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ohmother- Could you ask your doctor to do a blood draw just in case before you start your next round of clomid?  It would be good for peace of mind if anything.


jimblejamble- Good luck!

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 I will in a few days.I think I am going to wait to see if I get another line on a test. I sent a pic to my hubby and he thinks he sees one even in a phone pic.  But we are just not sure. I never get good lines in the beginning . 

 I am also a homeschool mom John16n33.

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IMG_0972.JPGThe blue is ov stripIMG_0974.JPGSo u tell if you see anything?

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Hello Ladies!!!!

So they moved where I work and where I am now I get little time on the computer- besides that the computers are slower than molasses! So I will be on here infrequently but still checking in :D

AVASMAMA- YIPPEEE!!!!!!!!! I am so glad it is sticking- after all that we have all gone through since you first started this thread! Glad/exstatic/happy/JUMPING for JOY for you! Stick and Stay baby!


MAMAFOREVER- OMG that is so awesome you got a BFP with GREAT looking numbers! Twins would be interesing ;) Hoping a HH9 months! And I think its great that you are following your instincts and telling your doctor to stick it- there is a reason you are worried...DUH! You just do what you do- because like others have said- you know your body better than ANY doctor!


JPACK- I truly am sorry. mamaforever and I went through that last year (mine before hers, I m/c at about 6 wks in Sept last year...bummer) and boy did it suck. Can't say that I am a fan whether it be quick at 4 wks or later ...(BTW God obvioulsy knew I couldn't handle it later. I can't imagine carrying something for a long period of time and then having that beautiful child taken away :(  ) All I can say is you aren't alone- so feel free to vent here :) which i know you know but still...


AFM- Hoping this is the month and trying so very hard NOT to symptom spot. We BD'd on a good day- my LP seems to be about 10 days, I am due for AF on 2 Feb (hopefully she stays away). Oddly 3 days after bding (TMI ALERT TMI ALERT!!) I had a "blob" of red flecks in really snotty like CM- not sure if that was a good sign or not but thinking it was WAYY to early for implantation bleeding...either way we shall see where this month takes me FX for all!!!! 

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Gratefulstella! I feel like a kindred spirit reading your signature - if I'm reading it right. I'm military too and my husband's a SAHD.

My period is due any day now but fingers are crossed she doesn't show. I still don't seem to be having any fertile quality CM, tho. greensad.gif. My temps are bizarre too. I sort of expected this because I only stopped taking the pill at the end of November.

I think I'll hold off on testing until Sunday. Don't want to get my hopes up.
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hibiscus mom & gratefulstella- Good luck! I hope this is y'alls month.


AFM- I am still waiting to o lol, not much has changed except Dh told me last night that after next week (when we have confirmed o) he doesn't think he is going to want to bd for a long time lol.  Our friend is watching Dd tonight so we can have a date night and bd 'without any inhibitions' as she put it.  I'm looking forward to it!

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When we tried the first time it took about a month.  We have been trying for 4 months + now and nothing.  I found out I had a TSH level of 10.4  so now I am on levothyroxine.  I don't even know where to start for help trying to conceive.  I usually do my research on everything that interests me however I feel just discouraged and withdrawn on this now. 

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ohmother-  I actually think I might see a second line on your hCG tests - I am excited for you!  Please keep us updated.


gratefulstella-  Hey!  Thanks so much for the congrats.... things are going good so far.  I am crossing my fingers and toes for you this cycle!  How exciting that you BDed on a good fertile day this cycle!!!!!


jpack-  I chart-stalked you from the One Thread and it looks like you are about to O!  Good luck!  I know you will get a sticky little bean very soon.


Ava'sMama-  Yay for a healthy heartbeat!  Can I ask when they predict your due date to be?  I'm just curious about when your O day actually was since your cycle was quite confusing.  I'm so happy for you for a sticky little bean!


Crossing my fingers and toes for all the rest on this thread!  I'm sitting here very nauseous and would do more personals if I felt better... sorry.  But I'm sending fertile vibes to everyone!


AFM-  I am 6.5 weeks and next Friday is my first prenatal appointment with my new midwife.  I'm hoping for an early ultrasound, but I'm not positive they will do one.  I've been extremely nauseous, with some vomiting..... pretty much the same as when I was pregnant with DS but maybe not quite as bad.  We plan to tell family next weekend if all goes well at my appointment on Friday.  I'm still taking the natural progesterone cream 3x per day even though the smell of it makes me instantly sick!  I believe I need it so it's very worth it.

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//mamaforever - My due date is actually 9/7/12 based on the ultrasound and my LMP.  So I am 8 weeks now, so my chart was wacky and completely wrong!  According to my chart I O'd 10 days later than I actually did.  So strange.  We did DTD through that who time period, but it is still pretty crazy because I definitely did not think that I would get pregnant last month with that strange cycle.

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Good morning everyone.  :)  I got a very faint squinter line on one of my internet cheapie tests.  My husband saw the faint line too.  I'm not getting my hopes up too much because, like I mentioned, I feel like I've had no fertile quality cervical fluid the past two cycles.  I'll test again tomorrow morning and see if it gets darker.  My chart isn't giving me an O date (probably because I'm not inputting anything under CM) but i think I'm probably 7 or 8 DPO based on past cycles.

