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Pediatric OT in Austin?

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My five year old needs to start seeing an OT, and I have no idea where to start the search.  Our pediatrician (whom we are about to replace) gave me the name of one person, but she is not on our insurance (which is weird b/c we have UHC and have about 45 OTRs on our insurance).

Any recommendations?  

My daughter is going for some sensory issues and some gross/fine motor skill delays, so I'm looking for someone who is very kid friendly/communicative (my daughter is very smart and needs to be able to talk through her feelings with the OTR). 

Thanks in advance!

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Pflugerville - OT Connection. HIghly recommend. All they do is kids stuff, sensory is a specialty. (they also do speech there) They have 2 great gyms plus individual therapy rooms. Outstanding staff. Check it out before you dismiss the distance (not sure where in Austin you are). We have 4+ years of OT and speech under our belt and learned the hard way that convenient didn't always equal quality.


I do think they take UHC now (they didn't awhile ago but got on network list recently). Call and check, and visit.



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