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Kay, best pregnancy nutrition tip I've got: fresh coconut water.  If you can find a place that sells young thai coconuts (they are really cheap) buy a bunch. When you get them home keep them chilled and when you are ready to eat them do this: with the heel of a big kitchen knife tap the top of the coconut (the pointy end) around in a circle about the size of a silver dollar.  You will find a weak spot, and when you do, wedge your knife into it and pop the top off.  Inside is the good part.  Pour out the water into a cup, and then scoop out the coconut.  You can put the pulp in smoothies, desserts, stir frys, etc.  and just drink the water.  It is full of electrolytes, low in sugar, great for digestion (combat the iron supplements!) and oh so good.  My plan, for early labour, is to go buy 20 and spend some time cracking them open and storing up the water for when I need the energy later in the labour.

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Ahh...if only I had room in my refrigerator for young coconuts!  I've found 1 packaged coconut water (the one in the green bottle) that I care for and I've been chugging it--it makes me feel so much better.  I don't want to complain--I had hyperemesis with DD and this time I've been constantly nauseated with no appetite at all but haven't thrown up any so it's still WAY better.  But that coconut water really helps.  I've been rather dizzy the past few days (I'm 8 weeks today) which is new to me.  Hope that stops soon!


I feel like I can't wait to tell people, but there's no one really to tell yet. My best friend knows but she's due in October with her 3rd and is in her own place with that so I'm not getting much support there.  I'm not really worried about miscarriage but I think DH is overly paranoid and so doesn't want to tell family yet (and the longer we wait to tell his side, the better).  We told DD (she's 6) a couple weeks ago.  We expected I could be much sicker than I am though I'm definitely not myself and she would have noticed anyway--and needed to help her work through the idea before I got sick.  I feel like it was cruel to tell her so early but she's been much more understanding of my new needs than she would have been otherwise I think.  Though every few days she wants the baby here RIGHT NOW.  I expect that will go on for some time!  I'm wishing we could hold out to tell my parents until they visit mid-October but that's SOOO long to wait.  On the other hand, my mom can be SO annoying about this stuff that I will probably be glad if I do wait.  I don't know, I just feel weird being in limbo with the not telling...I know it wouldn't be fun to have to tell everyone if we miscarried but I also feel like having zero support for that if we did would suck.


And I'm leaning toward not wanting to use doppler to hear the heartbeat anyway (which feels fine to me) and with no U/S till 20ish weeks, I feel like I could be waiting a long time to *know* anyway (though I guess I wouldn't measure accurately sometime in between there).


OK, not sure where I was going with that all--thanks for the ramble!

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Aletheia... where in MT are you?  And which midwives are you interviewing?  Just curious because my midwife last time is from Billings.. and that's who I'll have this time, but don't have to travel for Billings for birth because homebirth attended by a midwife is legal in WY now!!  YAY!

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I'm in 'zoula, and still somewhat new here (moved a year ago.)  Hurray for legal homebirth! 

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When is it considered "too much" vomiting, where I should seek medical attention? I haven't been able to keep much down for 2 days, and nothing today. I am feeling dehydrated.

I would be concerned if you can't keep even water down for 2 days.  Like, call your care provider or get thee to an urgent care type place.  One of my tricks for getting water into a sour belly is sucking on a very cold rag--it doesn't sound all that appealing, but it will get a tiny bit into you slowly....

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Ok, thank you everyone. I am feeling better today, but will be calling my doctor once they open. The midwives won't see me before my meeting with them in 2 weeks greensad.gif

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Well that was a great visit. He confirmed that my spotting was normal and that the morning sickness is a great sign. I got a prescription for Dilectin (which is apparently B6 and unisom to you Americans), had bloodwork done, and got a requisition for an ultrasound to ease my mind about the spotting. I have an appointment on Monday for that. So that will be reassuring, hopefully. I am still feeling great today, and was able to eat and drink, so that's great. So far, if I CAN eat, I can keep morning sickness at bay. The problem is only days I can't eat anything.

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I'm starting to feel official now! I've woken up the past 4 morning feeling like i'm going to puke (nothing yet though). It seems to help if I eat something right away, but this feeling continues on and off throughout the day. I'm also TIRED. I slept nearly 12 hours the other night and I could have gone right back to sleep and slept another 12.

I'm a nanny for a 6.5 month old and the smell of pureed peas is NOT appealing to me today greensad.gif

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Not much ms, I have been so very tired. Yesterday and today havent been as bad, maybe hitting the turn around in that department, I hope. I love to sew!!! All sorts of things, sling, diapers, clothes. I have had a few cravings....leading into my issue that Iam dealing with. DD is 11 months and it takes for ever for me to lose the "baby weight." I have done research and Iam going to stick to my current workout routine and try to manage my weight. Any other mamas in my situation? What have you done to stay in shape while pregnant?

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I have been having more ms this pregnancy than with #1, but not too bad, no vomiting or anything.  With #1 I honestly don't remember feeling sick except one time and I ate a rice cake and it went away.  I also don't remember feeling twinges and stretches like this with #1, I thought for some reason that after you are more stretched out and muscles were more relaxed from the first that you would feel less the 2nd time- apparently not.  We told 3 or 4 close friends and relatives so far, this time I found out I was pregnant sooner, so it feels like it is going a bit slow at the moment, even thought part of me isn't ready for some people to know, like co-workers and bosses.  I also have a couple of friends who might not be so excited for us to have another baby, they are the ones who thought we were in the only child club with them, it will be interesting to see how they react... 


