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Welcome, Mamadiamond!  Hope your TTC #2 is a short and sweet one!


CACountryGirl, I love your attitude!  When I have my down moments when I'm mad at my short LP, or whatever the case, sometimes I forget how good life is.  I have an awesome DH and precious DS, so thank you for the reminder to be grateful for what I already have.  Hope the laid back approach works in your favor for baby #2!


Ava'sMama, I can't wait until you test!  I'm thinking very good thoughts for you and sending you lots of sticky baby dust!


AFM, I will be Oing mid next week.  Unfortunately, I think I will O on Wednesday, and the 2 days where BDing is the most crucial (Tues and Wed) is when DH is working nights!  So I think I'll have to sqeeze some time in the morning after he wakes up and before I go to work, and pop in a Dora DVD for DS to keep him occupied.  Hopefully this plan works.  thumb.gif


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More EWCM today!  Trying to DTD every day!  Getting through ovulation is so much easier than 2WW because I can actually do something about it!  Have a great weekend everyone!

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Hi ladies,

I am one week into the 2WW now, and the obsession is starting to kick in. I was surprisingly really good about not obsessing all week - until I woke up this morning from a dream about walking up a flight of stairs into a room full of aquariums and fish. The dream ended with me feeling insecure that this Kim Kardashian look-alike was going to steal my DH away from me.


Maybe I read into dreams too much, but I know that water/aquatic dreams are supposed to be abundant in pregnancy, as were the insecure about DH and other girls dreams (at least they were when I was pregnant with DD!)


I'm planning on testing next Saturday (24th), But I may crack and do it mid-late week just in case.


Good luck to all of you. Hope we are all successful soon!

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Wow, that is interesting about the dreams...I believe it though, because your body knows you are pregnant before you do! 

I agree...the 2nd half of the 2WW is the worst!

Good luck to everyone!  I think I am Oing now or soon, I'm on day 16....on a good note, I started taking Evening Primrose Oil to try to increase my EWCM, and it seems to really wor!! In just one month of taking it, I've seen such an increase...before I only had like barely a day of it and I've had like 4-5 days of it now that I'm taking it!  Unfortunately DH isn't into trying right now as we are moving to a new town, he has to find a new job and he's pretty stressed so wants to wait until we are settled so we aren't going to be trying for a few months.  I am still able to work at my same job, so I don't feel the stress as bad so it's hard to wait, but you just can't force it if you both aren't on the same page. I'll just have to bit the bullet (feeling fabulously fertile).... Oh well, good luck to everyone else!

We had a nice crisp fall day today up in NY...took the little squirt to go apple picking today :)

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Ok I guess I am officially joining the 2WW.  I don't think my timing was all that great this month.  We did not DTD as often as I had hoped.  But I have been SOOO tired and ffairly stressed since the semester started.  I'm doing my psych rotation, and it's really doing a number on my own psyche!  So, that's not leading to a lot of BDing.  Plus, my DH is with you, FarrahLilly79,  he's not completely ready to get the engines roaring.  He would much rather we wait until He's going to be out of school, not just me.  I feel like it would be totally manageable once i'm out, but yea...can't force this issue and get far!  So we are still just NTNP for now.  Hopefully I'll get the swing of this semester soon and have a bit more energy to feel the love..lol.


Sooooo, I'm 3DPO now and just hangin out!


I hope your dream about water is the real deal Beachlove!  I'll be crossing my fingers for you!

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I've been feeling twinges in my left side all day. Wanting so badly to believe that it's due to implantation. I'm 6 or 7 DPO right now... so maybe!

Thanks, Gator-mom, and I hope your NTNP works out into BFPs this month! (That is technically what we were doing when we conceived DD #1 winky.gif)

I hope things calm down for you soon, FarrahLily! That is great about the EPO working so well, though!


Good luck, ladies!

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BeachLove, oh I hope it is implantation for you!!!  Have you decided on a testing day?

