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ohmother- Congratulations!


hibiscus mum- Congratulations to you too!

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BIG congrats to ohmother and hibiscusmum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sending fertility vibes to everyone else!


jpack-  Hi!  I'm glad it's okay that I chart-stalk you. ;)  I will be anxiously waiting during this 2WW with you!  How sweet of your DH to ask about me- that is funny.  We live 45 min away from the closest hospital and that's the main reason we're not doing a homebirth, but I had a midwife deliver DS in a hospital and I had a really great experience, so I hope to have another great experience in  a hospital again.  Do you plan on a homebirth?  I saw on the One Thread that you're having trouble finding a good midwife...I feel ya on trying to find someone you can truly trust and the whole process of finding someone is just frustrating.  I sure hope you find one you click with soon! 


AFM-  I'm still around. :)  I had my first prenatal appointment today and it was also with a new midwife, and it went well!  I was really hoping I was getting an early ultrasound like I did when I was pregnant with DS so I could hear that little heartbeat this early at 7.5 weeks, but I didn't get to have it. :(  Oh well - I have been very sick with nausea and vomiting just like when I was while pregnant with DS so that tells me things are going okay.  I really loved the midwife I saw today - she was the first medical professional who actually suggested that I should look into my progesterone levels because of previously having 2 miscarriages and a history of short luteal phases.  It was such a relief to hear her say that because I've been told that I'm "just worrying too much" from my previous doctor who didn't even want to listen to my concerns about progesterone.  My midwife said it was a good idea that I decided on my own to start using natural progesterone cream!  I had bloodwork today for prenatal care and my progesterone level tested again just to make sure I don't need any stronger progesterone supplement.  I won't know the results until next week.  My next appointment is not until March 4th which will be when I'm just 1 day shy of being 12 weeks along.  Does anyone know if a doppler could be used that early?  I hope so!  I feel like I'm waiting forever to hear the heartbeat!



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Wow, mamaforever! That's all really great about your midwife! That's awesome! It's so great to feel validated! Sounds like you had a jerk of a doctor before. I hope the sickness eases up for you - it sounds dreadful. How long does it last for you? I had some nausea and mostly no appetite, but I never really got sick with DD. It seems like every preggo I talk to these days is a puker!


Thanks for chart-stalking! I'm feelin' like this month is looking pretty good, yeah? I moved O to match up with the OPK and symptoms, rather than temp, as you may have noticed... I spent way too much time researching, but it does seem that the BBT method is really not always as accurate as we like to believe. I bet you're psyched that part is over for you for the moment! Keep me posted on the progesterone, and if you get to hear the heartbeat. Dunno about the doppler, but I feel like someone here must know.

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jpack-  Yes, your cycle looks fantastic!!!!  Way to go on that streak of BDing. :)  My dr. before (actually she's a nurse practitioner) was actually really sweet, but I just don't think she was knowledgable about progesterone deficiency issues.  I'm also a bit mad at her for a long time ago not telling me that birth control pills could 1) decrease my milk supply tremendously and 2) cause hormonal imbalance.  I went on them when DS was only 10 months old and let's just say that BFing only lasted another 2 months after that. :(  I wish I could stick with this same midwife for every appointment, but they want me to see all the midwives there because the one to deliver the baby will be the one on call.  So let's hope they are all as great as the one I saw yesterday!  With DS, the "all day sickness" lasted until about 15 weeks or so.  But I would still get bad mornings every once in a while even past that.  This time, it seems like the sickness is mostly just 3 or 4 hours in the mornings and then I get a break the rest of the day as long as I don't let my stomach become empty.  Some evenings are bad though too.  But at least it's not as bad as when I was pg with DS!  I don't know how I got through it with him - it's all a blur!  So do you have a testing date in mind???  Or are you going to see if AF is late first before testing?  Are you taking any supplements this cycle?

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Yay, mamaforever! I wish I could do a homebirth!! Maybe we'll move to another state (like NM- where we were with DD) but MA is really backwards, with Drs having a powerful lobby. And our insurance doesn't cover it... :( but it's great that you've got a good situation! 

Im probably gonna start testing on Tuesday. If I can hold out that  long. I know that sounds pathetic, but those tests have really been calling my name this cycle!! And I'm still waiting (til Monday) for blood test results. My 3dpo blood test... Hmm... more later on the computer not the phone...

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HI ladies! Sorry I don't have a lot of time to read through everything and play catch up, but I wanted to introduce myself!  My name is Julie, I'm 29 years old and as of this month, OFFICIALLY TTC #2! My son is 10 months and I'm still breastfeeding him.  I have had 4 ppafs.  Joy! :/  Anyway, gunna try and take my bbt daily but it's difficult with the little guy waking up at 1 am or so and then I have to be up for work at 3 am!!  don't know how accurate that will turn out but I really want to make sure I'm ovulating!


Anyway,  sounds like there's been some recent BFPs???  Congratulations to those ladies!!! 

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Yay for a good appointment mamaforever!  I'm glad you finally found someone who seems to listen to your worries about your progesterone and take them seriously.  I hope you end up liking all the midwives.


