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School supplies not made with chemicals?

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My DD is starting 1st grade this year & I got the list from the school with what she needs.  Thankfully this year she doesn't have to share EVERYTHING like she did in K.  That was frustrating because at least half the parents bought the cheapest, crappiest supplies they could, my natural wipes & pencils, etc just got grouped into a cupboard.  


So what's the best I can do?  I have enough time to order on line before school starts.  I prefer recycled products & for sure no PVC.  I was just reading about how even lunch bags can be decorated with lead based paint.  I would prefer not to spend a ton of money but I'm more concerned about safe products.  


Thanks Mommas!

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This looks like a good site!! Not horribly expensive. I especially like the pencil case made out of recycled juice pouches. They also have pencils made out of recycled newsprint!



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Thank you! 


I also received this from another source, it has great little snack & sandwich bags.



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I used amazon.com for my back to school shopping and they have many green and recycled products.


I understand your frustration with other parents.....but for many people in today's economy the green ideal is not achivable because they have rent to pay and barely scraping by enougth emoney for food.



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Another thing to watch out for with school supplies these days is MicroBan:  http://safemama.com/2010/07/14/parents-new-challenge-banning-microban/


They treat lunchboxes, pencils, rulers, etc with it. So gross.

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Thanks all for the replys.  MicroBan, yuck, something else to try to remember is bad for your kids.


 I wanted to add that I didn't mean to sound as if I was putting anyone down who bought the cheapest stuff.  I understand many families are struggling financially & do not have a choice.  In DD school though, I see plenty of nice cars & clothes, Moms who go to the salon, etc.  I was directly thinking of those that buy the cheapest stuff just because it's cheap & getting pooled into a cupboard because "hey no one will know" kind of attitude.  I have to provide DD with her own sweet treats for when there are birthdays because of the same kind of thing.  It's just so frusterating, artificial food coloring is poisoning our children & many don't even know it or understand what it is.  I can spend the same amount of money on a Costco size box of organic animal cookies & organic apple juice as you can buying neon colored cupcakes that are total garbage (as in filled with things that are not even food), the kids are just as happy.


Between toxins in school supplies & cleaners, petro chemicals & preservatives in the food you just want to send them out there in a plastic bubble!! greensad.gif Sorry I'll step of my soap box now!  

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Reality is that modern child can't be protected  against all chemical exposures. However, I do not think it is all is that bad.....out life expectancy is quiet amazing. Human body adjusts. As my mom used to say "All diseases are from nerves and only syphilis is from love". So, do not worry too much (-:



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once you have more than one child in school, supplies add up really quickly.  you also learn quickly that they never use up all their supplies except maybe glue.  


Take the paper for example. on that side the stuff i was looking at is $4.95/100 sheets.  Multiply that by 1000 sheets for my dd in Grade 8 & 200 for my dd in Grade 5 & it quickly becomes $60 JUST FOR THE PAPER.


whatever you buy, make sure that they are things that can be used easily.  


The pencils of recycled paper - how easy will they sharpen at school? Those clear coats on the pencils may make it really hard to sharpen.


Will the crayons colour as good?  Does it rub off?


Do the notebooks hold up?

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