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Originally Posted by Red Sonja View Post

We have a wedding to go to in about 3 weeks, my BIL is getting married.  Now I just have to make it through that without giving anything away, that might be hard since they're big wine drinkers.  We got such a bad reaction to the news that #4 was coming along a few years ago that I'm not wanting to say anything about this little surprise for several more months.

At my SIL's wedding I saw that O'Douls was available. I asked the caterer, very discreetly, to pour me a glass in one of the beer glasses. I walked around and made sure everyone who might suspect saw me with that glass and I think I'm home-free! Maybe you can get one of the fancier bottles of non-alcoholic wine and sneak-pour yourself some of it? I know this sounds dotty, but I wanted to be absolutely sure I didn't steal any of the limelight from SIL. It seems to have worked!



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Originally Posted by RosieL View Post

Anyone else starting to get a lot more discharge? Does it last throughout pregnancy, or go away at some point? I'm not soaking my undies, but it feels like the begin ins of AF, which of course makes me go check for red. I feel so silly.

With my last pg the discharge was pretty much constant. Very annoying! But not that big of a deal..... and don't feel silly, I feel like I'm on constant lookout for red inspecting the tp every time I pee. I'm not sure why I'm so much more on edge with the "realness" of this pg. With each week it becomes more permanent though.

I've had more sickness with this pg.... I just started a b-complex in addition to my prenatal and I feel a difference already! I'd like to avoid shoving a saltine in my mouth every 15 minutes if possible. Also super tired, I feel like I could sleep all day! Super bloated which I'm sure is due to the iron in my prenatals.... looking forward to my body adjusting asap.


Just had my first appt with my midwives. No heartbeat with the doppler yet.... but I expected that. We were surprised to hear the heartbeat at 10 weeks with DS. Next appointment Sept 19th. 

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Less MS today.  joy.gif Very good timing because I had a long luncheon and meeting thing, and the drink/bathroom breaks were limited.  Today is also DH's birthday, so he'll want to go out to eat this evening.  Kinda sucks because he'll want steak, and if I "can't" eat it rare i don't really want it....  Honestly I don't see it as that much of a risk, but since the "experts" say not to, I guess i'll end up having chicken. 


My first appts are the 12th and 15th of Sept.  The first for paperwork, irked.gif the second for an actual appt.  Hopefully the info from my last birth and last pap get here in time so that I can have everything together from the start.  I don't know if they'll try to listen for the baby or not. 


Judy, if you don't mind me asking, what forms of NFP are okay for Catholics?  I was raised Catholic, but I guess I missed the specifics on that.  I think my cousin (who got married in the Catholic church) was given an overview of Creighton method?   We used sympto-thermal method to avoid--is that an acceptable approach?  Just curious.

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I'm actually feeling worse today!  But I'm okay with it... because honestly, for a few days there I was feeling so good I was worried there was something wrong!  Today, I haven't puked or anything, but I've felt like I needed to hold my hand over my mouth pretty much all day with just worrying I *might* puke ;)  Luckily I had two small windows of time where I didn't want to puke up my guts and that was right at lunch (taco salad) and then about 20 minutes later (when MIL brought out some cookies!). 


justKate... NFP in general is fine :)  No barriers (condoms), hormonal things (the pill, IUD), or permanent means of sterilization.  That's the official church teaching.  Basically, nothing that would prevent a fertilized egg from either occuring or implanting.  (In essense, you abstain during fertile times, but even in that, should you achieve pregnancy, you would lovingly welcome the baby).  We dont' chart or anything.  Or at least we never have before... but since we're at max capacity for our Suburban and we just got it in December and still have a long time to pay it off -- so no more for a while!

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Hi all,

I'm about ready to join you over here, I think! I'm 7 weeks along today, and we saw the heartbeat for the second time yesterday (IVF has at least one perk, I guess) it was nice and fast and reassuring, so I guess I'm actually preggo! Reading along with all of your ms--no puking for me (yet--I hear it can still show up any time) just some occasional queasiness or food cravings/aversions. To make up for it, though, I am EXHAUSTED all the time. And then I can't sleep at night. It's really fun to hang out with me as a result. I had no idea that this was a side effect and find myself completely unprepared for feeling like a zombie all the time.
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Welcome and congrats, prettyisa!


This morning was bad for nausea but this afternoon is a little better, that's a nice change.  Of course I'm exhausted and would give anything for a nap! 