I hope this is your month jpack, and that your feelings are accurate!  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!


AFM- Well fertility friend decided I o'd on Wednesday which I agree with since I had that huge glob of EWCM Wednesday morning and my cervical position.  I think I o'd that morning since the rest of the day I was bone dry.  As for TCOYF, they moved my coverline back down to 97.3 but still says I have not o'd even though I have had temps well over the cover line for three consecutive days.  I think it has to do with the fact that I charted as having EWCM Wednesday (morning), I was bone dry Thursday, but Friday I had some creamy cm when I wiped even though I felt dry all day so I charted it as creamy.  So TCOYF ended up moving my peak day to Friday.  Oh well we will wait and see.


Here is my fertility friend chart if anyone wants to take a peek.

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John16n33, I think that sounds like solid O day based on your description and looks good for the temps, too. Or maybe Tuesday PM? In any case, we're close together and man do I need some POAS supervision - keep me honest! I think all that POAS-ing last cycle kinda set me up badly for this cycle. What is with me?! Do you use cheapies or the over-the-counter HPTs?


Welcome Julie! I'm always SO impressed when people have kids close together. When DD was younger I was like, "another? hahaha! yeah, never!" But as so many friends have added #2 since and survived, I'm coming to regret my delay in TTC.


Mamaforever, you asked about supplements this cycle and I forgot to answer above. I'm still on Vitex, B50complex, and L-Arginine post-o.  I had this terrible feeling that maybe it was stopping the Arginine that caused last month's m/c, but I think I was just looking for a reason to blame myself. I think it does help, though. This cycle I'll take a lower dose (2-3 grams/day) and I will only taper very slowly as my progesterone numbers permit. I'm looking forward to hearing about my blood work tomorrow. But unlike a true cd21 (7dpo) progesterone level, which I'd be able to get a sense of comparatively, 3dpo will no doubt leave me searching for average progesterone tables on the internet. AAHHH chill out, type-A inner me!!! Que sera, sera! (sp?)



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Hi All!


Its been some time since I posted and we were evaluating our conception choices. I am fully back on board and trying yo conceive as naturally and quickly as possible :)


Mamaforever- congrats! So happy for you and glad you found a midwife that is on the same page with you. 


Look forward to chatting with everyone 

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jpack- I'll try to keep you under control if you try to keep me under control! I am only 3-4 dpo and I am already fighting myself to not POAS.  I usually use over the counters (because yes I still POAS when we are not trying and there is basically 0 chance of me actually being pregnant) but I ordered 25 wondfo's from amazon the other day and they got here on Thursday-they are currently burning a hole in my bathroom cabinet because they want to be used sooo bad.

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Hahah, John16n33! Yeah, ok, confession. I already did one yesterday and one today. I'm so lame! I know it's completely ridiculous. But, I'm OK with starting Tuesday (1/day). They're cheap, and I got plenty! So, no more today, and none tomorrow. That's all I gotta commit to! Shouldn't be hard... How 'bout you? Do you have a plan or are you just holding out as long as you can? Thanks for keeping me honest! :)

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Well now that you mention it jpack, I was about to come on here and confess that I took one last night lol.  BFN obviously since I was only 3-4 dpo but hey like you said it was a cheapie.  I was planning on starting 1/day on Tuesday so let's do that.  Hopefully we will see some progression together.

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That sounds great, John16n33!! It's a deal! Yay!!

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Well the Vitex has been working! I never had much CM and couldn't tell what stage it was, but since taking the Vitex, now I can. It's too late to conceive this month though, so many next month.
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Yay for testing buddies jpack! I am so exhausted, we didn't go to church this morning because I woke up with a sore throat and stuffy nose, Dh says I snored all night lol. I still have to go grocery shopping and then our neighbor invited us to his house for the Super Bowl (we don't have cable).  So we will see how I feel I guess.  I think I am going to look at Target for something to put in my bath or something like that.  I think it's just a cold.

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I'm with you POAS Ladies.  I am at most 9 dpo and most likely 7 dpo.  I POAS this morning and of course BFN.  I'm giving myself a break though because I have not given it a whole lot of thought until this point.  I decided to just see because I had a dollar tree test.  I have one more but I will probably wait to use it if I can find the strength!  I have had a faint achy feeling in my boobs these past couple days and I woke up last night with a hot flash (not typical).  DH and I also had a little morning romp and after I had a little bleeding which is not normal.  I'm trying not to read anything into it but it's hard not to get a little excited. 

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Does anyone know if it is okay to do a detox bath (epsom salts/baking soda) during the 2WW?  I know it would help me feel better, but I don't want to risk something happening.

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I can't imagine the bath being bad, I guess maybe not too hot? Like not enough to kick up your temp- although who knows? 

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I ended up just doing an epsom salt bath since I know they are safe, hopefully it will help me to be less tense at least.  I am going to cover myself in vicks tonight too.

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So jpack I need you to get me under control. I can't get over the urge to test even though I am only 5dpo so I know it will be a BFN!

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