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An update for me surgical nurse called. My surgery is scheduled for next Thursday at noon. Today is cycle day three. I went to see my OB/GYN yesterday and asked her to get a better answer about TTCing and thank goodness she said that if everything goes well we could try again next month if my incision is healed enough. There is still a chance the issue could be my appendix and I may need a more dramatic surgery but my hopes are that it is just a fluid filled cyst. I may not be out for months though. Even though I am in pain I am still having hope about having a summer baby next year! Side note: my hubby is amazing! He has been so helpful with household duties since I hurt so much. He is keeping up with our 6 year old and our 3 dogs. I have simple meals planned out for him like having chicken in gallon zip lock bags marinading ready to go in the oven with directions on the fridge for him. He simply is amazing and I don't know what I would do without him.

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Sorry you've been having a rough time, Lilly, but hopefully you will get the all-clear to TTC again next month. Fingers crossed for you!!


AFM, I've been taking vitex (1000 mg) and drinking a cup of red raspberry leaf tea every day since last Friday. I've felt some watery CM over the last few days. My cervix is pretty high right now, and the CM is slippery... so maybe we will have some success soon! We'll be doing lots of BDing!!

It does feel as though my milk supply has dropped since I've been taking the vitex. It's not always comfortable to nurse and my DD pops off and on switching sides really frequently when she is nursing.


As a side note, I have been seeing pregnant women EVERYWHERE lately!! Makes me really excited about being pregnant again!!

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Welcome, Halling!


LillyLady, that's great that you may be able to continue TTC right away after surgery!  Hope all goes well!


BeachLove, yay for lots of BDing! thumb.gif  Hoping this is the cycle for you!


I am 11 dpo and think I saw a TINY bit of spotting, so I think AF will be here tomorrow.  So would that mean that if AF shows up tomorrow on 12 dpo, that my LP will be 11 days long?  I was hoping for at least 12, but I guess 11 will be okay.  I'm just happy it's not a super short 8 days anymore!  smile.gif  Hopefully 11 days will be long enough for a little bean to stick.  Come on June babies!!!

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Hi lovely laides!  I just read through all these posts on here (what better else to do on a Friday night!) and I have to say..it is so REFRESHING to listen to you all.

I am going through the same thing as well, and this is my first support group/forum and I have just been getting so emotional about it all and really feeling hopeless after 8 months.  Some of my very close friends have been announcing their pregnancies and I just feel so much anger and bitterness and I hate that feeling!

I am 32 yo and DH and I had our sweet little girl back in June of 2008 and have been TTC numero dos since Jan of this year.  What a process!  We got preggo right away, on our honeymoon with her and this time around, it's not so easy.

The first few months we just went with the flow, but when that didn't work, I started charting in May.  It's looks like I'm O'ing, I have a 12-13 LP, but the CM looks a little lacking.  I've tried drinking red clover tea, Preseed during my July cycle, but was so upset when I got my BFN that I just wanted to take a break for a month from it all because it really does make you crazy.

Anyway...started charting again this month and am CD7 so have a bit to go.  My DH hasn't been as gungho about it as me, which is frustrating, but I think he's finally jumping on board a little more:)
Good luck to everyone, and it's just so nice to know that I'm not alone in this and there are others who are going through the same thing!


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Welcome, FarrahLily!!

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Welcome, FarrahLilly!

Hope you get your BFP soon!

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A little update on me:  My spotting yesterday started into a light flow, so my LP was only 10 days. greensad.gif SOOO I've been on the internet so much the past couple days trying to figure out what to do differently this cycle.  I am currently taking my Prenatal and 100 mg of B6, and I *think* I decided to add a B complex also this cycle (which doesn't have much more B6, but I was thinking maybe I wasn't getting enough of the other B vitamins to help with the absorption of the B6).  I also e-mailed the only midwife here in my town.  I asked about a pre-conception appointment to go over any fertility issues and supplements that I should take.  I've never met her before, so I hope she's good!


Ugh, this is getting frustrating.  I wish I would have known that birth control pills would mess me up so much (and also that they were going to dry up my milk- which I found out when I started taking them 10 months postpartum).


Sorry for rambling.  I'm still hoping for a June baby for all of us!

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Welcome FarrahLilly! 


AFM:  I'm on CD13 right now.  CM has been pretty stretchy, so I'm pretty sure I'm either O'ing now, or will be in the next day or two.  DH has been a bit wavering this cycle.  I had thought he was ready to be gung-ho, only to find out later that he still wants to hold status at 'not preventing'.  I guess it's better than preventing, but still a little disheartening.  Needless to say the BDing has not been as exhuberant as I had hoped.  I still have a couple of days to try to get in some BDing though, so all hope is not lost :).


How is everyone else doing out there?

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Hello there ladies,  I am ttc #2 and am getting really serious about it this cycle.  My honey and I have not been doing much to prevent pregnancy but haven't really been actively trying either.  However we are very ready to get serious this month.  I have been taking and doing all sorts of things to get my fertility up and we are working on my dh.  We both work at a natural food co-op grocery store and both work on an organic farm as well as have our own organic garden so our diets are pretty good.  I'm hoping it won't take us too long, I would really love a summer baby smile.gif!  My only concern is that I'm 34 and he's 41 so I know it may not happen as quickly as I'm hoping.  I'm charting this month and am going to try not to get too obsessed.  Well enough about me!  Good luck to all you ladies ttc!!

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Welcome, groovymama!  That's great that you and your man are getting nice and healthy for conceiving!  34 is still very young, no worries about that... and 41 is still a good fertile age for men!  Hoping you get your BFP soon!

