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Keep at it, tryingforsecond! Ciga, what's the verdict?!


Thanks so much Simonsez and Mamaforever! 14 weeks! wow! and 6 weeks! Very cool... I don't know why I'm so reserved about this. I guess it's because my symptoms are so fleeting... Anyway, glad to know I'm not alone.

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Originally Posted by jpack View Post Ciga, what's the verdict?!



I forced myself to wait til this morning to test again and it was a BFP!  Like an actual darker one that I can't confuse with an evap line. The spotting stopped on Friday and I think must have been BD related or maybe residual implantation bleeding. I don't know. I'll probably go into my doctor sometime in the next week or so and get a blood test to confirm but based on the test and the way my body feels I think it is true.  I have to find a midwife.


 I still feel a little panicky every time I go to the bathroom half expecting AF to appear but I remember doing the same thing through my entire first trimester last time around.

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Well I had a great weekend with 5 attempts and signs of ovulation last night. I had an abundance of EWCM yesterday and last night some very intense O pains. Temps higher this morning so hoping I Oed as that would make my attempts great this cycle! Here's hoping!
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CONGRATS CIGA!! YAY!jumpers.gif


That's great news! I feel totally nervous, too (if I haven't made it abundantly clear yet), but I am getting symptoms starting to creep in, like heartburn and - totally lame - a little shortness of breath when I don't expect it. I'm glad your body feels pregnant and hope that keeps up to keep you feeling secure!


Sounds like good timing, tryingforsecond!

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Originally Posted by jpack View Post

CONGRATS CIGA!! YAY!jumpers.gif


That's great news! I feel totally nervous, too (if I haven't made it abundantly clear yet), but I am getting symptoms starting to creep in, like heartburn and - totally lame - a little shortness of breath when I don't expect it. I'm glad your body feels pregnant and hope that keeps up to keep you feeling secure!


Thanks Jpack!  Looks like we're both getting those Thanksgiving babies! I am so relieved that you are still on here.  I was thinking this morning about whether I should get off the TTC pages and move over to the November Due Date forum but I'm scared.  It makes me feel better that there are other newly BFPed folks still lurking on the TTC pages. I mean, 5 weeks feels like barely pregnant.  I haven't even told anyone outside this forum.


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Hi jpack and everyone else!  Sorry I haven't checked in for a while!  I am 17 weeks tomorrow!  crazy!  I can feel movement which makes it much more real to me because I have been feeling great so I kept freaking out thinking that it was all in my head!  I have an ultrasound on Aptil 18 to hopefully find out the sex!  JPACk - with regards to the ultrasound I think they have you wait till 7 or 8 weeks because you really can't see much prior to that.  But you have had HCG screens etc so I am sure you are fine.  I had an ultrasound at about 7.5 weeks and then again at 12 weeks (first trimester screen).  so glad you see all these success stories! 

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Ciga - I saw your other thread and wanted to respond to you here, hope it's OK. I'm so, so, so very sorry for what you're going through now. As you may know, I went through it two cycles before this month's BFP. It was about the same time as yours. I'm so, sorry that you're going through it now. FWIW, I understand your reluctance to try again , but mamaforever and I both got our BFPs the second cycle after (so did my good friend here IRL). It's very sad -- and tragic that there is so much taboo around a topic that so many millions of women grapple with. Hope you get some healing peace and rest!hug2.gif

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ciga-  I also saw your other post.... I'm so sorry. hug2.gif  I've been through 2 m/c and this last one in Nov I was 6 weeks and it feels so fresh in my mind.  Take care of yourself and take the time you need to grieve.  I was also hesitant to try again right away, but then another cycle came and my very strong longing for wanting another baby set in and we TTC again.  The first cycle we tried (dr. said to wait to have one normal period then try again)....we got pregnant and this one is going great.  I know you will be able to become pregnant again soon and have a healthy pregnancy.... but I certainly understand waiting a bit to let your heart heal.  Hugs.

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Hi girls,

Just checking in!  I wanted to say congrats to jpack!

Avasmom and mamaforever.....wow..so happy to hear your pregnancies are going well!

I am 30 weeks now and it's just been so unbelievable.  It seems like just yesterday we were all on here chatting about charting and DTD, etc...

Good luck in the remainder of your pregnancies and good luck to all you girls that are still trying...it took me almost a year for #2 (when #1 was so easy!) and it will happen for you!

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Hello ladies

Ava's Mama- not sure where else to look for you. Maybe I will PM you.  Did you find out the sex?

Yeah for more BFP's here!  

Sounds like pregnancies are going well. 

AFM-32 weeks and starting to get anxious about the big event.  Almost done teaching for the semester and I am going to spent time working on getting more tools for relaxing myself.

Take Care All.

