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jpack- goodvibes.gif I so hope you see the results you want!


For everyone talking about the weather- it was gorgeous!  After dinner we sat on the front porch (which we just finished screening) and played 'go fish'. One of those perfect magical moments.  And today will be at least 80!  I hate to waste any of the morning taking ds to OT but we'll be sure to find a park afterward.  Everyone enjoy!

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jpack-  I'm so glad you got the supplement.  I'm crossing my fingers and toes for you that you get a good number for your next beta.  Hugs going out to you as I know you must be feeling very stressed and anxious to find out if all is okay.  hug2.gif

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jpack I will be praying. As I do for this entire group. I am so happy for those with the BFP keep it up :) Be safe rest and try not to stress " eye roll" I have been there and it is hard to think of anything else sometimes. Prayers and hugs.

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Thanks so much, ladies! Your prayers and good vibes must have really helped!! I was convinced it was a done deal with numbers so low, since my last beta (with January's m/c) was 20 and this first one (Monday) was only 13! but the results from Wednesday: HCG of 76 and Progesterone of 26!!!! So, that's a doubling rate of .78 days! Now I'm just wondering whether I should not have started the Progesterone, since it seems to be doing fine on its own (or maybe it's the supplements and not on its own... hmmm) anyway, I just wanted to say hello and thanks! I'm totally in shock!

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Oh Jpack that is so great to hear!  I've been dropping in all day wondering how your results went.  So happy for you!

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Thanks so much Simonsez, I'm sorry I didn't post it earlier - I didn't know until about 5. I was kinda peeved that the nurse said she'd call me first thing this morning never called me - turns out she doesn't work today! I had to call the office and ask for the results, but I didn't call til about 4, then she had to call me back. I was SOOOO surprised!

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That's fantastic jpack!!!!!!!!

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And again... Yesterday I got another set done because I'm just that crazy... beta nearly quadrupled again (237) and progesterone was still about 25, so it's looking promising! Thanks, mamaforever! I'm still crossing my fingers and toes. ANd trying to figure out when we're going to try to get to Italy!

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 OH what a relief , I am so happy for you J, I will continue to send up prayers.

 I am just waiting around for my next cycle to begin. This time no clomid  just God well maybe some robotussin :)

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YAY jpack, what amazing numbers!!!  I will be sending lots of sticky baby dust that numbers continue to rise so nicely.


Good luck, ohmother, I hope that this next cycle is the one for you.

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 So annoying, My Cycle is late and I got a neg. GRR WTH? lol

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Originally Posted by ohmother View Post

 So annoying, My Cycle is late and I got a neg. GRR WTH? lol

right there with ya! I'm 1 day late today :/ I keep on looking at the accuracy chart trying to give myself hope, but I just want to go take a blood test... then I convince myself "If i am, i am, if i'm not, i'm not"



HPT accuracy DPO 
10 dpo : 35% 
11 dpo : 51% 
12 dpo : 62% 
13 dpo : 68% 
14 dpo : 74% 
15 dpo : 80% 
16 dpo : 88% 
17 dpo : 92% 

18 dpo : 99%

,,, blehhh





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I'm new here.. been trying for 3 months, this is my 4th cycle and I haven't Oed yet. I started vitex, maca, royal jelly, and bee pollen this cycle. I have had irregular cycles since my period returned when my son was 22 months. I shortened them with birth control but now I have spotting during my luteal phase and for a few days after my period. I'm on CD 13 today.. waiting to O. I had a patch of EWCM this morning, my cervix is high, but medium and closed. Hoping that the EWCM means I will O by Friday. Bded on Sunday, going to again tonight, using instead cups. Hoping this is the month for us.

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Hi Tryingforasecond, sounds like you've got a good plan!

Sorry about the uncooperative cycle, Ohmother...

aHikaru, it's true about if you are you are, but it's so hard not knowing! FWIW, I think HPTs like wondfos are just as accurate and fast as blood tests, I got a positive the day before I got my 13 HCG (like 36 hours before, and it was doubling at like 20 hours).


Where are my preggo mamas? I need some support! Ava's Mom and Mamaforever! You ladies had to wait for a while for your ultrasound, right? My MW group nurse said I don't have to go for more blood tests and can just wait for my "viability ultrasound" on April 9. That's like at 8 weeks! With DD, we got our first at 6w4d. And I wasn't even freaking out about anything because I had never had a miscarriage! How, oh how am I going to wait 3 weeks...? I've got no symptoms to rely on (besides sleepiness, which we know is not very isolated to pregnancy, and the occasional bb pain, which I explained only happens when it's really cold). I know my symptoms from DD could return and I might notice them. But if they don't... I guess I've got to keep POAS to convince my self (my new batch is in the mail).

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Hi jpack-  Actually I still haven't had an ultrasound!  The midwife office I go to this time doesn't do a dating ultrasound unless there is concern about the pregnancy.  So here I am at 14 weeks preggo with no ultrasound yet.  I had to wait until 12 weeks to hear the heartbeat for the first time with the doppler!  That was especially hard.  I will be getting an ultrasound between 18-20 weeks so I'm just trying to wait as patiently as I can to see the little babe. You will be able to wait 3 weeks - I know it's hard but you will get there! :)


Hope to see some more BFPs on here soon.  Baby vibes to everyone!

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I posted already in 2WW but I thought I'd jump back on here.  I am CD 31 and like 13-14dpo. Yesterday I got a very faint line on a wondfo strip that I was concerned was an evap because I definitely looked at it after the 5 minutes was up but probably not 10. Anyway, then I had spotting two different times yesterday after physical exertion and I figure AF was on its way for sure and that faint line had been nothing more than the dreaded evap everyone talks about wondfos having.  But then no AF came.  So I tested with two different strips this morning and got two slightly darker lines.  I'm nervous to get excited but I kind of can't help it.  Have folks had good experiences with wondfos? I think I'll buy a back up test while I'm out today just to see.

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Jpack--I hear you about the waiting.  My doctor does not even want me to schedule an appointment until I am 8 weeks.  I seriously considered buying more HPT's yesterday just to reassure myself then talked myself out of it.  I'm 6 weeks today and the only symptoms I really have is having to pee at 4am.  Other than that I feel great.  I'm not even super tired like I was in my other pregnancies. As thankful as I am for that it also freaks me out!


Ohmother- Bless your heart for being so patient. Yay for being able to see your bean soon!


Ciga- I don't know about wondfos but what are the chances that so many are false positives!?  Sounds pretty promising to me!

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Well, I think I'm out this month.. DH got performance anxiety and couldn't finish last night no matter what we tried.. Temps dipped today so I think I am Oing today(negative OPK last night). That would mean our last successful BD was 4 days before O..

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tryingforsecond-  It's not over yet.... but it would help tremendously if you can BD today and possibly tomorrow!  Crossing my fingers for you!


ciga-  That sounds very promising!  I think wondfos have been known for more false positives, but I think they are still pretty rare.  I hope you get a nice BFP on your back up test!!!

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Well, I didn't ovulate yesterday! My temp today only went up from 36.04 to 36.10. Yesterday I started getting more EWCM in the evening and still have some this morning, so maybe O is going to be today? Or perhaps tomorrow, I am just not sure now! I hope I am Oing, this is my first month temping since weaning so I am not even positive that I do still O.. I haven't gotten a positive OPK at all. I'm going to test again this evening to see if anything has changed.. I guess with the EWCM I should keep trying anyways since it may be soon. I would actually prefer if I O on weekends because evenings during the week are really not convenient due to me working late!

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