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Where is your fundal height?

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I am feeling huge! My fundal height is about 2 finger widths above my belly button (don't have a tape measurer) and according to WebMD that would make me approximately 22 weeks and I'm not quite 19! My midwife says that fundal height is incredibly unreliable before 20 weeks, so she doesn't even measure it. Nevertheless with my paranoia of possible twins, it makes me wonder. So ladies, how far along are you and where is your fundal height? Does it match up to your weeks?

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Huh..I don't know yet. My midwife said she's going to measure me next appt (Sept 12th) but my anatomic survey is next week so won't they be able to tell how far along I am then? I can't wait to find out!

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I'm measuring one week ahead...which is common with subsequent pregnancies. I'm on my third kid and my uterus popped out large and in charge upon hearing she needed to care for another.
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my fundal height is right at my belly button, which is right on for 20 weeks.  I only measure 18 though.  My OB commented on it and I said the same thing happened last time, i always measure small, he looked back and was like "well, yup, that is what it says at 20 weeks last time too!"

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My fundal hight is measuring high too, though I forgot to ask her what the measurement was last time I was at the midwife's. It's definitely above my belly button by a fair bit. My anatomical scan was yesterday, and baby is measuring right on target, and they found a small and a large (3 in) fibroid (that I had no idea I had!) My midwife is guessing that the larger fibroid may be what is causing me to measure ahead, but she won't know for sure until she sees the report next week. She told me that fibroids are normally not a problem, that her mom had huge ones, and not to worry about anything until she has a chance to look at the report. I hope that me sharing this won't scare you - that's not my intention at all... just to share what might be causing my measuring ahead.

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18 cm at 18 weeks!

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I'm measuring a week ahead as far as fundal height... at least that was true at 18 weeks (currently 19 weeks, and it is definitely above my belly button now) will have to see in September at the next mw appt, I don't know where my tape measurer is!

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I am 1-2 fingers above my belly button and I am either 18 weeks today or tomorrow (I can never remember my own dates.... too surrounded by other people's). I am not worried about it though because I measured huge with my last baby all the way through and there was only 1 of her :) This is my 5th pregnancy and 4th kiddo, so it feels pretty normal at this point.

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Right at my belly button at 20 weeks, but the midwife says I'm large for dates the last two checkups. She has me wicked paranoid about the possibility of twins. I just keep telling myself there are NO twins in my family or my husband's...   my husband's family just produces babies with humongous heads.

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I can't find mine this time around, but it's perfectly normal for it to be higher earlier if it's not your first pregnancy. And from experience 3rd & 4th time you get dramatically bigger.

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21 cm just 2 days before 21 weeks.  I find this about our bodies to be so intriguing!  It amazes me how perfect are bodies are!  And I thought I was small for where I am, being that I lost a bunch of weight during the first trimester.  Guess not! 

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