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Sorry as well, Gator Mom..:(  I should be getting AF on Saturday and I'm sure I'll be right there with you!  No signs of anything weird..I'm about 11 DPO (and I really need to stop thinking about it since DH made it clear he wanted to wait a while anyway)  oooooooh well.

Good luck Ava's Mama!!  Don't ever feel like a bad mama...we all have those days :(

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So AF showed today, making this cycle all the more confusing!  I guess I'll just up my Vitex and B complex dose this month and hope that I get a NORMAL cycle this time!! 


Can't wait to see if those of you who are at close to testing time have better news than me this cycle!!

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Right there with you, Gator-mom...woke up to cramps and then lovely AF to start my day.  My cycle seemed pretty normal.  When I looked back, we DTD on the last day of really fertile EWCM, but I remember feeling really bad ovulation pains a few hours before hand so obviously missed that opportunity.  Oh well....what do you take the Vitex and B for...LP? 

Keeping my finger's crossed for you, Ava's Mom and everyone else!

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Yea, it is for prolonging LP, but it is also suppose to help move your O date up..and I have been having really late O days lately.

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Sorry about AFs Gator and Farrah!  I am on CD 26 here, so AF would be expected tomorrow or Monday, but hopefully she stays away.  No major symptoms really.  IF AF is late, I am going to TRY to wait to test til Thursday.  I will keep you posted!

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I'm sorry too for the AFs Gator-mom and FarrahLily. greensad.gif


I am 9 dpo and last cycle my LP was only 10 days, which means I am expecting AF on Monday.  Of course I'm hoping I'm pregnant, but if I'm not, I want to at least get another day out of my LP.

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Hi ladies

Sorry for AF Gator and Farrah

Traci- hope this LP is longer (if you don't get a BFP)

Ava'smama-keep us posted.



I guess most of you are ending a cycle and I am still waiting to O.  I am CD9 here, usually O about day 12.  CP and CM are telling me I am right on schedule.  Did not sleep 3 hours in a row last night, so my temp was messed up this morning.  Hopefully I will sleep well the next few nights and get to see the O dip and rise clearly.  With acupuncture stabilizing my hormones, I'm feel like it is gonna happen one day soon.  Fingers crossed.

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It will definitely happen again, CA Country Girl...That's great that you are doing acupuncture, I've heard so many great things about it helping w/ fertility issues.  Do you usually get an obvious dip the day before O?

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.  I'm a little down about having AF and feel very sensitive when I think about 3 of my close friends that are pregnant and just wish it would come easily to us like it did the first time. 

Oh well, now that I'm on CD2 it's easier..there is always another month to try..I just wish DH would be more on board and enthusiastic about it. I am getting tired of waiting..I think it's the hormones or the "biological clock" that is creating such a "need" for me to have another...

 I think I am going to skip charting this month to give myself a mental break.

Can't wait to hear from Ava's Mom and traci:)  Good luck to you both!


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Ok, I am rooting for you, traci447 and hope we see a turn around for you too, CA Country Girl!! 


FarrahLily79 we are exactly the same right now.  I'm on CD2 also.  My AF went from super heavy right away to just a trickle the next day.  I hope that is not a big deal.  I'm feeling a little un-easy about the randomness of my last cycle!  I'm also on the waiting boat with DH, but it looks like he's ready to get on board full steam ahead in November!  Also, I see in your siggy that you are an RN in NY?  How's the nursing field up there?  I'm in Utah and about to graduate with my BSN this Spring.  I am hoping the job market is open (seems to be getting better here) but also looking at what else is going on in the country!

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AF arrived this morning :( CD 26, the shortest cycle that I have ever had, that I know of.  I really thought I had a chance this month.  Oh well.  Af was so sudden too.  Normally there is some spotting etc, but this just started with normal flow.  Feeling pretty down.  I have liked not charting the past two months because I have been less stressed, but I am wondering if I am missing something because of it.  DH and acupuncturist both think that not temping is best.  I don't know...  Good luck Country girl!

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So sorry, Ava'sMama.  I know you felt good things about this cycle (and I did too).  Just remember that even when timing is perfect, etc. that there's still just a 20-25% chance of pregnancy.  So don't get down on yourself for possibly missing something.  Sometimes it just doesn't happen and it's out of your control.  Sending you hugs! hug2.gif


I tested today at 10 dpo and BFN.  I know it's early, but I believe it.  I'm due for AF tomorrow if my LP is 10 days again, so I'm hoping it won't come until Tuesday or Wednesday to give myself a day or two longer LP!  I'm feeling good things about October for this thread, and it's barely even started yet!  I can just feel it!


We're getting family photos taken this morning so I'm going to enjoy the family I already have and enjoy life. smile.gif

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Farrah- I do usually get dip the day before ovulation.  And I can usually actually feel my temp go up after.  I get hotter when I am sleeping (want less covers).

Ava'smama- Sorry about AF.  I usually have 26 day cycles.  Sometimes it does feel really short, but I guess it is more cycles to try.

Traci- Hope you get a bfp and if not at least a couple days more of LP.

Gator- Thanks for rooting for me.  Hope Utah is in need of RN's.


