4

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Hi all,


I was trying to find the TTC with thryroid issues thread but couldn't so here goes...Been TTC since January with a month off here and there. DH had a SA. Everything was fine. I've had Hashimoto's for year, take Amour 120 mcg; had my numbers run about a month ago and my T-4 was low, BUT my TSH indicated i was not Hyper, not HYPO. So, the inverse of what you would expect.


Meanwhile, my periods are down to 2 days with L/M flow and two days of light spotting...I have an appt with a specialist on Sept. 6. We are going to start from scratch. My reg doctor wanted me to adjust my meds down based on the above tests but everything I've read says not to, that I need  the T-4 to go up to conceive (and just plain feel good) and so I opted not to.  I am sticking with my usual 120 mcg dose rather than the 90 mcg.


Set to ovulate Sunday. Any thoughts on what I can do between now and my appt to get this sorted out?



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One thing to consider is that TSH is not a useful indicator once you are on thyroid medication, so I would not place too much importance on that. You can have a TSH of effectively 0 and still be hypo if your free T4 and free T3 numbers are low. 


I see you're on Armour; have you checked out http://www.stopthethyroidmadness.com/ for information about correct treatment of Hashimoto's? Also, some people have been experiencing problems with the new formulation of Armour (specifically, they can't get their free T4 to get any higher) so you might consider a switch to Naturethroid or compounded thyroid (or a synthetic T4/T3 combination).


I'm on a compounded synthetic blend right now and doing well. My free T4 isn't exactly where I'd want it (it's low in the range, but not as low as before), but I feel great, which is all that matters.

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I'm another mama TTCing that deals with Low Thyroid.  I've taken Armour and Synthyroid in the past, but now I'm taking a synthetic T3/T4 and I think we're still trying to get the right dosage--based on how I feel.  But my numbers "seem" to be alright.   What have you come up with since your last post?

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I have Hashimoto's as well.

I find that, regardless of my T4 (which is always within an acceptable range, as is my T3), I need to keep my tsh at or under 2.0. I also have mine checked routinely every 3-6 months.

I had a very hard time getting pregnant the first time. With the next two pregnancies, the most recent of which I lost, I got pregnant the first month of trying.

Would do a longer post, but I'm on my phone and Swype is frustrating me tonight. smile.gif
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Just had an apt. with the Endo. and my numbers are off!   So, we've tweaked my dosage a bit. 


I've been feeling tired lately in the mornings and then with more energy in the 2nd half of the day (think it might be adrenal)...also might be that I've recently cut way down on chocolate and decaf coffee & tea. I feel way more relaxed but guessing that my body is getting to what is normal minus the stimulants (yes, I am very caffeine sensitive, even decaf!). Anyway, hoping that this month I'll level out with the thyroid, too.


I think that I just O'd one or two days ago, feeling hopeful and glad I got my labs back. :)


How are the rest of you doing?


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I just had my labs drawn this afternoon.  I'll be interested to see what they are like, as I'm feeling a little hyper what with the jitters and whatnot, but we shall see. 

I'm also in the 2WW... so...

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Wow, I already got my labs back.  My TSH is fine at 1.46.  I checked my previous lab results (I love having my medical record available online), and the last time my labs were drawn (back in July when I was still pg and just a few days before the baby died) my TSH was 3.33 and my FT4 was .9.

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