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Hello everyone.  I am getting so frustrated with my body right now. Usually my temps stay pretty close together until I O but this month they are all over the place, anywhere from 96.90 to 97.7.  I guess it figures the month I get to TTC is the month my temps act wacky.

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John 16n33, I'm sorry you're frustrated about your temps. Yeah, it's weird how some months are crazy and others are so smooth! I don't think it means all that much, though - just ask Ava's mom winky.gif I hope it works for you! Oh, and I'm not sure if you were the one asking about this, but for EWCM, I read on here somewhere that raw carrots help. I felt like before TTC I often noticed plenty of it, and then the first few months TTC -- when I was looking for it -- it seemed much less than I remembered. Thing is, I used to eat raw carrots all the time, like apples - just munch on them. But I hadn't for those first few months TTC. Then, last month and this month I made a point of it and WOW - big difference. Of course, who knows what's what, but it's an easy try. If this month isn't luck for you, maybe give it a try the week up to O next cycle?!


Congrats Hibiscus mom!! That's very exciting!...


Ava's mom, so interesting about your chart! So glad it worked for you, though! Good thing you can get some clarity now (funny though).


Samantha, I'm sorry you feel bummed! There's so much info to be learned in this community, though, and so many women who support each other. The first month we actively tried, I was surprised it didn't work, the second I was really bummed. But learning from women who have tried for a long time and seeing so many of them get pregnant is really helpful to me. I'm into my fifth cycle actively trying with great timing (after a couple of months "kinda trying"). It has been a longer journey than I expected, too. But it is great to have camaraderie -- I'm glad you're here!


Thank you so much mamaforever! You're so sweet to chart-stalk me (Ooh, that sounds funny!!!) In the car today, my DH actually asked about you. I mean, he said, "How's your cycle-buddy?" Around the time of our BFPs, I had told him I had a cycle buddy get a BFP right around the same time. At the time, I thought he thought I'm a little nuts... wink1.gif... but today, I thought it was really sweet/funny. So anyway, just know that my DH is glad for your great numbers and FXed for your sticky bean!! That's great that you've got such strong symptoms. I mean, not great - but I think you catch my drift! I hope your new midwife is great! Is it for a home birth? I can't remember if you've said. Keep us posted! And I'll feel a lot better about Oing if I can get a nice strong dark OPK like last cycle (had been my first good one yet!). I'm kinda happy that it's not on the early side because I spotted for so damned long, I know it'd be slim pickin's there to implant - though I probably shouldn't have gotten DH amped for a BD marathon 'til I had a better sense of when I'd O. He's kinda like, so, where's the starting line?



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Originally Posted by jpack View Post
camaraderie -- I'm glad you're here!


I probably shouldn't have gotten DH amped for a BD marathon 'til I had a better sense of when I'd O. He's kinda like, so, where's the starting line?



That's hilarious!  I totally had this mental image of someone at the starting line getting antsy.


Glad to hear all of our BFP ladies are doing well! 


AFM:  I am just starting the 2WW.  Our adult weekend was great. If we don't get our BFP this cycle it certainly will not be for lack of trying.  I am feeling much calmer this go around and not as obsessive. 

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jpack- Thanks for that, heck I am willing to try anything lol.


Ava's Mama- Your story gives me hope! Congratulations and I hope you have  healthy and happy 9 months!


AFM- I am supposed to O tomorrow and I never thought I would be happier to start the TWW.  TCOYF finally found a cover line this morning so that gives me some faith in those wacky temps.

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Hi everyone! I think I may join this thread, if that's okay. I got my first PP AF a few days ago, which makes me really happy since I'm dying to have another baby. joy.gif I am 23 and, other than being overweight, am in relatively good health. It took about a year to conceive DS after coming off of Depo, but I'm hoping without that hurdle it will take less time, though the fear of a year long wait is one reason I want to start now. DH and I are students, but we are comfortable financially, especially as my DH is in a program where he has 2 6-month internships.



Hoping everyone here gets pregnant soon! goodvibes.gif

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  I was on depo and have only had issues with getting my cycles started and staying regular. I had to take a round  of clomid both times I came off the depo. But that did the trick and the 3 pregs after I needed nothing. I just got off depo again and decided to try so last month I took a round of clomid and it seemed to have done the trick.  I took 2 more tests over the weekend and they both have super faint lines!! But for me that is good. I never get a good line till I am much further along. mm?  With my son I took 5 all neg till the 6th was a faint line.  SO since everyone I have showed the tests confirm there is a faint line I am calling it preggers.lol I am calling the doc tomorrow. :) Happy dance with fingers crossed and prayers it sticks and that the morning sickness is not too overwhelming.

 Praying all of you get your babies soon.

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Welcome aboard mamapigeon!  I hope your stay is short!


Ohmother--Congratulations!!! Sending sticky vibes to you!

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OHMOTHER!! That's great, congratulations! Keep us posted!

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JPack - Thank you.  Your words got my eyes a bit misty =)     We are 'sort of trying'  must not be doing it on the right days lol.  Going to start actively trying as well.  Good luck to you all too!  Glad I found this place <3

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So I got sick of squinting at my cheap Internet tests so hubby ran out last night and bought me a FRER. Tested this morning and definitely pregnant. Two pink lines showed up super-fast. I'm stoked that it happened so fast since I was sure the pill messed with my body. Due date is October 6th. joy.gif
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