AFM, spent yesterday evening at the vet.  My one year old german short hair puppy (hyper, hyper dog) ripped his chest open on some barbed wire somewhere up in the woods.  We have tried to clear it all out, but obviously missed some.  He is OK, but it is going to be really hard to keep him chilled out until they take the staples out.  He never wants to sit still.  My DD was a wonderful little helper.  She was upset seeing his injury.  She said, "my heart is upside down", but quickly pulled it together and did everyone she could to help me get him to the vet.  She didn't like letting them take him, but we went out to sushi (a favorite of both of ours.  Unusual for a 5 year old, right?) at a place where it comes around on boats and got ice cream while we waited for him to get stitched up.  DD likes the funny cone over his head, though the puppy hates it.  Although we are down quite a few dollars, I am glad the crazy dog is OK and so proud of having such a calm and helpful big girl,



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That sucks about your dog, CA Country Girl!  Glad your little helper was so good with that..just wanted to say that I have a 4 1/2 yo who also loves sushi!  And its really a funny one for him because he is normally a really picky eater!


CD3 today..still having light AF.  I doubled my dose of Vitex this mo and hoping to get a better looking chart for October!  We will be doing NPNT this mo but Nov the game is ON!  Looking forward to this month dedicated to straightening out my cycles so everything is for sure ready to go in Nov!

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So so sorry as well, Ava's Moma, and I do totally agree with what traci said...so true!  I know what you mean about the temping though, it's nice to know what's going on....I am going to stop this month as well, and my DH agrees...I think they get a little freaked out when we try to control the situation too much.  To be honest...all 4 months I've charted, we timed BDing pretty well and still didn't conceive so I am thinking as well, that it is just not something we can control! 

I feel for you and we'll all be with you for next month! :)

traci, I really hope your LP is longer this month!  Mine was only 11d this time, usually it's 12 or 13. I hope your family pics came out nice :)  I agree...I really and truly feel so blessed to have my little DD and she really helps bring me back to reality when I am feeling down:)

Wow, CA Country Girl...your poor dog!  We are dog lovers as well, and it's just so hard to see them in pain.  Glad you hear he is doing well and that is so cute what your DD said about her heart <3  That is really cool that you are so in tune with your temp! 

Gator-Mom, so glad to hear that DH is going to be on board with you next month.  Hey, maybe you'll get lucky this month anyway:)

The nursing job outlook seems pretty good out here.  I think hospital work is very difficult though.  There are a lot of budget issues and nurses are way overworked.  I left the hospital after 4 years and now I work for an insurance company (I know, I know) but it really works well for our family.  The hours and having weekends/holidays off are great.  There are tons of jobs around here so head up to NY if you have any issues!  I have heard that the midwest have better hospital jobs and that RNs are more satisfied (better patient to RN ratios, $$, etc.)  Good luck!!  Nursing school was waaaay harder then my BS in Zoology!


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Hi ladies! I am all healed up from surgery and I am excited for this cycle to come to a close so we can try again. I am currently on cycle day 27 and hoping and wishing that I don't need a provera invite for AF.

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CA Country Girl-  I'm glad your dog is okay!  I love what your DD said about her heart.  So precious!  It sounds like she was very brave when I'm sure she was so scared.  And what a nice way to spend that time waiting for the dog to get done with the vet.


Gator-mom-  I hope the Vitex does the trick for you and that you're ready to go November!  (but it would sure be nice if the NPNT technique gives you a surprise this month.) smile.gif


Farrahlily-  Your LP length sounds good, even at 11.  I know most say that 10 days is long enough, but being right at the border line just makes me nervous.  The family photo session went pretty good... except I had to deal with grumpy DH during the whole time (he hates getting his picture taken, especially with a professional photographer), and DS didn't want to smile much.  But hopefully there will be some good ones!  I won't get to see the photos for another few weeks.


LillyLady-  Yay!  I'm glad you're back and you're all healed up!  Hope AF shows up for you soon on her own.


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Thanks traci :)

Welcome back LillyLady!

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Hi Gals,


Sorry I have been away, my DH was on vacation so I was trying to get some much needed time in with him.  Had AF last wednesday, getting a basal thermometer tomorrow, and going to actively try this month.  Trying to stay on top of charting. Hoping all goes well for everyone!  I'll try to check in more often this week ;)

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Thanks for the support everyone.  I took it pretty hard this month...probably because I really thought my acupuncturist already knew something I didn't.  Oh well.  DH thinks that we should move DD's bed out of our room and back into her's.  I agree with him, but I told him we have to be on the same page with how we do it (aka I will NOT let her scream in her room alone etc!).  So we will see, he thinks that will help us get pregnant.  It has been raining here for days, so that hasn't helped my mood.  Hoping for sun soon!  Cd3 here. 

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Welcome back, darlawoods!


Ava'sMama- your acupuncturist said he felt good about the next two months, right???  smile.gif  I hope October is the month for you, and for all of us!

Oh, and Ava'sMama- I just noticed that we share the same wedding anniversary, but DH and I were married one year earlier.  July 31st is a good day. winky.gif )


I am 12 dpo today, and happy that I have at least an 11 day LP this cycle.  I had a tiny bit of spotting last night with EWCM (which is very normal for me before AF), so I expect to see AF's lovely face today sometime.

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