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how do you know its a prolapse?

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i am hoping you ladies can give some insight. i am 5 weeks post partum & im worried i may have a uterine prolapse. my baby was 8lb10oz, from water breaking to birth was about 3 hours, 7min. of active pushing, born in two-3 contx. my 1st baby (2yrs old) was 8lb7oz but was a 9hr labor w/ 90min pushing. i was feeling totally fine at 4wk pp & w/ permission from my nurse mw, my dh & i had sex. that was Sunday early morning & then all day sunday i was fine still, though had some spotting (had stopped bleeding for 2 full days prior) Monday morning i started feeling different, like something falling out. so i started doing a lot of kegals but it hasnt been helping, so now Thurs. night, 3 days later, i still feel the same feeling. i originally thought it was a urethral prolapse bc it seemed like it was around that area, but apparently thats really rare, and it doesnt feel to be around there the more i look/feel. also we had sex again today, bleeding/spotting had stopped for all of wed. and today, however after we had sex there was some bleeding/spotting and still spotting now this evening. also it felt like he was pushing against something or like i was tensing up over and over. if it is a prolapse i dont understand how it can come just out of nowhere after me being totally fine and pain/feeling free for the first 4wk pp. i saw a cnm at my gyn/ob office and she said it looked fine not prolapsed etc, on monday, but the feeling is still there so i am awaiting an appt w/ a urogyn. now to see what he says. i am jw what the feelings would be if its a uterine or bladder prolapse or both and how i'd know.


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