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Today I got out of bed and then layed on the couch for another hour. This is not good. I figure I am just soaking in all the rest I can get this week before DH goes back to work next week (he's a teacher). I feel really nauseous all the time, though I've yet to puke, with this babe or any in the past. The only time I feel good is while I am putting food in my mouth. The food I am loving right now are eggs over easy on toast with cheese. My dad always ate this, so my sisters and I call them "Daddy eggs." I haven't eaten an egg with a runny yolk in YEARS, as they generally gross me out. Now that is what sounds good when nothing else sounds good.

An older lady from church invited me over yesterday to get some extra sweet corn from her garden. Well, she and her husband loaded my trunk with over 100 ears! It took us forever to get that corn in the freezer. I am so glad DH was here to help. I needed a 20 minute break every 20 minutes! Today we canned 21 qts of peaches from the bushel we picked up Friday. Today I picked up the 2nd bushel. At least they need to ripen for a few days before we have to deal with them. I want to get some in the freezer for smoothies. I am sure I'll appreciate them this winter, but I am tired!

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I'm starting to just be completely non-functional in the afternoons. I need to rest, can't fall asleep, can't walk without breathing heavy, and feel extremely queasy. This is from about 1PM to 5PM regardless of what I've eaten. Tonight DH came home hoping I'd cook dinner but I just can't stand the idea of smelling stuff on the grill or in the oven. Oddly, I had a craving to drink bone broth, and I'm out, so I pulled all the stuff I've been freezing for the next batch and threw it in the pot. Collected herbs and onions from the garden, tossed them in, and now it's simmering. DH is very confused. One moment kind of sickly on the bed not wanting to be in the kitchen, next moment urgently throwing together a stock pot of stuff. 


Hormones are WEIRD!


Mommy2SJ - That's my breakfast exactly the last couple days. I've craved the toast but added the eggs for protein. Nice work on that canning. I haven't ever canned stuff we've purchased before. I need to start thinking of doing that now that we've gotten the hang of the canning process. Thusfar it's only been small batches (a few quarts or pints of each thing) of stuff from the garden. Have you ever canned broths? I'm thinking of starting to do that rather than freeze. 


Hi everyone!

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I'm exhausted too. This pregnancy is just SO different from my last one. Last time I was sick and tired all the time, round the clock, no matter what. This time I'll feel great some days, miserable the others. I went two days without barfing, but this morning had to sprint to the toilet.


We ordered a doppler today. I'm hoping I'll be able to hear the heartbeat in a week or so :)

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I need to can peaches too, but I am reluctant to get them and commit to it, knowing how I have been feeling. Today I pulled out the frozen chicken broth we have, and have been drinking that all day. That's about all I have eaten. Luckily its probably full of nutrients, since I can't eat much these days. I hate taking medicine, but the prescription really works so I am torn.

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When I say we are canning, I really mean "we." DH is doing at least half the work. Also, we set up the canner outside on a propane burner, so I stand inside in the air conditioning to put food in jars, then DH takes it outside to deal with the hot, stinky mess. We get peaches for $14 a bushel, and we can probably get 25 qts from a bushel, so I think it is a good deal. Plus they taste like sunshine in the winter.

RosieL-I have canned chicken broth before. You have to use a pressure canner because it is a low acid food. It was  nice to have it ready to go without having to remember to thaw. The thought of my whole house smelling like chicken is not a good thought right now, though, so those bones will stay in the freezer a little longer!

This morning I got up and did not allow myself to go to the couch. I'm actually doing better this way.

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Oh, my husband is great when we are canning, but he's only done it last summer. We did tomatoes then, so he's never canned peaches. Plus we don't have air conditioning or the option to do anything outside. So its hot work. At least peaches are easy though. Next is pears orngbiggrin.gif Super yummy but much more work.

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Count me in on the canning as a couple's process. I do the food prep, and DH does the canning prep and actual canning. It works so well that I don't even know the pressure canning process, he just does it! We have a burner on our propane grill outside. I have always been worried the burner wouldn't generate enough heat, but I think we should try it next time. We need the extra room for the whole process. 


We have a pear tree and LOTS of pears on it, but even though we've lived here three years we've never eaten them. They're never ripe, but when they are they drop off or are eaten by critters. I am determined to get some pears this year!

