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mamaforever - Thanks for the info!  I am in the same boat as Simonsez2u - only was able to BD 2 days before what I was guessing could be O.  I only noticed EWCM one day (2 days later) and I was too sick to get going! 


JessicaRenee - thanks for the link!  I haven't checked it out yet but will today for sure.


And here I am obsessing already.  I have been using FF for about 7 months now to just track cycles so I am glad I at least have that data.  I am about to become a nut about this so I am glad to have you ladies to share with because I want to tell everyone - probably not such a great idea! 

I can picture myself thinking everything in the world is a symptom during the 2ww.  Must distract myself...


Thanks all!

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 Welcome everyone.  Congrats on getting your period and weight loss.  Best of luck to everyone.  Thank you so much for that link on utube going to check it out later.

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Hi Everyone - Well, I POAS this morning and I got a HPT :)  Maybe my 2012 baby and Family of 4 (or 5) that I put on our vision board worked really fast!  Anyways, I am trying to think positive thoughts.  My breasts are sore and I have noticed an intense sense of smell for over a week (which i do not remember with DD).  I honestly just want to fast forward 12 weeks.  I need to go to the store today, so I am going to buy some more tests, just to make sure.

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Hey laides, checking in on all of you :) Seeing that many of you are doing well, Sad to see Gator mom go for a while greensad.gif but I understand why. So here's the story for all you ladies who know what's up winky.gif Around christmas time a friend of my husbands came over and was chatting about our neighbors (they have a baby that is one year younger than my daughter) and he asked if they wanted any more. DH said NO!! but I interjected and said Matt really really wants one and he is working to get Tiffany on board and I think she is just about there and ready to have another one, so actually they are working on it. Friends says ahhh yea getting the baby fever of wanting another LO to which I said, I want another one...Hubby laughed. A good laugh ROTFLMAO.gifthough so it made me wonder if he was retreating in his ways...so we are out to breakfast the other day and there is a new baby at a table near us and I was all googly eye'd over it and I made the comment that I want another one and he said yes!!! jumpers.gif to say the least I am exstatic. He did say he wanted to wait a while (Like next december because the end of the world is coming...lol that of course was...i hope...a joke) Either way I'm back and hoping to get a new baby in 2012. I would really like to lose a few pounds before then so I am okay if it takes a while, but here I am!!!

AvasMama- I hope it was a fluke and you get a BFP...I am assuming you meant to write BFN instead of HPT but let us know either way.


I should be starting a new cycle this weekend- yippee to AF...and welcome to all the new ppl in here. I hope it's a short stay for a LOT of you!!!

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grateful stella - welcome back.  No I meant BFP (got my lingo mixed up).  It was actually a ditigal test so I got a "Pregnant" :)

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This has to be short because I'm getting ready for work, but....


joy.gif Yay Ava'sMama!!!!!!  SOOOO exciting!  I will send lots of sticky vibes your way!


gratefulstella-  What wonderful news!  I truly believed he would come around on his own time!  I'm so happy for you!

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WOW!! AVA's MOM!! That's fantastic! Crazy cycle did it, eh?! Wow, congrats to you!! That's so great. Did you know about it before you put it up on your board?! winky.gif J/k That's so great!! It's so great to hear that yes, even after trying and feeling unsure, it does happen!


Hello new ladies!


That's great GratefulStella!


Mamaforever, cycle buddy, how are you doing? Glad your temps went up! That looks really good!


AFM I'm digging into my giant bag of Wondfos already. Such a dork! My DH was like, "So did you test?" last night after having been  home for a few hours. I said of course and he asked if it was positive. I thought it was so funny he thought I might have tested positive and just kept it to myself! So, I might trick myself into thinking that there's a line there... but - there's really not. It's nice having the cheapies, though, so I don't feel a loss at these early BFNs.

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jpack - haha, no i didn't know before putting it on the vision board, in fact I was ready to move on to the next cycle knowing that I had 3 more months to get that 2012 baby.  So, I guess putting it out of my mind may have helped AND DTD a lot becasue I had no idea what was going on with my cycle!

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Yay!!! Congratulations that's wonderful news Ava's Mama sending you sticky vibes.

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jpack-  I'm doing pretty good!  :)  I was feeling hopeful the last couple days because I thought I was experiencing some possible pg symptoms, but woke up this morning with a little temp dip and not feeling as hopeful.  I'm only 9 or 10 dpo though so I know it's still early.  If I'm not pg, then I want to at least see a decent LP length!  You are brave for testing this early.... I am so scared to see BFNs even if it's too early to normally see a positive anyway.  Good luck to you!

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Congrats Ava's Mama!  That's so exciting!

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Thanks Everyone.  I went to see my homeopath this morning and she has a suspision that I am further along than just 4/5 weeks.  This is just based on my wonky cycles the past few months.  She wants me to schedule a dating ultrasound.  I do not quite buy into it, but I would like to have an ultrasound for peace of mind.  I called the home birth midwife that I would like to have for my next birth and left a message, but I may call the midwives that I used for DD to see if they can get me in.  I held off on calling them because I have a feeling they will make me come in for an appointment with them first.

