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I haven't gained anything. I still had 30lbs. to lose from my last pregnancy so I am thrilled to gain slowly this time! I am nursing my 1yo though so that is definitely helping keep my weight down at this point. I am starving all the time and, while eating much healthier than I did with my first, I am eating a lot.
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I am almost 15 weeks and I think I'm down about 5 pounds.  I'm not eating all that much.

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I'm holding steady here at 15 weeks. WIth DS I'd gained some by now. But I've had a bit of morning sickness and wasn't thrilled with food for a few weeks there. I'm making up for it now though. ;) I was telling a friend today, one day I'll step on the scale and it'll be like, BAM, 8 lbs.

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I'm up a few pounds, but I don't know if it is the large amount of water I've had to drink and the fluids they pumped into me. I got D5W instead of saline, and that affects how much you hold on to differently. I'll have to wait and see if it goes down later next week when I'm done. That, and I'm super hungry, too. For some reason it makes you ravenous.
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I wasn't back down to my normal weight after my last pregnancy, but I was starting to lose some.  Our scale broke a little while before I got pregnant, though, so I'm not sure what exactly was going on.  I'm currently down about 8 - 10 lbs from where I was the last time I weighed myself pre-pregnancy; I've been at the same weight for about a month now, though I sure do look bigger than I did a month ago.  I generally lose about 10 lbs in the first trimester, though.  I'm not sure how; I rarely throw up, haven't at all in this pregnancy, and it seems like I end up eating all day long to help keep the nausea at bay.

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I may have gained a pound or two.    Pre-pregnancy I was 123 to 125, now I'm usually seeing 125 to 127.   I think it may be mostly water weight though.  I haven't felt much like eating for the past four weeks so I'm surprised I haven't lost a pound or two.   I'm hoping the nausea, indigestion and heartburn magically disappear in a week or two and I can enjoy food again.  *fingers crossed*

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I managed to gain 2.5 pounds this week. And I finally started to show. Either I have a new food baby, or there's wonderful 2nd trimester growing happening now.

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I was about 10lbs over my goal weight when I got pregnant, but I lost about 6lbs at 10 weeks, I'm 13 weeks now and have gained back 2lbs.  So, sorta no gaining.  My last 3 pregnancies I gained at least 5lbs in the first trimester, never any loss.   I also popped out for like a week, now i look smaller. weird!?

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I'm 17 weeks and I've lost a total of 30 lbs so far with this pregnancy. :S I think it's partly because I'm so nauseous (still!!!!) that I can't eat much and partly because I only want to eat fresh, raw fruit and veggies. Chocolate and sweets just make me ill for the most part, so that's really helped, I'm sure. Also, since I'm at my parents' house, I'm going up and down stairs all day and walking a lot more, so that is also helpful, considering I usually just sit at the computer all day.

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My pre-pregnancy weight was 126. I lost 4 lbs. during the first trimester and have now gained 2 of them back. So I'm still below pre-pregnancy weight, but I'm glad I'm starting to gain now!

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I'm 14 weeks and I've gained like, 4-5 pounds. I think once I progress more, I'll eat more.

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17 wks 1 day and the midwife's scale showed I was 4 lbs total gained so far.  Trending with my other babies... I'll pack on the weight at the end.

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I'm 16 weeks and I haven't gained any weight yet. But that's normal for me and I know I'll gain a few pounds by the time I'm 20 weeks. All of my pregnancy weight comes in the second half of my pregnancy.

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I'm 15 weeks today, and I hadn't been weighing myself since the day we got our bfp because I didn't want to be stressing out about it. As of yesterday I've lost 5 lbs. I don't know if I lost more than that during the 1st trimester, and I'm starting to gain back, or if 5 lb is the entirety of my loss, but I'm a little bit nervous about it. I'm just now starting to be able to eat more than a few bites per meal, and I still have a lot of food aversions. I'm going to see my midwife next week, so I guess she'll say something if I've lost too much. Since this is my first pregnancy I really have no idea what is "normal" for me, or what to expect.

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I have held steady so far. I am overweight, so I wish I could have started out loosing ike I did with my last. I can hardly eat (had no morning sickness first trimester and then the second I entered second trimester it hit me) But I pack on weight when breastfeeding anyways. With my last I lost 20, gained 30, then gained the entire time I was nursing. 

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I'm 16w and lost some early on (blehhhh m/s) but I'm still below pre-pg weight now. I have tended to trend up second trimester sorta fast, so maybe again?
I am hungry all the stinking time this week so I have a feeling it's coming. But in the end I try hard not to let low or high bother me... healthy food should be what matters anyways. I rarely step on my scale, I don't like feeling bad about things I can't control. And if ever there was a good time to feel good about good eating, now's it.

Is there a benefit to smooth weight gain vs the way my body does it? Or does it seem to matter too much in the end?
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