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Aw sorry about the BFN, Gator-mom.  I'm glad you have high spirits about it though!  I hope you get that BFP in about a month!  smile.gif


Hi pregnova!  Sounds like our stories are similar.  My DS is also a December 2008 baby and my husband also took a long time to be ready to try for #2!  I've been wanting to TTC #2 since January, but now he's finally saying we can start TTC next cycle.  I didn't want to be too pushy with him, but it's hard when I want another baby soooo much!  Good luck to you!


BeachLove, I hope that decreasing the nursing with your DD hasn't been too tough.  And I hope that it helps get your cycles back on track!

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Hi everyone, I am just hanging out waiting to test or waiting for AF, today is CD 23, so approximately 9 DPO.


PurelyMama...did you test??


Who would have thought this little thread would get so much actiivity?!

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Yes I know, you started quite the thread, Ava'sMama!  I hope you get your BFP in about 5 days or so!  Sending you lots of baby dust.

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love the thread! Hope there's a BFP in this cycle!


Traci447, sounds like we DO have a lot in common. I'm afraid it's been VERY hard for me not to be pushy, but we're finally in this together! Yay!

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Gator-mom - Sorry about your BFN. Sounds like you had an awesome 30th!! Lots of babydust for this next cycle!

Traci447 - thanks for asking!

I'm still in a bit of a state of shock.... I got a BFP! It's not quite as dark as I remember with my DS, but it showed up right away. Here's to hoping it's sticky!!! smile.gif
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biggrinbounce.gif YAY PurelyMama!  SOOO happy for you!!

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YAY!  PurelyMama!  Such great news! 


I am a little crampy, kind of like AF is coming, but I am on 10 DPO, so maybe implantation?  Guess I won't know until next week!

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[url=http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/2ffda5]My Ovulation Chart[/url]



I am hoping I shared my chart the right way, but I am fairly hopeful this cycle. This is my second cycle using 50 mg of clomid days 3-7. During my first cycle af came at what would have been CD26. The next cycle ended unexpectedly at CD 17, which puts me to the third month since being prescribed the clomid. I have one more cycle worth of clomid and if we don't get our BFP we will be testing my progesterone to see if I need to up the clomid. We also will be doing a SA  around the same time. I think my chart looks great my temp has stayed up after ovulation. What do you think?


Congrats to the new expectant mommies!

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Lillylady - Your link  didn't work.  When you are viewing your chart underneath there is a link that says "Share" click that and then copy and paste the link for message boards

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Congrats PurelyMama!!! Yay for a BFP!

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Congratulations, purelymama!


Thanks for asking, traci447, the "partial-weaning" is going really well. DD is barely even asking for milk during the day, and she doesn't seem like she's been affected for the worse in any way. She does try to "milk it" (bad pun, I know!) at the end of naptime, though. I lay down with her at naptime and either sleep or read and she basically lays on me, latched on but only suckling here and there, while she sleeps. But lately when she wakes up she's been lazy about getting up!


I went to the health food store today and got some vitex capsules and red raspberry leaf tea. And I got an adjustment at the chiropractor this afternoon. So hopefully, all will come together for me and soon!!


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Congrats PurelyMama!! Way to go, getting it on your first try!  joy.gif

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So glad that partial weaning is going well, BeachLove!  I hope the Vitex and Red Raspberry Leaf help your cycles as well!


LillyLady05, your chart is looking good!  Your link doesn't work, but I figured it out by taking off the last portion of the web address... so your correct link would be http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/2ffda5 


Ava'sMama, I'm hoping you get good news as well!

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Looks good traci447!!  Crossing my fingers for you!

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Thanks everybody!! Hopefully I'm just the first of many for this thread. I thought for sure it would take a little longer, and I was ready for a longer amount of time to just enjoy trying hahaha smile.gif

Traci447 and Ava's Mom - keeping my fingers crossed for you both!
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Sorry for the confusion- the link I posted was LillyLady's chart because her link didn't work.  So cross your fingers for her not me!!!  thumb.gif  No chance of pregnancy for me this cycle because there was no BDing going on greensad.gif  (some chickening out on DH's part and also we wanted to make sure my new insurance plan with maternity coverage was all good to go).  I'm only 4 dpo so just waiting patiently for AF to arrive so I can get this TTC journey started already.  I'm just hoping that my LP is at least 11 days... I'm taking extra vitamin B6 to hopefully help with this!


PurelyMama- I know what you mean about wanting to "enjoy trying"!  But that's so great that it happened so quickly for you!  I hope I can have the same good luck next cycle.... I would love to have a summer baby this time with my first child being a winter baby (and having a birthday right smack between Christmas and New Years at that!).  But we'll see!

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Here's to hoping for a Summer Baby! :-)

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Thanks for helping me figure it out! I have never shared my chart anywhere before so I had no clue. Is anyone else nearing the end of the TWW and dying to test? I know I am, but I am being a chicken because I don't want to see a BFN.

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I should be nearing the time for AF to arrive.  I think something like the end of this coming week? BUT, Idk, I'm pretty sure we missed our window as DP didn't commit to ttc until I already felt as though I'd ovulated...so...we'll see. On one interesting note, if we DID somehow manage it this cycle, we'd probably have a high chance at another boy...since male sperm swim faster. lol


Mostly, I'm waiting for AF to arrive so that we can time it better the next cycle!

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Where TTC redface.gif got 4 faint positives ... yay ...  1 day late faint poitive started after that normal five days and flow. when i tested now draker positive and quicker results but still faint positive. So we have no idea..sulkoff.gif

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