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Originally Posted by ohmother View Post

 I also have to ask you all do you feel coffee is really off limits when trying to conceive?  I drink coffee every morning . DO I really need to give it up? No sugar, a pinch of skim milk do I have to give it up just incase?  Be brutally honest I am a big girl I can take it.:)

You know I've heard different opinions about drinking coffee before you get pregnant and while you are pregnant.  I've read some articles that say you should give up all caffeine and I've read others that say a cup or two doesn't hurt.  I've never been able to kick the habit during TTC or while pregnant.  I've just cut back. I'm usually a 3 cup a day gal but cut back to one.  I NEED my coffee even if it's  just one cup.  I know that doesn't really answer your question but in my case it has not affected my ability to get pregnant in the past.



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When I was TTCing #1 I was drinking coffee. I am currently drinking 1 6 oz cup per day. But I don't even ovulate so probably best to do the opposite of what I am doing! smile.gif

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ohmother-  How long is your LP?  Days with spotting before AF are considered "low quality luteal phase days" and sometimes it can be a sign of low progesterone if your LP is on the short side.  But if your LP is long enough with days of no spotting then it should be fine.  I'm certainly not an expert though- just what I've read on the internet and mostly these boards. :)  I have never drank coffee, so can't help with that.  But I have heard that the caffeine in the coffee is the problem that can interfere with fertility and it's best to cut it completely out of your diet or at least cut back on how much caffeine you're consuming.


Ava'sMama-  Hmm sure seems like shouldn't be anything preventing you from Oing now.  Fingers crossed for you that O happens soon.


AFM,  I'm a mommy of a 3 year old now... DS's birthday is today.  He is growing up way too fast!  I think O happened either Monday or Tuesday, except fertility friend is saying it was Sunday.  Please take a look and tell me what you think:

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mamaforever - I agree with you, I would say Tuesday, since your CM coincides with temp spike!

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Hi everyone! Thanks for the welcomes...

I think now we're on the waiting game for the rest of my cycle... CD27 is January 8th. oy!

It's uncanny, when I got pregnant with our first, it was exactly 3 years ago! We conceived around December 15, and I remember testing and testing over New Year's weekend. This time I know better! Plus I'm not yet feeling the inexplicable pregnancy symptoms that I had last time that were driving me crazy before I even had a positive test...


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Okay, I just went and looked at my charts for the past few months and I've been getting positive ovulation tests on either day 16 or 17 (it was day 17 for two months then day 16 for two months after that). I'm on day 14, so ovulation should, based on my recent history, occur either on Saturday or Sunday. I think my main issue is timing. So ladies... Tell me when to have sex! LOL!!! Tonight, Saturday, and Sunday? Tonight, tomorrow, Saturday?
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Jessica - Yes, have sex Today through Monday!!  Get going like bunnies!


AFM - CD28 and I finally got crosshairs and FF put them at CD25.  I think that it should be at CD21, based on temp and CM, so that is a little annoying.  I guess I am just hoping that my LP lasts a while. [url=http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/32d812/]My Ovulation Chart[/url]

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Ava'sMama-  Yes, I would say CD 21 or 22 because of the CM.  You can override FF's ovulation day and coverline yourself if it annoys you too much!  I like to change it if I don't agree with FF. :)  I'm so glad that O happened for you this cycle!


JessicaRenee-  I agree with Ava'sMama to try and DTD everyday if you can now through Monday!  If that's too much, then I say Friday, Saturday, Sunday.  Happy BDing! :)


Zoe-  I hope December is your lucky month as it was 3 years ago!  Good luck.


AFM- I am either 2 or 3 dpo.  I am a little worried about my temps being low so far in my LP... and I just hope they slowly increase so I can feel like my hormones are working properly.  I usually have a nice temp jump immediately after O, and I don't have that this time so it worries me a little.



