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Hi ladies,

I think I am just dealing with a light AF. This morning it was a little heavier (not what I would just call spotting). But it's not enough that I would be able to wear a tampon. It's really light now - like light enough that there isn't a flow every time I go to pee.

I did have something kind of like this around implantation with my last pregnancy that ended in miscarriage. So I know I'm not technically out of the running yet. But I'm not letting myself live in denial, so I'm assuming it's AF, at least for now!

I'm 11 DPO now, so that is still a pretty short LP if it was AF. This was my first cycle on vitex, so I don't know if my body is still working out the kinks, or what? hmmm.


Good luck to you all, ladies! I hope we get some BFPs soon!

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Keep us posted Beachlove!


I am totally overanalyzing everything, but I have this metallic taste in my mouth that I can not get rid of!  We are going away for the weekend tomorrow morning, so it will be good for me to take a break and not have time to think about every little symptom!


Anxiously awaiting a BFP from one of you ladies soon!

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BeachLove-  I'm sorry that it might be AF. greensad.gif  Please give us an update soon on how you're doing!


Ava'sMama-  I love hearing your possible symptoms.  I hope they are all real and we get good news from you soon!


Gator-mom-  I just checked your chart and see that you BD'd on O day thumb.gif .... and it looks like you're getting close to when you could test!  Please let us know ASAP after you test!


FarrahLily-  you're around the same cycle timeframe as Ava'sMama right now, right?  ohhh getting closer! 


Sorry I can't send a personal message to everyone at the moment, but I am sending sticky baby vibes to everybody!


AFM, there's not much to get excited about over here (just hanging out at only 2 dpo).  I really don't think it happened this month for us because we missed BDing on O day.  But I guess there's still a possibility of pregnancy.  Would love to get some updates from everyone.

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I'm 10 DPO today and I do not feel pg at ALL.  I'll probably just wait it out to see if AF comes this mo.

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Hi Everyone,


I am about 7 DPO.  I felt like I was coming down with something at the beginning of the weekend, but I fought it off.  I have been sooooo crabby lately.  DD has been in a tough tantrum stage...super fun one minute and full body tantrum the next.  She is going down awful for naps and bedtime and I feel like I am going to lose my mind.  I know I just need to change my mind set and think more positively, but I just never thoughtth 2.5 years later I would still be dealing with sleep issues.  But, I guess that is for another forum!  I still have another week or so until any testing or expected AF, so only time will tell! 


Keep us posted Gator!

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I hope that moodiness is pg hormones talking, Ava's Mama


11DPO here.  Temp is up today, but I actually DID come down with something this weekend, so I don't know how trustworthy those temps are..


Still no symptoms at all other than having a head full of crud and feeling totally whipped out..but that is probably the cold :(

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It was AF greensad.gif. Crazily enough, I am still bleeding just slightly. It was a lighter AF, and not much cramping except for a little on day 1.  So... I just have to hope that this next month is my month, I guess!


Gator-mom and Ava's Mama I hope that your "symptoms" are pregnancy-caused! Keep us posted!

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Yes, I think Ava's Mama and I are buddies :). DPO 8 or so? Such great, reassuring signs, Ava's Mama! I on the other hand have NO preggo symptoms, whatso-ever, lol. Just my usual irritated, occasionally feel-sorry-for-myself PMS-y funk. I don't even have any pregnancy tests anyway, so feeling less obsessive this month. I have to keep reminding myself that we aren't going to be trying for a while anyway, due to DH's wishes, but I don't think I could stop (secretly) hoping even if I wanted to. :) 

Can't wait to hear if you test and good luck with the wild child! Mine is only 2, but she is getting sooo sassy all the sudden...I can feel the terrible 2.5s coming on, big time.


Gator-mom, I hope you feel better. Looks like you're in the DPO lead! 


BeachLove, sorry again to hear about AF.  Ugh, we all really do know the feeling, but you are right...there will always be another month of hope and it WILL happen! :)

CA Country Girl, thanks for sharing your story...it sounds like you two are both really healthy and I'm sure you will concieve again.   I'm sure we all will...heck, we did it once!!

I really feel for you as far as the disappointment and heartache of not being pregnant month after month and seeing it happen so quickly for everyone else. 

That is one thing I really like about this thread is that we can all relate!  It's just not fair that pregnancy can be so "selective" in a sense and sometimes it really doesn't make rhyme or reason as to why it just doesn't happen.  I never thought I would be "one of those people" that would have a heard time conceiving, but now that I am on the other side of it, I really do have a new respect and compassion for others also dealing with this. 


