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Anyone else not gaining weight?

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I really haven't weighed myself in the past year, but I recently got a scale. I started weighing myself when ms was at it's worse, so I'm guessing it was probably my low weight. I haven't really gone up though although I am fluctuating. I'm just having the hardest time eating enough I think. The first problem is that I still have really bad heartburn all the time, and the second is that I'm a little afraid to gain as much weight in this pregnancy as I did last time (40 lbs). I tracked my calories yesterday just to see what I was at, and I by the time dinner came around I was only at 1300, and I'm pretty sure my dinner wasn't 1100 calories although I did eat a good portion. I've tried to be a little more free with food today, but I'm having a hard time "feeling" the correct amount of food. I never eat when I'm not hungry, and honestly I'm just not hungry.  I'm at 12 weeks now, and I can button up my tighter pairs of jeans just fine. I get a little bloated some evenings, but so far I'm still perfectly comfortable in a bikini.


How are you guys dealing with present and future weight gain, emotionally and physically?

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I'm overweight this time. Last time I lost 20 and then gained 40. I believe about 15 pounds was water weight. I lost all but 10 pounds during the first two weeks. Last time I had HG and serious aversions, so I just tried to get in as many veggies, fruit, and proteins and didn't count calories.

This time, I am still dealing with morning sickness. I know I'm eating enough to maintain weight and not gain too much. Instead of counting calories, I'm focusing on getting in the protein, veggies, and fruit. I've gained about two pounds and I'm at 10w6d. I use the scale at home at the same time of day (morning) when I do bother checking my weight. At the OB's office, I'm wearing clothes, shoes, and weight fluctuates depending on what you eat or drink. I'd rather have a baseline. Once my stomach feels better, I may try the Brewer diet.
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I normally gain 35-ish pounds. I am still 4# under my normal weight b/c of m/s. I try hard to not pay too much attention to the scale as this is an area that health vs numbers matter more. But that's just how I try to approach it, I don't need to FEEL big even if I look big and pg. wink1.gif
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I don't think anyone has to worry too much about not having gained weight at this point in the pregnancy.  As long as you can eat something every day, you're probably OK - the baby will take what it needs first and you get the rest, if any.   And it'll get better; you'll tell your provider if it doesn't, right?


Best to you! :)

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I am still down the eightish pounds I lost in the beginning and none of my docs seems to care. When my wife was pregnant with DD, she got more like twelve pounds down and didn't put any of it back on until close to twenty weeks. All our medical people said they didn't much care until the second trimester part where the baby starts putting on a lot of growth.

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Although I have had a lot of nausea, I haven't thrown up, and I have been able to eat a pretty normal amount of food.  My weight hasn't changed at all, I haven't gained or lost anything as of 11 weeks.  

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I've lost a few pounds as well (about 3) and I'm 9ish weeks.  I'm not throwing up much, but am constantly nauseous so eating is a major chore.  So is nursing my toddler, which isn't really helping my calorie intake...


I'm sure I'll gain plenty once the nausea lets up.  I'm just bumming right now because I feel so lethargic and I'm not exercising much at all- between the nausea, the fatigue, and the hot and humid weather, I'm just struggling to get myself moving.  I bet that a little exercise might help improve my appetite...just need to get started!

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I haven't gained anything, but that is normal at this stage of pregnancy. Baby is VERY small! :)

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I misread the OP - that's what I get for posting while exhausted. It is totally normal to not gain much if anything in the first trimester. In fact, losing a few pounds if you're queasy is normal, too.
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I'm holding pretty steady at about a pound less than when I got pregnant (but I'm definitely showing!).  I'm actually pretty proud of myself for maintaining that well because I lost almost 10 lbs. with DD, and this time, I'm nursing as well.  At this point, I'm keeping food out pretty much all the time to snack if I want.  It's really easy to keep out a bowl of nuts/seeds and nibble on them as I wish throughout the day.  I normally have a pretty good sense of when I'm hungry and when I'm not, so I'm not so worried about gaining too much weight.  I also don't think that 40# is a problem.  With DD, I ended up about 35# over my original pregnancy weight, but if you count gaining back the weight I lost, it was closer to 45#, and I was healthy, though I'm slightly underweight to begin with.  One of my midwives last time recommended 1#/week for all 40 weeks.  I had no problem losing the weight while breastfeeding, reaching my pre-pregnancy weight at 9 months postpartum (9 months on, 9 months off as my aunt used to say) and continuing to lose weight beyond that.  I started this pregnancy 2.5# more than last time only because I needed that extra body fat to conceive while nursing as much as DD is doing right now.

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I'm 12 weeks and I am down 3 or 4 pounds from week 8.  I'm not worried about it.  I've never gained during the first trimester and my docs have never worried about it either.

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Thanks guys. I guess I'll see how it goes in the next little bit.

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Hi there-

not in this ddc, but thought i would add my expirence.  


DD1 I gained 40 lbs and lost it pretty quick with BFing after she was born.


DD2- I tried to limit my weight gain and exercised quite a bit (ran 10+ miles a week until she was born) and gained 23 lbs.  


DD1 gained weight super fast, she was 19 lbs at 3 months.  DD2, she has been super slow to gain and now at 1 year still has not doubled her birth weight.  This is just a speculation, but I think she poor weight gain was due to me not having lots of reserves.  I have also found losing weight this time a little more difficult, even though I am exercising more than I did after DD1.


If we have another, I will try to gain 30-35 lbs.


Good luck with everything.

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I'm 11.5 weeks and haven't gained anything, which seems odd because I'm definitely up a cup size and my stomach is looking quite a bit rounder... perhaps I've lost some muscle since I haven't felt up to working out? My OB said it's normal not to gain anything in the 1st trimester, but he wants me to gain one lb. per week from now on. I'm not quite sure how that's supposed to happen unless I get a serious appetite boost, but I'm ready!

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This is my third pregnancy, and I haven't gained anything so far.  It's pretty normal for me though, my pattern is that I usually don't gain until 20 weeks and I mean not a pound, then I put it all on the last half.  And I mean the full 35 pounds!  At the beginning my doctor is all, "ohh, you need to start gaining", then they are "WHOA! Slow down!".  I think I just trust my body to do what it needs to do.  winky.gif

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First trimester down, 1.5 lbs gained.  I normally don't have anything gained by now, but this has been a hungry baby.  I gain it all wks 30-40, nothing much to speak of before or after that.  I'd personally ignore any "try to gain x lbs in x amount of time" because I don't think it's that consistent for anyone.  Eat until you're satisfied, make (mostly) healthy choices, and you'll be fine and can nurse off the weight afterwards.  That's my philosophy.  :)

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Got on the scale today, and I'm officially back to what I was at my 8 week appointment. I've lost three pounds from what I was prior to the pregnancy.
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OK nevermind... 3 lbs now.  I entirely blame the cheesecake that DH and I polished off in 2 days.  bag.gif  Or the lack of morning sickness all of a sudden, because that whole cheesecake incident wouldn't have happened otherwise! 

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I'm still wavering between 2lbs lost, or 2lbs gained. It seems to go back and forth.
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Me. I seem to be losing weight. I can't eat much though so I know that's why.

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