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Hi Everyone!  Hope you all had great weekends!  I think I O'd Saturday or Sunday and we DTD both days!  So I am maybe 1 DPO!  I won't test or anything until October 6 or so, but I have a good feeling about this month.  I think DD may have finally weaned...we haven;t nursed in a week!

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Originally Posted by traci447 View Post

BeachLove, oh I hope it is implantation for you!!!  Have you decided on a testing day?


I am definitely going to test on Saturday, 9/24. But I might not be able to wait, and I might do a cheapie test Wednesday or Thursday. Let's see how well I can hold out! But on Saturday, DH will be home, and I will be 13-14 DPO... so there is a good chance I'll get a BFP - if, of course, I am pregnant!!


Sending good vibes your way, Ava's Mama! I have heard many stories of ladies getting pregnant as soon as their older child weaned. Hope that is the case for you!

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I will be anxious to see what your results are Beachlove!  I went to acupuncture today and he is having good vibes about this cycle too!  He said my pulse is great and he actually told me that instead of making an appointment he wants to see what happens this cycle and to call right away when I get a BFP!

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Ava's Mama, that sounds really promising!! And exciting!

Fingers crossed for you!!

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Sounds like BeachLove is the next one to test in this thread.  Hoping you get your BFP on Saturday (or earlier if you decide to test earlier)!  And everything sounds so great with your cycle, Ava'sMama.  Hope you get your BFP on Oct 6th!  smile.gif


AFM, today is O day!  I am quite excited.  We DTD on Monday night but schedules didn't work yesterday... so hoping that one more time today on O day will do the trick.  I usually get a big dip in temp on O day, and today was a HUGE dip.  Not sure what that means, but I'm just glad that I usually get that dip so that I know when O day is before I'm able to see the spike.  If I don't get pg this cycle, I just hope that my LP is at least a day longer because 10 days just makes me nervous!

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Ugh! I am lightly bleeding/spotting this morning!!

If it doesn't turn into full-blown AF, I'm keeping my testing plans. But right now I'm feeling a little crampy and irritated. irked.gif


Still have some hope, but it's starting to wane. I may be out this time....

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Hello! I am Darla, and thought I would introduce myself.  I am 27 years old with a DD who will be 2 in December.  We are actively trying to conceive, just keeping track of cycles and the lengths, making sure stress levels are down, etc.  Excited to chat with everyone, and hope all goes well for each of you!

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Ughh, sorry to hear that BeachLove...maybe just implatation spotting?  If it stopped that would be a very reassuring sign!  Keep us posted... 

Welcome Darlawoods!  How long have you been actively trying?

Wow Avasmom, that all sounds great!  Now begins the wait...how long have you been going to acupuncture?  Good luck with the weaning...the first week is the toughest...it was so hard for me to finally decide to stop BF...I really loved it, my DD was about 14 months and she probably would've gone a lot longer, but I succumbed to the pressure (from everyone else) ....if I am blessed with another one, I'm going to BF for as long as I darn well please.

Thanks for the support Gatormom...it's nice to know I'm not alone!


I'm also about 3-4 DPO...since we aren't trying this month, I'm not obsessing for once.  If we haven't gotten preggo after 8 months OF trying, then I highly doubt this month would be the one (DH would be mortified)...but I did look at an O calender and if we are, my due date would be on my 2 yo's 3rd bday and of course, that tugged at the ole' heart strings :)


Just curious, but how long has everyone els been trying? 

And who/what is AFM?


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Hi Ladies

Sorry I have been less active posting here.  I am trying to take it easy and not be so obsessive that I stress myself out with every months disappointment.  For me, part of that has to sometimes be not reading about everyone else's hopes and fears (BFPs after just a month or two of trying are especially hard for me, though I still wish you all luck ASAP)goodvibes.gif  Sometimes I just have to tune of TTC and focus on the wonderful little family I already have.  

