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Can't wait to hear Ava'sMama! I'm getting one today, too! So great, MAMAFOREVER! Thanks ladies, thanks Gator mom! Good luck Simonsez (btw, im on my iphone and autocorrect just turned your handle into sumo sex!!! Hahaha how ridiculous!!) and JessicaRenee. I guess there's a reason that September is the most popular month on the L&D floor! 

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Originally Posted by jpack View Post

I guess there's a reason that September is the most popular month on the L&D floor! 

Everyone's celebrating Christmas! wink1.gif
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I cannot believe all of these BFPs! Maybe this is a "lucky" thread? Congrats to all. I am excited to hear about your appointments. Love to see those first wonderful u/s if any of you would like to share. 

Is there anything any of you did this month that you attribute to conceiving? I am on CD 10 and getting very excited and a little nervous about ovulating soon! Thanks in advance.

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So happy for all those who got their BFPs!!! I'm excited - got my package from saveontests in the mail today so at the end of this cycle, the obsessing can begin. wink1.gif. I was shocked at the cost of a single home pregnancy test last time I was at the drug store (I'm in Canada). I ordered 25 tests online for the same price it would cost me to buy just one at the drug store. Crazy!
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 Well the doc put me on clomid  so fingers crossed this helps . I went through this 12 yrs ago and it worked. I am figuring March being Lucky. 2whistle.gif That would be awesome.. COngrats again to all and lucky wishes to all who still need.

 I ordered a bunch of tests online super cheap too. Big difference, big savings.  I agree  lol Let the obsessing begin too funny but too true. What makes it worse is my hubby is as bad as I am. I hope this is a lucky thread everyone it seems at my church of fertile age is prego. Babies everywhere. Is it like when you buy a new car you see that make and model every where or are they really just new babies everywhere all of a sudden?

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ohmother - I totally know what you mean about babies everywhere.  I think there has literally been a baby born every day since December among my facebook friends!!


AFM - I called and got the HCG results and it was 1019 which is right where it would be based on my last period (December 2).  I go in tomorrow for my second blood draw and from that they can better determine a "Due Date".  Feeling more optimistic each day :)

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OhMother--I hope the Clomid does the trick and March is lucky for you.  I know what you mean about big savings on test.  I just got turned on to the Dollar Tree test thanks to this site.  Makes my crazy POAS obsession much more budget friendly.  I don't know if that's good or bad.  That's sweet that your hubby is as bad as you.


Ava's Mama--That's wonderful news!


AFM:  I had some pink spotting this evening.  I'm guessing it's AF.  I have never been so glad to start my period!  Bring on a new cycle! Whoot Whoot! 


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ohmother-  I also hope that clomid does the trick for you!  I hope we hear some BFP news from you soon!


Rain-  I think a combination of great BD timing, laying down for at least 20 min. after a BD, taking Vitamin B6 to lengthen my luteal phase, eating healthy, and just being "extra fertile" because of just having a m/c in Nov. all helped me get pg this month.  Good luck to you this cycle!


hibiscus-  I know, it is crazy how much lower dollar store tests and internet cheapies are!  I will never use one of those expensive brands ever again!


Simonsez-  Glad to hear you are excited for AF- we don't hear that too often! ;)  It's going to be your lucky cycle- I can just feel it!


Ava'sMama-  Sounds like a great number!  Yay!


jpack-  Hope you're having a good time in Florida right now!  Did you get into the doctor before you left?


AFM, I never got a callback yesterday from my doctor after I left message because I wanted my progesterone checked.  And then yesterday and today I had some brown spotting (very typical of me during pregnancy) but it still worried me.... so today I decided to be the "annoying lady who keeps calling" and I got through- yeah!  I just have to do what I have to do, right?!  So I got my progesterone and hCG level tested today.  Dr. says my progesterone is really good at 24.  Does this sound like a good number to all of you?  My hCG level was good too for being exactly 4 weeks pregnant!  I go in on Friday for another hCG level - hoping for it to have at least doubled!