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Canning is something we do together here too, it's definitely the most efficient way (for us!) to get it done.  I need to start some chicken stock and get it canned because we're out.  In another week or so we'll have 100 lbs of peaches coming from a local buy, so that's a lot more canning that needs to be done. 

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I usually can with my SIL... and we both got some pears to can together and two days ago she did hers all on her own.  Now I'm out of motivation and I feel like the box of pears I have is mocking me every time I see it.  because they're going to go bad soon if I don't do something!! :(

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Dh will be canning salsa tonight!  yummy.gif  Looking forward to the payoff on that, he makes awesome salsa, lol.


Feeling nervous today, I'm 4 wks post-conception and 6 wks since LMP b/c:


1.)  No m/s, but that could be explained b/c i had my gallbladder out 1.5 yrs after DD was born, and they said if I got pg again, my m/s would be less, or wouldn't have any at all.  I had m/s w/ DD from 6 wks to 16 wks.

2.)  I am crampy today, like a constant, small cramp that won't go away.  No spotting, thank goodness!  Cervix is cramping a bit, too, but I remember that w/ DD, felt like my cervix was tightening up.  Like if you make a fist really hard w/ your hand, that's what it feels like.

3.)  My temp dropped one tenth of a degree today, which doesn't sound like a lot, but it had been higher for the past 3wks, like 98.2 to 98.4...today was 98.1.  I'd link my chart, but everytime I try to, it deletes my post!  eyesroll.gif


The positives:


1.)  I am peeing all the time.

2.)  Boobs are SORE!  My bras are getting tight, can't believe I may have to go up a cup size already!

3.)  I wake up at 3:30am EVERY morning to pee, then can't get back to sleep, so the insomnia is starting already.  I think that is what explains why I am so tired all the time. 


Is this anything to worry about?  I am getting set up to interview MW's, but no appt yet, and don't have an OB, either.  :(

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wow, all of you canning mamas are inspiring. smile.gif I've been wanting to do up some pickles but havent gotten to it yet. I was going to buy a case of baby dill cukes and make my garlic dills. We're going camping tomorrow so maybe when we get back. I'm going to have a zillion lemon cukes next week and i cant wait. Ive never pickled them before but i think theyre going to be really pretty.

I'm so excited to be having a spring baby. I keep thinking about how great it'll be to have a newborn when it's starting to get warm and sunny again after winter. And that by summer next year s/he will be able to go dip in the lake/be worn in a watersling when we go swimming and all of that. smile.gif ive been watching all the little babies at the beach (theyre so cute!) this year and cant wait for my own. smile.gif

christy~i dont have an ob or midwife yet either. It's still so early but i was going to call and make appts for next week. If youre worried about your symptoms maybe u should go see someone now?
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I'm feeling better now about the nervousness...ate a granola bar, then walked over to talk to a coworker and got hit w/ a mild wave of nausea.  Be careful what you wish for, right?  LOL!  The cramping has subsided almost completely, too.  I guess it's just stretching/making room, I don't know.  I have noticed when I have to pee, the cramps are worse, then they feel much better after I go.


I'm just another nutso/paranoid mama!  huh.gif  I did have 2 early losses after DD, (2 weeks and 4 weeks), and I am just nervous.  If I can get past this week and into week 5 post-conception, I think I will feel better.


Is anyone in maternity pants already?  All my pants are feeling snug in the lower belly area.  I'm not ready for that transition quite so soon!  LOL!

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Christy: STOP TEMPING! At this point there's nothing it can tell you, and getting up to pee in the middle of the night may be effecting it. I was in maternity by 6 weeks with my first kid (bloating + cramping = bad) and am just now starting to want maternity at this point, 8w3d. And totally hear you on the "be careful what you wish for." I have significantly less morning sickness this time around, but increased other symptoms. If I go a few days without barfing I get scared. Luckily my body listens and has me bolting to the bathroom.

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I second the stop temping!  I stop the minute I get a bfp because I have had friends go through the rollercoaster of what one or two lower temps might or might not mean.  It was really hard not to with the first but easy to stop with this one.  I also get crampy off and on and that is new for me, I guess it is the stretching?  It is under the category of symptoms so I put it down as that.  I feel like this pregnancy is sooooo different from the first.  I get weirded out by not puking but then I am sooooo nauseated by the end of the day, there is no second guessing.  I chalk it all up to different person (the baby), different pregnancy, all equals different symptoms/experience.

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