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So I finally took the kids to the Dentist after more than a year. Last appointment was a 6 month check-up and both kids, (now 3 & 5), had no issues. 

About 8 months ago, I started to notice holes in 2 of my 5 year old's molars. I canceled their next 6 month check-up because I was worried that they would be quick to fill them.

I've been re-mineralizing, and it seems to be working, because the Dentist said they're not cavities! The holes are still there though, so she wants to put a sealant on them to protect them. So, that is my question. Do I go with the sealant, or not? Pros and cons?


I'm also curious about the cell salts. Do I keep giving them to the kids indefinitely, or do I take a break from them? Not sure how to proceed. 

I'm also giving them zylitol, calcium, vitamin D, multi-vitamin, and Omega's, which I plan to use indefinitely.