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Originally Posted by Jane93 View Post

"I am a vba3c mother myself and I was lucky to deliver my baby here in Scandinavia , where nobody ever even questioned my decision to try a natural birth."

They just supported me , in what I wanted"


From my understanding of Scandinavia generally, they supported you because what you wanted was what they wanted you to have.  If you had wanted a c-section at maternal request you might not have felt quite so happy!.


"The only way we hear about the tragedies that happen in hospitals is when the patients or their lawyers talk to the media."


Are complaints and proceedings by the state board of medicine not available for review in your state?  For example, I have been able to review the on-going board of medicine proceedings against Dr. Biter (navelgazing midwife's former "Dr. Wonderful") in California very easily.


maybe tonttu can speak to it herself, but if she had 3 c/s, I wonder if she wouldn't have been allowed a 4th at maternal request...


PPs here were stating that women are not knowledgable/capable enough to determine whether or not cpms are legal in their home states, and that there is not enough information available to properly choose a cpm...


Though I do not follow her blog too closely, as far as I know, navelgazing mw was extremely supportive of Dr. Wonderful for a looong time, so if she as a mw, was unaware of potential issues with an ob/gyn she frequently collaborated with, how are lay-people supposed to be able to correctly judge ob/gyn? Only after lawsuits and media come around, supposing they do? What about all the time before that? 


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Jane 93 , that is not quite true ! Here in Sweden , yes , because the doctors see no reason to cut somebody´s stomach open , if there is no need . 

And even 3 cs are not necessarily considered a reason ( depending on individual case , of course ) .

But if you insist , you will find a place , that will give you a cs , they really mostly follow patients lead and respect their wishes , so if a first - time Mother wants a cs , because she is e.g. scared , even w/o a medical reason , they will give her a cs ( they will talk to you about the risks and benefits either way , though ) and for me I had a long talk and a thorough exam by the doctor in charge and after weighing all the pros and cons together , we both decided , in my case it would be worth a try , since I am a good candidate ! 

When I lived in  Finland , however , they flat out told me , after 2 cs , they wouldn´t even bother trying anymore , even though I had two natural deliveries after those cs and it was a fight for me to get them to accept , that if I end up with another cs , I will NOT have an epidural .  

But I guess , the difference is , that Sweden is a liberal and democratic country and Finland is not 

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Yes, women should be able to use any midwife they want.


Thank goodness for underground midwives!  They allow women to have homebirths with experts in attendance in states which refuse to lisence CPMs.  If it weren't for underground midwives, both my children would have been born at home in unassisted births when I wanted assisted births.  Thank goodness for midwives who risk arrest in order to make sure that women have access to expert health professionals.

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Yes- I think women should be able to use the practitioner of their choice. I also think more midwifery creditiinals should be regulated so we don't have this issue and more birth options are safe and available for all women
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I wouldn't use one unless it was a birthing situation like a breech baby or twins(both no-no's in the state of Alaska outside of a hospital), and I would make sure they know what they are doing, not just someone playing midwife. I do prefer, for a normal birthing situation, a certified midwife. I'm hoping for any future children to be brought into this world with the help of the midwives who delivered DS!

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