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Hello everyone, I hope it's okay that I join.  I'm Meagan (22), mama to Addi who will be 4 in March and me and Dh are going to start TTC #2 my next cycle which should start next Thursday.  I am really excited but really nervous because Dh is saying he will give me one cycle and one cycle only to get a BFP.  His reasoning is we are young (which we are) and we both said we never wanted to have kids before we were 25-28 anyway.  I told him he ruined that when he knocked me up at 18 lol, I don't want Dd and her closest sibling to be 10 years apart.


So now I am left praying and hoping that everything goes right and I get a BFP next cycle.   Oh, and researching everything I can do to try and improve my chances (I already chart for TTA and have started taking B6 because for the last few months I have almost no EWCM).


Nice to meet everyone :)

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Welome Addi!  wishing you lots of luck this cycle!

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Welcome addi, SO glad to hear about your good numbers mamaforever (and Ava's mama!)!  Thanks, but actually, I got my beta taken before I left. At 13 dpo hcg was only 20. So... :( I can't get it rechecked until I get back next Monday. I'm not holding my breath, if you know what I mean. Sorry for the short note- on my phone.

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Welcome addiluvmommy!  Hoping that it only takes that one cycle for you to get your BFP!


jpack-  Sending lots and LOTS of positive and sticky vibes to you... you must be really scared - I'm so sorry your beta was not as reassuring. hug.gif  Hoping and hoping and hoping that you get a good big number on Monday.

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Negative. guilty.gif
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Hey Ladies - I got my second beta results and it was 2300, so it more than doubled.  They see no reason for an early ultrasound, so now I just have to "patiently" wait to hear a heart beat in 4 weeks or so.

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Yeah Ava's Mama and Mamaforever!

So happy for you. Stick little babies!  Stick!

Looking forward to seeing your names in the pregnancy threads. 


AFM- 16 weeks now and looking pregnant.  Only a few weeks left until we know what gender of little person we will be welcoming in June.

My daughter is really excited about being a big sis but she thinks it is taking too long.

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Just got a BFN this morning.  Still 4 days before AF, but I am not feeling too optimistic.  Now I am really motivated - look out DH winky.gif

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Originally Posted by Jend1002 View Post

Just got a BFN this morning.  Still 4 days before AF, but I am not feeling too optimistic.  Now I am really motivated - look out DH winky.gif

I'm right here with ya! I haven't tested yet, but I'm due Tues also.
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jimblejamble-  So sorry. greensad.gif Could you have tested too early?


Jend-  Sorry about your BFN too but hoping it was just too early.


jpack-  Thinking of you and sending lots of sticky vibes to you.  I know you're concerned about your hCG level, but it was taken at only 13 dpo, right?  I really want to hear a good big number from you on your next blood test!


Ava'sMama-  Yay for good numbers!  I hear ya about ''patiently" waiting for the heartbeat!


CACountryGirl-  Thank you!  So good to hear from you and glad you are doing good!


AFM, I had my second beta and progesterone test today.  My beta shot through the roof... quadrupling in 72 hours.  I know I should feel confident with that, but I have also heard that hCG rising too quickly can be a sign of a problem.  It also seems high for being 4 weeks 3 days along.  I'm trying my best not to "dr google" myself!  As far as the progesterone level, it went down.  It was 24 on Tuesday and today it was 19.  My dr. wasn't concerned because it's still above 10 and she says that it is expected to go down when my hCG level goes up (NEVER heard this- actually have heard the opposite that it should increase!), This really worries me!  She doesn't seem to think that progesterone supplements would do anything and she thinks I'm worrying too much.  So I have taken matters into my own hands and started natural progesterone cream today.  I feel better about it and I really don't care what my dr. says anymore.  I think I might even try and find a new doctor.



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mamaforever-I think as long as you have thought your decision through than it is the right one for you.  No matter how much they want us to think it,(most of the time) we do know our bodies better than our doctors do.  I hope you continue to get good news about your betas to ease your worrying.  I have heard (although I admit I do not know much about betas except in a 'normal' pregnancy they are supposed to double after a certain amount of days) that your betas rising more than they should could mean your carrying multiples, maybe that could explain it?

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Originally Posted by mamaforever View Post

jimblejamble-  So sorry. greensad.gif Could you have tested too early?

I got a test that tests up to 6 days early. I took it 3 days early. Not even a hint of a faint line.
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