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Hello! Does anyone have suggestions to help me and my 2yr old son? I bedshare and demand breastfeed my child, next month Im being taken to court as the father wants overnite access (i am fighting this) At the moment the father (who was granted by the magistrate) has 2 6hrly visits a week.  The father wants our son in a cot in the fathers room. He has never been in a cot and I think is even to tall for one as he's 87cm. I dont want the father bed sharing with our son especially as he is undergoing treatment for Hep C and once completed may resume his drinking (alcohol) and due to the fathers weight. My poor son, does anyone have ideas I could put forth to the father/magistrate to find the best alternative for my child if my case is not strong enough to prevent overnite access?? Thankyou!!