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Hey Ladies, I am on CD7 here.  I am not charting, just going off my CM.  But we decided that we will just DTD at least every other day until I get a BFP!  I went to acupuncture last Thursday and he is feeling very positive that it will happy in the next month or so.  This is my third cycle post miscarriage, which is typically when most practitioners say to start trying, even though I never adhered to that advice.  I also just joined a gym today.  I cancelled my gym membership when I was 7 or 8 months pregnant with DD because I was just so lightheaded all I could do was yoga at home!  I have been doing yoga and other things at home here and there, but I am just skinny and weak.  After throwing my back out last month for two weeks, i am ready to get serious about being in shape and being strong for my future home birth! 


I think I will O within the next week, so we will be busy! 


Welcome new mamas!

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Hi ladies!


Welcome, GroovyMama!


I am pretty sure I just O'd yesterday. I don't chart, but going off of CM and cervical position, it's very promising! I've been feeling really optimistic and excited lately. So I guess that makes me Day 1 of the 2WW!


Fingers crossed! And crossed for all of you, as well!

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Good luck BeachLove!  The post O wait is the worst!  Hopefully this will be the month :) 

Ava's Mama, I think I'm close to you on my cycle...good for you for joining the gym!  Such a stress relief (although trying to get preggo is kind of my excuse to not work "too" hard) :)  And good for you for considering a home birth!  My really good friend just had one and it was incredible..I am such a strong supporter in that.  Have you ever seen "The Business of Being Born?"  Awesome documentary.  I used to be an OB RN on a Maternity Floor so I love that stuff!

Good luck GroovyMama!  I'm sure you wont be on this forum for long!

Traci, sorry to hear about AF.  I go through a mini-grieving period every time!  I hope your midwife appt goes well, I'm sure she'll have some good advice.

Gator-Mom, I can completely relate.  My DH and I had a long talk this weekend and it turns out that he realistically wants to wait another year before trying again.  He has been a bit "resistant" these past 8 months of trying, sometimes denying me when I'm telling him I think I am most fertile.  We are going through a move and are trying to sell our home and it's been a very stressful year.  He's been a stay at home dad to our 2 yr old and wants to concentrate on finding a job this month as my mom will begin watching our daughter and just thinks that now isn't the best time to get pregnant.  I guess I can agree a little, but it's SOOO HARD TO WAIT. 

So I feel your pain...I know it only takes one time to get pregnant, so hopefully you'll hit that right day!  As for me, I guess the pressure is off for a bit.  We're not gonig to prevent, but we're not going to "try" either...I'm just going to chart for a bit anyway, just to get to know my cycle and stick around on here for support and tips...but good luck to you :) 

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Gatormom & Farrahlily-  I can also related with daddy not being on the same page!  My DH has finally agreed to start trying.  I've been ready since last January right after my little boy turned 2!  It's definitely hard to wait.  Sending some hugs your way.


Ava'sMama-  3 months after a miscarriage is the MAGIC month in my opinion!  That's when I conceived DS, and I have 3 friends that conceived at that time following a miscarriage.  I agree with your acupuncturist!  That must have been exciting to get that news from him!


BeachLove-  Yay- that sounds so promising that you're optimistic and feeling good this cycle!  Can't wait to hear the results in two weeks!


AFM, I found out the midwife I wanted to see doesn't accept my insurance.  So guess I will be sticking with my obgyn.  I really love my obgyn though, just didn't want to drive 40 miles one way to every appointment (especially for all those prenatal appts. when I get pregnant).  Oh well, that's one of the negatives about living in a really small town!  I'm thinking about calling her tomorrow to make an appt. to discuss my short luteal phase and ask her about getting a progesterone test.



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Farrah - Yes, I have seen Business of Being Born and Orgasmic Birth!  My DD's labor went so fast that she was delivered in an ambulance!  I want to elimnate that stress of not wanting to get to the hospital too early etc!  I am so excited for a home birth and for my DD to be a part of it!


Traci - thanks for the reassurance about getting pregnant 3 months post miscarriage!  DH and I are self employed and things are going really well right now, so I think the timing is going to be perfect for a June baby!



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can i join in?

i'm 25 and dd is 14months. i've had af since 6months pp, but it's only become consistent in the past three cycles. i've already O'd this cycle, so next cycle will be the start of officially ttc. i just started prenatal vitamins, vitex, and red raspberry leaf, and cut out caffiene. dh has been deployed and is coming home this week, so lets just say there will be a lot of bd'ing going on for a while. and he's as excited as me to try for #2. dd was a honeymoon baby, so i'm hoping it's as easy this time to get pregnant.

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Welcome Mamadiamond!

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Hi Mamadiamond! You are young and I'm sure still very fertile:)  Good luck!  It helps to have a partner in crime that is just as excited as you are!

Traci...That's too bad about the insurance...ugh, politics always getting in the way..that's great that you love your OB though...I'm in a small town too, so I feel ya....let us know what she says about the LP!

Ava's mom...good luck, sending baby dust blessings your way!  I had my daughter in June...it's a great time to have a baby :)



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Hello Ladies

Just checking in to stay hello.

Welcome new ladies , Groovymama, FarrahLily, Mamadiamond (am I missing someone).

It's great that this thread is growing.  


AFM, I am trying to be really laid back this cycle.  My chart is wacky because I was sick on 7-9.  I think stress might work against me, so I am trying to not think too much about it.  My daughter is loving Kindergarten and my students seem pretty good this year.  Looking on the bright side, life is good.   

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Hi Everyone!  I am on CD10 here and have some good EWCM already!  I am feeling really optimistic about this cycle.  How is everyone else doing?

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