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weekly chat thread August 18-25

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So, I had various comments but they didn't really fit into just one thread.


Morning sickness has been kicking my butt these past three days!!!  I am literally walking around the house trying to not gag every time I lean over to pick something up.  DS has been really needy and really emotional because he has all four molars and all four canines coming in....right now.  So fun.  He has increased nursing by a ton and my BBs are so sore!  Luckily two molars have surfaced and two canines are breaking through today, one side of his gums is so purple!


Someone asked if there were runners, I am!  I am trying to keep up the running and exercise and I am finding it hard to want to with the whole m/s thing.  I always feel better once I get out to walk but then I feel sicker once I am done.  I am not sure how to keep up with the calories of breastfeeding and running.  Going to try though.


Also, I am a knitter, crocheter, and recent beginner sewer.  Very excited to make some fun things for this little babe as soon as I get some extra time.  DS is 19 months today!  Before we left for vacation he was only waking up 2-3x/night, after all of the disruption, it has gone back to 6-10x which is soooooo draining!  I am thinking it will go back to easier very soon once teeth and life settles back down.  


Hmm, this was supposed to be more fun than complaining but that didn't happen, oops :)  How is everyone?

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Surprisingly, I haven't had much MS so far (knocking on wood).  When I do get a little nauseous, I have to admit I'm happy about it because it means it's real.  Silly, I know, but after two early losses, I'll take MS if it puts my mind at ease.


I'm going crazy about not telling anyone. I've only known for a week, but I've almost told about 10 times.  I say things like: "Well, for this pregnancy... I mean, when I get pregnant, my next pregnancy, you know..."  I thought I could wait until after my first MW appointment at 11 weeks, but I probably can't.  I'm having a dinner for my birthday with my family on September 7, and think I'll give in then, if I can wait that long.  I find that this pregnancy is all I think about.  I can't stop dreaming about names, birth, holding a newborn...  I'm dying only being able to to talk about it with DH, who doesn't get my obsession.  I'm grateful for you ladies, for sure!


I too love knitting, sometimes to the neglect of my littles!  I've got two boys, so as soon as I got a BFP I started knitting a little dress.  If any other knitters or crocheters are on Ravelry, you can look up my finished projects there.  I'm jennyvangy there, too.

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I haven't really had any MS yet either.  I've had a couple moments of nausea, but not many.  I also smelled a whole lot of unpleasant smells the other day while walking about but so far my nose hasn't gotten to the super-sensitive level yet.  My last pregnancy was pretty decent on the MS side so I'm hoping for the same this time.


I'm really torn about telling people right now.  Only my parents and in-laws, and one close friend know so far.   I will be going to visit my parents for a week a couple days from now and I will likely see my three brothers and two sisters-in-law,  so I might tell them then.  One of my cousins just announced her first pregnancy (due end of Feb) so I also don't want to "steal her thunder". :p  But it is also just so darn early.  I feel pregnant one moment and normal the next! :p


We haven't told my daughter yet, but the other day she randomly came up to me with this baby doll she has and told me it was her "baby sister".  She has never said anything like this to me or my husband before.  huh.gif  I asked her what her "baby sister" was named and she told me "Nixie Knox" (Dr. Seuss' ABC book).  So cute!



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Oh, and also thinking a lot about names.  I had a girl's name all picked out, and loved it, but then I found out it is a family name for one of my sister's-in-law and she's been planning to name her daughter (if she ever has one) the exact same name.  If it wasn't a family name I might have considered it fair game, but.... nope.  It makes me so sad because I haven't been able to come up with another that I love as much as that one.  greensad.gif

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flavorful-im an intermediate sewer (come from a long link of sewers/quilters) and it comes in soooo handy when nesting! you can fint tons of cute patterns on etsy. have fun!


jenny- im the same way, i dont 'fell' pregnant untill im huddled over the toilet.innocent.gif  and i felt the same way about telling people last time i got pregnant. I started telling them at 8 weeks, and miscarried at 10 weeks ..the old "no baby, just kidding" text realy sucked, so its easier for me to wait this time. 


hazel- kids are so intuitive! my ds knew about dd before we even knew. he was 1 and walked up to me a few days after i ovulated and layed on my belly saying "hi baby, my baby" however, i hope it not true this time, cuz my kids are 5 and 3 and they both keep saying "momy i want 1 girl and 1 boy this time" i havnt told them were preg yet. twins.gif yikes!


afm- 4 weeks today...and my test line was darker than the control, so i feel official now!praying.gif thank you!  also, im trying to eat a tone now to gain a little weight before the m/s starts.. i tend to get it realy bad....irked.gif for the first 17 ish weeks... yuck!