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mamaforever - I hope your temps rise :) I did the manual override, do you think that looks ok?  I wasn't exactly sure where to put the horizontal coverline :/


AFM - CD29, 8 DPO (I think).  Temps are still rising, this is certainly an intriguing cycle!

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Well I never got my period but tested again and it was neg. So I made an ob appt  to talk about what has been going on and see what he suggests. Very disappointing. We  really thought we were.

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Ava'sMama-  both lines look good to me. :)  Good luck!  My temp did rise today so I'm glad... I hope it continues rising.


ohmother-  Sorry about the neg test. :(  How many dpo are you?  Is it possible that you're pregnant and it's still too early to get a + on a test?  Are you still spotting?  Please keep us updated with what you find out at the dr.

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 I have no idea. lol I spotted on 24th,25th nothing the 26th the 27th  and nothing since. Only the 24th was even really anything to mention.  But I have not temp charted this month since I had been getting up with my son around 4 am  which I thought would mess up my temps. SO I really have no clue what is going on.  Something to mention also is I have never completely dried up from nursing  even though it has been 5 yrs since I nursed my daughter.  My last OB thought this was nothing but I switched OB's and want to hear  what the new doc seems to say. 
Should I start charting temps now?BTW?

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ohmother - whenever I have had postive pregnancy tests it has been 16 or 17 DPO.  Charting your temps may help to have a better handle on what is going on.

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Ava's mama- your rising temps are verrrry exciting, can't wait to see what the rest of your cycle is like.


Oh mother- sounds like a very confusing cycle, i can relate. I wonder what the new OB will have to say. Keep us posted.

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ohmother-  I hope you get some answers from your new OB!  Do you have an appt. scheduled yet?


AFM,  I am 4 dpo.  I just found out that my fish oil supplement has rosemary extract in it.  Isn't rosemary supposed to be avoided during pregnancy?  I'm pretty mad about it since this particular kind was recommended for pregnant women and it was expensive!  I think I will pick something else up today.  I have a problem with not gagging when I take ones that smell/taste like fish (I don't eat seafood and I just get so sick to my stomach with just the smell!) so I can't pick just any kind of fish oil supplement.  My sister has this same problem and she found a good supplement called Mega Red that does not have any taste or smell and does not make you burp, so I will get that today.  She is 15 weeks pregnant so that makes me feel better to take that too.


Have a Happy New Year everyone!  We are having DS's birthday party tomorrow so it will be a fun day.

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Question: If my period's a little longer than normal will I ovulate later? Usually it just tapers off with a little spotting for a day or so but this time the spotting went on for about 3 days.
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JessicaRenee-  I have had cycles when I have a couple more days of spotting at the end of AF and my ovulation was still right on time.  The spotting at the end of AF is always old blood for me and sometimes I think it just takes longer to completely come out in some cycles.  If you had more days of red bleeding than usual, then I would guess it may delay O a little bit, but I'm not sure!

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JessicaRenee- I really have no answer based on anything more than stories I've heard or read. That said, I think mama forever is right. I have been doing castor oil packs in an attempt to help make my uterus more efficient. I have had some spotting since getting my (hormonal) iud out and in an attempt to help myself I started doing the castor oil 3 x/wk, drinking raspberry leaf everyday among other things. 


I think it has helped. I am really excited because I started my first real AF post iud and it was 28 days after my first sort of half period that I had assumed was withdrawal bleeding, but now am not so sure. 

The most amazing thing is that last night (AF hadn't shown and I have read so many horror stories about irregular cycles post mirena I was feeling really down) DH asked me what was wrong. I told him I wanted to be pregnant. I said after AF finally shows I want to put the condoms away. He smiled and said "really?" I said yes and there was more smiling and cuddling. Then this AM AF appeared! I am so happy!

So here I am at CD1, officially TTC #2!!

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Mamaforever- I would try to return them!

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Agggghh! Cycle Day 17 and 5th day in a row with a negative ovulation test. greensad.gif
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