Random question:  Do you still drink kombucha while pregnant?  I heard it isn't suppose to be safe, but I have been craving it lately. 

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I don't know about Kombucha, but I make my own juice Kefir and I was craving that too.  I only drink a couple of tablespoons, maybe, a day but I've stopped.  I honestly felt like I was 'feeling' the effect of alcohol in it after even a couple sips (it probably does have some small amount of alcohol in it, which I do NOT drink during early pg if at all otherwise, but I thought it would be SOOO tiny in 1 Tb...maybe not!)  Maybe try a little and see how you feel (with food to mitigate any alcohol absorption effects?)


I'm also noticing WAY more twinges and stretches this time--I thought the same thing, that my uterus would be all ready to go but have had a lot of very light cramping (nothing remotely concerning and no spotting).


nelson, I know what you mean about disappointing the only child club.  We have SO many neighbors and a few acquaintances with just 1 child and I guess because our DD is older (6) they assumed we had already joined them.  The outrageous comments we've gotten over the years...!  I'm sure once we tell, they'll all think this pg was an OOPS although it totally wasn't and we've been totally psyched about this spacing between our kids for years...thinking about putting a sign in our yard to explain it all, ha ha!

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I broke down and told my sister tonight.  I was doing my laundry when she was over, and I pulled out the "Big Brother" shirt that I plan on putting on my youngest to tell the whole family, and said, "Look what I just got out for Silas!"  It's nice to have someone else know.  She's due just 4 weeks before me, so now we can talk about what we're going through.  Yeah.

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I made it through the rehearsal dinner on a "I'm driving" excuse. Now I have found out that we need to drive to the wedding too, so I have that excuse again as well. Peppermints are helping the queasiness. I did have a full drawn-out conversation with my parents about where we should all go skiing for our annual trip this year. We always go the last or second to last week in March, so that is a definite nope! I just kind of thought to myself "this could be planning for next year..."

Sorry to all the mamas experiencing bad MS. greensad.gif I'm also sorry for the lack of personals; it's really hard on a phone.

Anyone else starting to get a lot more discharge? Does it last throughout pregnancy, or go away at some point? I'm not soaking my undies, but it feels like the begin ins of AF, which of course makes me go check for red. I feel so silly.
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Originally Posted by RosieL View Post

Anyone else starting to get a lot more discharge? Does it last throughout pregnancy, or go away at some point? I'm not soaking my undies, but it feels like the begin ins of AF, which of course makes me go check for red. I feel so silly.

OMG.  bag.gif  Seems like more this pg, but maybe because I was expecting it?  ugh.


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Still very little MS for me which is starting to a feel a little weird.  I checked back in my journal for my other pregnancy and my nausea started in week 6 and only lasted til the end of week 7 - a very short run.  Mostly I just had really strong food aversions last time.   Maybe I am just lucky that way?  It feels weird to be uncomfortable with the lack of nausea... but it makes me worry!

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Like Ashley I had hyperemesis, so it would be completely okay if morning sickness passed me by.16 Unfortunately it's not...but at least it's not as bad as last time.16 I am really tired, and the combination hasn't made getting through exams easy, but I'm hoping by the time Fall Semester starts in three weeks I'll be through the worst of it.


For some reason with this pregnancy I've felt much more certain, so while it will be nice to hit 12 weeks and feel "safe" I've told several people (mostly online friends, but some family).16 Actually, I don't think it matters.16 I'm showing SO much that DH said he could tell before the BFP and that there was no way I was hiding it from anyone ;)

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Still very little MS for me which is starting to a feel a little weird.  I checked back in my journal for my other pregnancy and my nausea started in week 6 and only lasted til the end of week 7 - a very short run. 

I may be starting to feel better already?  (7 wks) Maybe this will be me this time around.  Or maybe I'm just getting used to feeling like crap on and off throughout the day.


My parents came to stay for the weekend, and we did a theme park, which was really hot and crowded.  It was hard not telling them, but I really want to keep it my secret a little longer. I think if I start feeling better it will be easier to do.

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ds started kindergarten today...i thought i would be bawling, but i did great!!! dd starts preschool tomorrow, empty nest already! ha ha

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Aww, yay for the first day of Kindergarten!  DD1 starts K this year too (at home), we'll start on September 1st.


We have a wedding to go to in about 3 weeks, my BIL is getting married.  Now I just have to make it through that without giving anything away, that might be hard since they're big wine drinkers.  We got such a bad reaction to the news that #4 was coming along a few years ago that I'm not wanting to say anything about this little surprise for several more months.

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I've already told all family members about this #5.  My in-laws and dh's side of the family in general has been wonderfully supportive and excited (they're a huge family anyway... MIL is one of nine kids and six of those siblings still live here in the same town... dh has 30 first cousins on that side of the family!)... my family, on the other hand, was a little more "meh" about things.  My brother and his wife are expecting their first (and could be their only) and just announced it a month before we (surprise) discovered #5.  I think he thinks we stole the light a bit from him and he hasn't talked to me since (he lives in Cali and we're in WY, so it's not like we see each other often anyway).


I wish people would see that children are always blessings.  Surprises or planned, they're awesome!  They're joys!  Yes, they do cost money... but I think as families grow, you actually get more frugal, so the 'per kid' cost goes down exponentially.  Plus, I'd figure that many/most of the mamas here on the mothering.com boards try to tread pretty lightly on the planet anyway... so I'm trying to minimize my footprint (at least in terms of toxic output in energy useage and beyond), but maximize the goodness left behind :)

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