AvasMama-Cheering for you and isn't it great that you started this little thread for us and so many people have found it?

BeachLove-Sorry to hear that.  Been there over and over again, so I sympathize.

Darla- Welcome.  This is a great group of ladies.

Farrah- you asked how long we all have been trying.  For us it is about 1 year and 1/2-not all really vigilant trying, but long enough to be concerned and testing hormone levels (DH already had a normal SA) and serious about my acupuncture and vitamins.  And AFM means AS FOR ME.  The acronyms are sometimes really confusing to me to.  I BF my DD, now 5, until 2 years 2 months.  My daughter was always tiny and I wanted to help her grown big and strong as much as I could.  We were both ready to be done and weaning didn't have to be sad or stressful.  I also had some pressure about toddler nursing, but they can just mind their own business.  When you have another, do it as long as you feel is right.  And you can always use my favorite line, "The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends  at least 2 years".





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Nice to see you again CA Country Girl!  I hope you are feeling a bit better this mo :)


I'm feeling about the same as you, FarrahLily79.  We didn't really try this mo.  I did ask DH if he would consider getting more serious about trying in November and he thought that sounded a lot more likely then it has been, so at least I have something to look forward to!


My cycle is being really weird since O day.  My temps are all over the place!  Some days I temp around 6am and sometimes it's almost 7am before, anyone else have trouble with wildly varying temps with slightly diferent temps?  Here's what it looks like: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/3076f9


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Well, looks like my body tricked me yesterday with that super low temp.  My temp wasn't all that high today and I still have EWCM, so I'm thinking today is O day.  Guess we'll have to get one more BD in tonight!  At least DH will be home tonight so it will work out better!


CACountryGirl-  I completely understand with having to get away from the obsession of TTC and getting away from the boards.  You really have had a long road with TTC #2 and I can imagine how difficult that would be to hear of all the BFP from others (even though you would feel happy for them, it's only natural to have those feelings).  Plus it's just better for stress levels to not get so obsessed with it all.  It's nice of you to check back every once in a while and to say hi though!  I hope one of those times in the near future you check back is when you have good news to share with us!


BeachLove-  sorry about the spotting.  How many dpo are you?  I had spotting for many many days when I first became pregnant with DS (the spotting started around 11 dpo).  I'm hoping your spotting is something other than AF on its way!


FarrahLily-  Well you just never know, unless you're absolutely sure that you missed your fertile window this cycle.  It seems like for many people, those cycles when we're not really trying are the successful cycles!


Gator-mom-  That's good news from your DH!  November is not far away!  My temps have been all over the place this cycle too, though these are pre-O temps.  My chart is www.fertilityfriend.com/home/tracischart.  My waking times have been different because I get up whenever DS gets up.  But last cycle I had different waking times too, but my temps were pretty consistent. shrug.gif


Ava'sMama-  Please keep us updated with any possible symptoms you may have after 8 dpo or so!  I'm excited for you!


Darla-  Welcome!  I'm also 27, and my LO's birthday is in December too (he will turn 3 this year).  Good luck to you TTC #2!  Hope it happens right away for you!

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Farrah - It looks like we may be cycle buddies!  I got my first PPAF in December and that is when we officially started trying.  I got pregnant in March and miscarriaged (blighted ovum) in June.  This is the third cycle post miscarraige. 


AFM (As for me): I slept awful last night!  I woke up around midnight and tossed for a couple hours and then DD started tossing and got into bed with us.  I woke up this morning and have been so lightheaded and weak.  I ate again a little while ago and I still feel the same just now my belly feels yucky.  I am 4-5 DPO and all paranoid because lightheadedness is always my first pregnancy symptom, I am trying not to look too deeply into it!  Thank goodness I am not temping or I would be going crazy!!!

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You ARE looking a bit like me, traci447!  What gives?!  I just wish my temp would quit dropping below coverline..it's messing with my head!


I'm anxious to see what these symptoms are or are-not, Ava's Mama!

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