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Homebirth supplies list - What do you think?

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My midwife has given me a list of supplies, but I wanted to know what you all think and if there are any other necessities and/or extras that you think would be good to have.  Also if you have any tips on the type/brand of items I've listed, please share.


Here's the list:


For the baby

Two cotton caps

6 or more receiving blankets

Fiber-fill baby quilt that can get messy

Long nightgown


Ear syringe - large

Rubbing alcohol and q-tips


For mess management

Picnic tablecloth with cotton backing

Plastic drop cloth to cover mattress

Old fitted sheet

Old towels and washcloths

Paper grocery bags (4) and plastic garbage bags (6)

Large package of large underpads


For the birth

Large, strong cookie sheet

Covered pan for sterilizing instruments


Small bottle of olive oil

Disposable pie pan for placenta

Empty sport or squirt bottles (2)

One package of sterile 4x4 pads


For the mom after the birth

Large maternity pads, overnight pads, and adult pull-ups (like Depends)

Soothing herbs for bathing after the birth

Food that Mom likes


For the midwives


Coffee, water, and food



Thanks, in advance, for your help!  I really appreciate it.  love.gif

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It's a little different from the list I have but it sounds good! I had a HB with my son 2 1/2 yrs ago and am due in a few weeks with a different midwife but who apprenticed with the 1st midwife. There isn't anything I would add except figuring out food for you and for them. My son was born in the winter so I had batches of soups and such made up. But with a late summer birth I'm sorta stumped at what to freeze that would still be good in warmer weather It's hard to know what you will be craving after the baby is born. I remember eating apples with peanut butter and bread with cheese. Refreshing drinks also: bubbly water, vitamin water, kambucha. Also, I went to home depot and got a bunch of plastic drop clothes. I walked around a lot during labor and it was quite messy, so these are very good to have!

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Chux pads were awesome, I used them a ton all over the house both during and after the birth.


And I'm sort of questioning the disposable pie pan for the placenta... I can't imagine that being necessarily big/strong enough.  I used a cheap plastic bucket.


Also, my midwives recommended having Lanosin on hand which I also highly recommend.  I only need it for the first week but it was nice to have it right there.

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Looks like a pretty complete list. I would also add a peri bottle for after birth. It's a clear plastic bottle with a squirt top--almost like an old school water bottle but smaller, for cleaning yourself after using the bathroom. I remember being really sore and even soft toilet paper felt too rough. Maybe your midwife can help you find one. I agree with LittleBirdy--a disposable pie pan sounds too flimsy for the placenta, but if it's on your midwife's list, she must be ok with it. I would also stock up on easy snacks and drinks for post birth. I especially loved trail mix (with chocolate chunks!), hearty whole wheat crackers, and coconut milk (great electrolytes!)


Congratulations on your pregnancy and best wishes for a wonderful birth.

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I second the peri bottle!  I still have month and use it for "that time of the month."  They are great.


And, I didn't have a home birth, but also second FOOD!!!  I have never been so hungry in my life as I was after DS2 was born. 


Good luck to you!

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Thank you so much for the responses!   I will definitely add your suggestions to my list and have them on hand.  I'm so excited about this home birth and want to make sure I have everything I need to be comfortable and make sure my midwifes are comfortable as well.  Thanks again!  love.gif

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I'd add a whole other section to your list, of labor comfort management items.  It's a good idea to have these in 1 place so your labor support people don't have to go hunting for them if needed.  Everyone has a different idea of what comfort items might be like, but my list includes things like:

  • rice sock (2 cups plain rice tied in a sock and heated in the microwave -- excellent during labor)
  • tennis balls or back massager for applying counterpressure to back during contractions
  • cold compresses (ice water and washcloths)
  • hot compresses (I had some washcloths in water in a crock pot with a few slices of ginger in the water) 
  • labor food (I love frozen grapes, sorbet, yogurt smoothies, honey sticks, buttered toast, veggie broth, electrolyte drinks)
  • birth ball
  • extra pillows
  • aromatherapy supplies (oils, diffuser, etc.)
  • massage oil
  • music (I had a playlist prepared on my computer, or you could pick a few Pandora channels you think you'll like)
  • fan
  • space heater


As someone who ended up with a HB transfer, I highly recommend adding to your prep list "pack a hospital bag" and "write a transfer birth plan."  Always good to be prepared. 

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Bendy straws are good for being given sips of water or juice without having to move out of your position. Other than that, I can't think of anything!

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Thanks for all of the great ideas!!

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