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Hi, yes, I am 22 weeks now and we found out a couple weeks ago that we are having a BOY!  DH is so excited.  I am too, but it definitely makes me want to have three so I can maybe have another girl.  But we will see how I feel once I am a mother of 2!  I am feeling great!  Seems like this thread has slowed down a lot, hope everyone is doing well!

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Good to hear from you other mamas!!  I am almost 21 weeks, and we are having another boy!  We are super excited.  It's so great hearing that you three are doing so well.... I was really sick for the first 17 weeks or so, but finally am feeling great.


Sending baby dust to those on this board currently TTC.

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Great to hear from you girls!!  Wishing you all a comfortable and wonderful rest of your pregnancy :)  We did not find out the sex of the baby, but I am dying to know.....34 weeks now so not much longer! 

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Well I finally know I can get pregnant.

Bad news is I miscarried at about 3 weeks along in June. It was really painful and I did not need a DC. I was given a rhogam shot and most of the pain went away after that. It figures I would need a rhogam, my mom had one while she was pregnant with me.

My hope to get pregnant again this August. *crosses fingers*

I know that around 85% of women that miss-carry go on to have a successful pregnancy after. I'm trying to stay positive, but I'm still emotional and have some baby envy right now. Wish me luck!


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Finally the husband agreed to try in that we are both on the sam Finally the husband agreed to try in that we are both on the same page. I'm a little heartbroken that again Wondering if I have enough progesterone since I keep getting spotting before my period. Wish you all the best in your pregnant season I will try to update here. Wish I had gotten pregnant with the rest of you sounds like a great trip to be pregnant with. Guess we'll just keep tryin smile.gif
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Man did my phone ruin that post! Well I tried to say I feel a little lonely, like no one on these pages remembers me. DH and I are on the same page finally and going for #2. Just seems like every month is a bust. We have been trying for three months but secretly I feel like I have been trying for two years. Glad to hear all you lovely ladies are doing well- I meant it sounded like a great group to be pregnant with smile.gif
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Keep your chin up, gratefulstella!!!  You will get that BFP soon, I just know it. :)


So sorry to hear about your m/c, heathyhanna.  You are right about having a successful pregnancy after a m/c.... it happened to me twice.  Good luck to you!

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Hi all - kinda excited to be posting here again, I never thought I'd be here.  The deal with my DH has always been one kiddo, and a couple of years ago I was beginning to not be OK with that.  I finally bullied him into it, although he said yes after I got rid of all the baby stuff.  *haha*  I just got my IUD out a week ago, and it just so happened Aunt Flo did a drive by the very same day, so it appears we're on our way...


My son will be at least five years old when the next one comes along, that will be a really interesting time for him, I think.  He loves babies, but we'll see if he loves them as much when there's one in the house sharing mama's attention.  ;)


DS was conceived after six months, which was after many years on the pill.  My cycles were a bit short, it seemed like the Vitex I took helped, with some Preseed thrown in for good measure.  I am hoping it doesn't take quite as long this time, at 37 I'm getting a little nervous about my age.  My midwife and doctor see no problems, it's probably all in my head.  I hope.


Anyway, good to be here, good luck to you all!

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Looks like this thread is starting up again, so figured I'd jump on board! We're TTC #2, DS is 13 months tomorrow. Still breastfeeding though recently he's started wanting a lot more solids, so it's mostly nursing to nap and then through the night. Considering trying Vitex this month, 3rd month seriously TTC since DS was born. Last time it took us 7 months.

Hope to see lots of BFP's here soon!
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Hi everyone, I'd like to join this thread too, if I may.

My DS is 5.5 now, 6 in January. After DS, I was adamant to anyone that would ask that I was not having any more kids. About 8 months ago I started thinking maybe I was ready...and everybody around me is having babies, so that's probably contributed to the baby bug too.

My best friend (she and her husband are adamantly child free) doesn't nderstand why I would have another child (she probably doesn't understand why I had the first one either, though), when she sees that I'm stressed a lot of the time. I figure if I wait until I'm not stressed out, I'll probably never have any more children, so why not now? DH and I are in a good place in our relationship after a really rough spot last year, so I feel like the timing is really right.

I've been reading books about babies to DS lately, not outright talking about our family having another baby, just talking about having babies, and he is very interested and told me "I'm going to have a brother, and he's going to play sonic and play with Lego with me." lol. So we'll see. I'm hoping for a girl this time around so that we have a boy and a girl, but of course I'd be happy with a healthy baby, no matter what.

This is our 5th cycle TTC, and I'm really hopeful that this is the cycle for me... I have been having spotting for the last 2 days at somewhere around 8-10 dpo, so I'm hoping that it's a good sign (I never have mid cycle spotting, except when I conceived DS 6+ years ago). I'm almost kind of sure I am pregnant, because what the hell else would spotting mean for me, considering my history. If AF arrives next weekend, I'm going to be awfully cranky.

Sending baby dust and wishes for lots of BFP's around here!
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