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and to add:  i may or may not have just been elated to finish the pickles out of the jar so i can start drinking the vinegar....wild.gif  (home canned last year and sooooo freakin good!)

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I, personally, feel like a slug. I have zero energy. I am blessed not to be puking, but if I get  a little hungry or eat a little too much, I do not feel well at all. I never puked with my other two pregnancies, so I am not expecting to, but do I ever feel like I could!

The other night I went to bed at 9 and woke up at 7. I then went back to bed for another hour after I knew DH had the kiddos under control. Being tired also makes me nauseous.

We are trying not to tell. My sister gets married in two weeks, so we want to wait until after her wedding so we don't steal the show. However, my mom was over this weekend, took one look at me, and asked if I was pregnant. I just hugged her and didn't say anything. So she was like, "we're having another spring baby?" I told her we weren't talking about it til after sister's wedding. She agreed that is a good idea, but I really hope she keeps it to herself. She lives with my aunt, and if she finds out everyone will know. The only thing worse than people finding out before the wedding is them finding out from someone else before the wedding.

I'm about 6 weeks right now, and I had my BFP 2 weeks ago. I cannot imagine keeping this to myself for 3 more weeks. I just feel SO pregnant that I feel like anyone can look at me and know, anyway, and that they are just being kind and not saying anything. At least I got to tell the chiropractor!

Really, all is well. It will be so fun to tell my kids when the time is right, and really, they will be the next to know. DS has been asking for 3 brothers for months now, so I think he will be so excited. He'll just have to understand that he is not likely to get 3 brothers this time around!

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As far as morning sickness, I've just had some waves of nausea, but nothing super intense.  It's kind of weird, and I know some of you will hate me for it, but just like a pp said, I kind of like when those waves happen because I otherwise don't feel much different!!


I ran on Tuesday (a 5K distance), but wasn't able to go this morning because of a back-to-school mass this morning.. then tomorrow dh works early.  Ugh.  Oh well... I just need to not let all my hard work go to crap .... at least not until after the baby is born ;)


Speaking of school, ugh... my parents are NOT on board with homeschooling (though it's all we've ever done... dd1 is in 4th, dd2 is in 2nd, dd3 in K).  Even the first thing my dad said after "congrats" after telling him about #5 was "I wish you would send them to public school...".  Because I need more issues with things.  *sigh*.


I LOVE to sew!!  I made quite a wardrobe for dd4 (I'll have to link to it sometime!).. and actually I've already made one quite green/brown outfit (NCBE pattern for fellow seamstresses) and made a tiny little girly shirt last night!  Not finding out the gender, but with four girls thus far, the odds probably lie with more girls ;)  I quilt too.  No ideas yet on what to make a quilt out of for this baby #5, but there is a little bit of time still ;)


I'm a super novice crocheter (I know one stitch.. learned it by watching a college roommate years ago) and will probably crochet a little blanket for the baby too... maybe a nice wool/silk/bamboo blend?


I'd rather be sewing right now... but our public school year started today and my parents think we did too (they live in town... handy, yet sometimes a pain).. so we'll work on something so the girls can tell the grandparents we did something...

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I had hyperemesis with my daughter, and thankfully the morning sickness is less this time around. I'm barfing at least once a day, and am pretty happy about that because it means this one will probably stick. I had 3 early losses before DD so I'm still kind of paranoid. However I have NO energy whatsoever. On top of it I think DD is working on her 2 year molars and hasn't been sleeping, with lots of screaming. I can't entertain her the way she needs, and all of our friends are super busy right now so it's just been rough. I feel like this pregnancy is making me a crappy mom, and I'm trying really hard not to resent it. Really shocked to be feeling this way too since this was planned and I'm otherwise thrilled.

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Ashley -- I just read a blog post that ties in with your feelings so much! http://bringbirthhome.com/motherhood/so-this-is-mom-guilt/  Just thought I'd throw out that link!

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Well I just got home from seeing the OB and having an ultrasound.  I got to see the heartbeat although it was a little slow and the fetal pole measured under six weeks.  This was a blessing because with the one I lost it measured 6 weeks and did not have a heartbeat for another week and then I lost it.  They also saw a second gestational sac this time around.  They are not sure if it is a vanishing twin or one yet to be developed.  I feel much better about this pregnancy than the one I lost.  I am still nervous but feeling reassured that there is a heartbeat.  It was weird about the second gestational sac as I have been feeling that it might be twins.  Anyways, I go back again on the 31st for another ultrasound to make sure the one is still viable and see what is happening with the second gestational sac. 