Sending thoughts and hugs everyone's way tonight! 

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Beachlove - Sorry about AF!


Farrah, yes I think I am about 8 dPO or so.  Still really cranky, but no other symptoms really.  I just have one test in the house so I won't use that until after AF is late, so at least another week.  My DD had a rough patch around her 2 year birthday and she has been great since then.  Now we are in another rough patch, sort of like walking on egg shells because you never know what will cause the meltdown!  Luckily from experience I am trying to keep level headed knowing that it is only a phase!  I did lose it last night when I had to have a wrestling match to get her PJs on last night.  Hopefully tonight will be better. 


Gator - when would you expect to get AF? 

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Okaaaaaaay, so my temps went up again within the last two days, so now FF is saying my O date is actually CD24 instead of CD17!!  So that means there is NO chance of being pg as we did not DTD for like a week and a half..being super tired from school and then sick.  So apparently now I'm just 5DPO :(.  I was even taking Vitex and a B50 this for the second mo..so that seems a bit weird...


Maybe I ought to up the dose?  Anyone else taking these?  How much do you take?  Do you take it the whole cycle or just up until O day?


Sorry about AF BeachLove and sorry it was such a rough one :(


I guess we'll just hang out and watch if anyone else around here has some exciting updates!


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Gator - That is so strange.  Can you share your chart?


AFM - I am about 9 DPO.  Feeling a little sad this morning.  DD had a bit tantrum about getting in the car to go to day care.  I had to struggle to get her in the car seat and I lost it and yelled.  I feel so awful.  I need an affirmation or something that will help me keep my cool in the moment of the tantrum because I am losing it way too often.  Feeling like a bad Mama today.  I apologized and we snuggled before I dropped her off, but still feeling awful :(

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Gator-mom, did you have any EWCM around CD 24?  Please share the link to your chart when you get a chance.  I hope FF is wrong and that you really did O on CD 17!


Ava'sMama, getting closer and closer to that testing date for you!  And I can relate with the issues with a 2.5 year old.... DS goes through phases when he's super cranky and just fussy all the time.  It is always because he's tired, and he just fights his sleep like crazy so he never gets enough sleep it seems.  Sorry your DD is going through a rough phase.  Hang in there!

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Well I stopped checking my CM after I thought I had O'd so it's not very thorough info, but here's my chart:http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/3076f9

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Gator, I still feel like you O'd on CD 17, which would be consistent with last month.  But I am not a charting expert by any means.  Have you thought about POAS?  Is your AF considered late yet?  Sorry, I can't seem to remember if you have regular cycles!


Yes, getting closer and I am so glad I am not temping because I would probably be going crazy.  I am still really edgy and snappy which isn't really like me and pretty lightheaded.  But that could all be in my head.  I had a few light twinges in my uterus yesterday and the day before, but again, I am over analyzing EVERYTHING! 


Had a much better morning with DD and she went to bed easy last night, mama needed that!

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Gator-mom, I agree with Ava'sMama that maybe you should POAS!  Some ladies get a second rise in temperatures after implantation.  Maybe you O'd on CD 17, had an implantation dip on CD 24, and then that second rise in temperatures.  I'm not a chart expert either, though.  Maybe you should post your question and link your chart on a new thread to get more opinions.  There's a gal named Jaimee who is really really good with interpreting charts and replies to a lot of threads that have questions about charts.


Ava'sMama, yay for possible symptoms!  I can't remember- when are you going to test?  I am only 7 dpo and yesterday and today I've had dull cramping (sometimes twinges) really low on my left side.  It is off and on.  I know it's super super early so that's why I know I'm just imagining this (or else it's just caused from something else)!  I was known to do this when TTC #1, so I should know better. shy.gif

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Traci - I think I am about 10 or 11 DPO.  I am not temping, so I just went off of CM, ovulation cramping, and sex drive.  I may test Tuesday if I don't get my AF on Monday. 

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Ok, I have a dollar test.  Maybe I will.  Today would have been 14DPO.  I woke up with cramps and thought fora  sec that I was getting AF but then there was nothing.  It went away after awhile..


Anyway, I'll go test and then let you guys know what it says :)

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Gator - what is your normal LP length?  Looks like August was 11 or 12?  Keep us posted!

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BFN.  Oh well..at least I didn't have time to get my hopes up....

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Sorry gator-mom :(

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