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AVA"S MAMA- I am SOOO EXSTATIC for you!!!! jumpers.gif STICKY VIBES goodvibes.gifyour way!!!!! Enjoy it! LOL when I saw your post I was hoping you meant BFP but just in case I didn't want to say it...and honestly that specific post had an excitement about it so I thought that it might have been that but still wasn't sure...YEA!!!



Forevermama- I am so glad he came around. How funny because I had just resolved to do me this year lol.gif which I think I might still...I am doing a "biggest loser" challenge at work (I'm not huge but definitely could find myself on a winning team) and that goes for 3 months so honestly I am hoping to not get pg in that time frame. I think that losing weight might help with my short LP - I just started today (TMI, but horrible cramps starting now!!) and that is 2 DAYS EARLY!!! Yikes, and my typical LP has only been 10 days lately...greensad.gif.



Well ladies have a great day, love watching the progress and POAS like crazy with you all!!!

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Hey, just peeked over here and had to say congrats to Ava's Mama!!!!!joy.gifjoy.gifWhat a happy ending to your tumultuous cycle!!


Also congrats to gratefulstella on your TTC adventure!! 


So far this cycle we are pretty much avoiding..which is seeming to bring stress levels down in the house (DH is just about as anxious about this semester as I am!) 

I do my first set of graves this Monday and Tuesday..so we'll see how that goes.  I'm honestly kind of relieved I'm not doing this rotation while pg..I think that could make a ugly situation impossible!!

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Good luck Gator-mom, sounds like you made the right choice and I'm glad the stress is lower!


Again, congrats Ava's mom and I'm so glad for you. Good luck getting in for the u/s. I hope you get lots of comfort out of it!


Mamaforever, I am OF COURSE regretting all the POAS. I totally thought I might have had something yesterday am (in fact the 2nd line is still totally there) but I'm convinced now (after a bunch of blatant BFNs that it was just evap). Oh well. I've got my FXed for you, though!! And I'm totally with you on the LP length!! For me, having some freakishly long LP (Like 14 or -gasp- 15 days... ) would actually make me just about as happy as a BFP. Maybe I'd feel a sense of control. AFM I think I'm unreasonably terrified of IF. Thanks mamaforever for helping me come to that realization in my response to you! om.gif ...winky.gif

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Hi everyone!

Maybe this thread is giving some good vibes... because I just got 2 lines on my POAS this morning!!

I'm feeling pretty scared right now... but it's all good. It was just very fast, just like with #1. First month trying, again!

(If anyone is wondering, the only things I can chalk it up to ( besides genetics) is a pretty healthy diet, weekly yoga, and acupuncture.)

So... time to call the homebirth midwife I wanted the first time, but she was on maternity leave! Is it wacky to call her so soon? I hope not, I'm a little desperate to get her.



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Wow!  Congratulations Zoeart!  I hope your right about the good vibes!

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Congrats, Zoeart!!!!!  biggrinbounce.gif Sending sticky vibes!  Yay for another BFP on this thread!


Ava'sMama-  Interesting that you may be further along.  Your chart seems pretty clear to me that you O'd on CD 21 so I'm very curious about that.... but please keep us updated with what you find out.  Continued sticky vibes to you.  Congrats again!!!


Gratefulstella-  Sounds like a good plan with the biggest loser.  I will be rooting for you!  And that would be so great if it helps your LP length too!


Gator-mom-  Thanks for popping in.  I'm glad you are feeling good about your decision and that it's lowering your stress level.  Good luck with your first round of graves!


jpack-  Hi cycle buddy!  Well after I posted yesterday to you about POAS, I actually got myself to do it too.... BFN of course!  Aw well, I know it was really really early to test.  The possible second line you got on one of your tests.... was it pink color?  Aren't evap lines always gray?  Hopefully that test wasn't a fluke!


Simonsez-  Hello to my other cycle buddy. :)  I hope you're doing better than me during this terrible 2WW!


AFM, tested yesterday am (not with FMU) and BFN on 9 dpo (I can't believe I got myself to do it this early)... was I really expecting a BFP on only 9 dpo and not with FMU???  But I want to get a progesterone test immediately after I get a BFP so that was my motivating factor to test so early.  I am 10 dpo today and the "symptoms" I was having seem to have disappeared.  Other things today are just feeling tired, and a little like I'm getting a cold.  I'm not feeling so hopeful anymore!  Tomorrow is the day I need to look out for implantation spotting since all 3 times I've become pregnant I've had implantation spotting on exactly 11 dpo.  If I have spotting tomorrow it could also be the start of AF though!

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I am going in on Monday to have an HCG blood draw.  If the numbers are high then they will schedule an ultrasound, if not that high I will have another blood draw on thursday to get an estimate of how far along I am.  Either way, it will be nice to see rising numbers or an ultrasound for peace of mind :)

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Mamaforever- The 2WW drives me crazy.  Wondering and trying to decipher each little twinge in my breast and pull in my pelvis is exhausting.

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