Does anyone know how to put the pregnancy tracker in your signature line? 


Good luck to everyone and hope everyone has a healthy and happy 9 months. 

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Mom2SJ - thats me fast forward two weeks! My SIL's wedding is this weekend, I'm about eight weeks, and I'm hoping I can avoid everyone's prying scrutiny. I will probably carry a beer around for show. SIL wants a perfect wedding and I want that for her. This can NOT come out. (it's first grandchild)

Do you usually drink? Do people know you were trying?

Luckily I'm not vomiting, otherwise we'd be screwed. Just some constant quease that I'm starting to just see as normal.
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The pregnancy tracker is manual. You type in numbers, *, and smileys as appropriate and rearrange them as needed.

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 RosieL- I don't usually drink, though I will very rarely. I don't think it will turn heads if I don't. This is our third baby. People didn't really know we were trying. However, I don't think another baby will surprise anyone. I think I can get away with it. However, I cannot lie in the face of direct questioning. If someone asks when we'll have another baby, I can give  a "we'll see" but if asked if I'm pregnant, I just squirm and give it away. That's what happened with the first.  I don't think I'll get asked by family. I'm more nervous about giving it away to my ladies Bible study group tonight. They are much more likely to ask!

Please update how it goes after the wedding!

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Thanks for starting a chat thread, flavorfull!  I'm the one who asked about runners.  I started a separate thread-- and neighbor judybean, I saw you posted there.  :) 


I am not too sick-- haven't thrown up-- but I am really starting to feel what I felt all of first trimester with both of our boys-- constant, all-day motion sickness.  I am downing a lot of iced peppermint tea, and that does take the edge off.


We'll be interviewing one of the two homebirth midwives in town this weekend, and I'm looking forward to it!  Anything that makes this feel more real and more exciting, and less like just being at the back of a bus driving through the mountains.  :)

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Yay!  We definitely needed a chat thread.  Thanks for starting it!  I always have lots to say but not necessarily anything deserving of its own thread.


Mom2SJ, I hear ya on avoiding telling people.  I told my parents last pg because we were going to a wedding when I was only 6 weeks, and I wanted their help in not looking like I was obviously not drinking.  This time, I'd like to hold off for a while, but we live closer to them now and it is hard when I'm feeling sick and would appreciate the "excuse" to be a little less energetic. I don't know when to tell them (and the rest of the world).  Right now only DH and my best friend know. 


Sewing--I sew all of DD's pajamas and linens, so right now I'm working on fall/winter PJs for her and curtains for the kitchen.  I'm going to try to wait until I know the sex of this LO to start sewing for him/her.  If it's a boy, I'll probably do more because I want to try to "match" his things to DD's playthings.  Definitely won't be short on projects for the next year!


Judy, maybe your parents are just trying to show they're concerned (in an annoying way)?  Or worried about it being too much of a burden on you?  I dunno.  I'm sorry you have to deal with that right now. 


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When is it considered "too much" vomiting, where I should seek medical attention? I haven't been able to keep much down for 2 days, and nothing today. I am feeling dehydrated.

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Originally Posted by dealic View Post



When is it considered "too much" vomiting, where I should seek medical attention? I haven't been able to keep much down for 2 days, and nothing today. I am feeling dehydrated.

Oh dear!  I would consider 2 days without keeping anything down to be too much!  That's about how long I went last weekend before I almost passed out (for the first time in my life) in the shower, alone in the house with my 5 year old downstairs-- which was really scary and just not okay.  I called my nurseline and begged for mercy-- 1/2 a unisom and B6 night and morning has done wonders.  Take care of youself, mama!  I hope it improves!



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My limit is if I can't keep water down for 2 hours I head to the ER. This happened once last pregnancy, and I'm really hoping to avoid it this time. I found keeping my electrolytes up helped a lot. Gatorade, pedialyte, coconut milk, anything like that. I've been throwing up most, not all, of my food for 2 days now and I'm starting to feel weak, but that's just pregnancy for me.

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 I'm sorry for those suffering from morning sickness. I have a constant low-grade nausea unless I eat VERY often. My husband told me tonight that I had a 'hearty appetite' LOL.


We're not telling anyone yet. We might wait until 12 weeks. I don't worry about miscarriage, but my dh wants to wait as long as possible before we tell. Once the word is out the negativity will fly. It's amazing what people feel free to say about other's reproduction! We are expecting #7.

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